Bill. Anytime something interesting happens he’s the one involved in it. For years now he and I have been engaged in what I call a “dream-dance.” One night I enter his dream stay a bit – next night he enters mine for a flash and so forth.

Very rarely, though, do we dance a dream inside of a dream. I do it solo, I’m sure he does it solo, but never together during a dream visit – until now.

Let me tell you, it was very – very cool.

The dream started at night at a gas station. It looked like the 1970s. I get out of my very large car and I look over at the car next to me and there sits Bill’s son. He’s all by himself and it looks like he’s in his mid-20s with a beard.

In the back of the parking lot, I see a very hairy lunatic on a lawn chair shouting crazy shit at the top of his lungs. I know that voice – so I walk back there.

In the chair – much to my disbelief is Bill.

I yell at him to quit being an idiot and go up the car – his son is waiting.

He yells at me on how do I know who he is and how do I know he has a son?

I yell back that he’s Bill and an idiot who needs a shower. I would know you anywhere.

That’s when he mumbles that he needs some grape jelly and pushes past me.

That push wakes me up.

Back in the present, I realize I’m late for work – I can wear the clothes I have on, but they have pet hair all over them. I figured my students will never know the difference.

As I get up and am rushing around, Bill comes through with a knapsack (this is how I know I’m still dreaming) and as he is about to exit the door to the left of me he stops and asks, “Do you want a sandwich?” Remember – I’m already late for work – but I think – “what the hell?” I follow him out.

We are sitting on a park bench when he hands me a PB & J sandwich. He complains that the B & B didn’t give him fries with his sandwich and he’s upset. So I give him a half of one of the sandwiches he gave me. That’s when I notice the jelly is grape jelly. So I tell him, “Grape jelly, nice choice.”

I ask him, “Do you dream with me?”

He nods and replies, “Every night.”

I nodded in agreement.

That’s when a group of older ladies comes up to the bench, and one woman (his mother who is deceased) tells him, “She may have the gift of sight, but you need to work on your career right now.”

I told Bill that yes – he needs to work on his career.

And that’s when I woke up – for good this time.

A dream inside of a dream dreaming with another person. 

Good times for all!

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