The below post about why people POP into your head was so popular over at my other site @ that I thought I’d post it as here as well. Before you ask what does this have to do with Out of Body Ecstasy? It has everything to do with it. Most OBE sex is spur-of-the-moment with someone popping into your head (if you didn’t start it) or you popping into someone else’s head (if you started it).

So there’s this guy named Ryan. He pops into my head from time to time. It’s always a surprise when he does because he just pops up. Seriously. There’s nothing that I’m doing or thinking about that would draw him into my energy. Last night he showed up in a dream visit. He and I were sitting on a couch in our home. It was a tutor style home. The back entrance, which I guess we used all the time, had a built-in mini bar on the right when you walked in. The bar was made from walnut and was hand carved. Beautiful piece. You had to walk under a wooden archway to get to the recessed bar. Then after you grab your drink you head over to the left and there was a nice comfy couch with a big screen TV and a fireplace. If you go right instead – you would hit a mini kitchen for snacks. I guess this was our unwinding part of the home – to relax and leave the outside world behind before we would go into the main section of the house (which was KILLER BTW). Ryan had his arm around me and we were watching the news talking about our day. It was all so natural feeling.

I have had many people ask me over the years about a person popping into his or her head. For example an ex-girlfriend or ex-husband. People want to know why — why does this happen?

I’ve discovered two reasons for a person to POP into your head:

  1. They are thinking of you
  2. It is a soul connection

and yes, before you ask — it can be both. But it has to be at least one. If a person pops into your head, it is not so random that he or she has no connection to you. For instance, Justin Bieber will never pop into my head because thank god we have no soul connection.

A soul connection can have the two of you as soul mates, twin flames, part of the same soul cluster – group – or family. It can also be a karmic connection. When the person pops into your head, it is what I call a telepathic flash. For the split second, the two of you have a telepathic connection. You have a choice – you can let it drop or recognize it and strengthen the connection by thinking of them and encasing you both in white light.

Ryan and I have a soul connection. Were we lovers in a past life? Based on how natural it was when we were together, I would say yes. Does that mean we’re to have one in this life? Who knows? I have a soul connection with a lot of people. If I had romantic relationships with everyone I had a soul connection to, I’d wear myself out.

And so would you.

So the next time someone pops into your head, ask yourself are they thinking of you and/or is there a soul connection? Honor the connection, and go about your daily life. If anything were to come of it, it will happen.

Who has popped into your head lately? Let us know in the comments below! 

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  1. I feel this way about JH. and he has never left my mind. We had a strong connection from day one and I know it is still there. I left him cold turkey cuz he was going through too much with a divorce , work etc. But omg i miss him. My soul misses him.
    He is my soul mate. XOX

  2. I have had two experiences where I have met a man and in their presence we have a very strong telepathic connection. At first the closeness of our connection is very sexual and I feel like I lack control. I don’t know if I’m in their head or the other way around. Physically they are very attentive to me but we never openly acknowledge our connection. This is happening to me now with a colleague. I just followed your advice above and I feel like I have more control now. I have so much respect for this guy and I want the very best for him. We are both in relationships and we work together so having sexual feelings for him is really innapropriate. Now I think we can build something higher and stronger with this connection we have. Thanks for this resource. There was no one I could talk to about it.

    S. C

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