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Astral pregnancy. What is it? How do you get it? Is it real? And what does it mean?

In the last month I received three emails on this subject – so I thought I’d touch on it here.

What is astral pregnancy? It is when your astral energy body becomes pregnant with a child.

Can this only happen to women? No

How do you get pregnant in the astral realm? It’s not as it is in the physical realm. Sperm does not meet an egg. There’s no actual sex going on. Instead an astral energy attaches itself to you.

What does it mean? It can mean one of two things: either the astral energy/baby is waiting to be conceived and born by you in this life (actual birth if you are female and sperm donor if male) or it is content to be by your side in this life, even if it means just on the astral side.

How do you know if you are astral pregnant? You display all the symptoms but the actual physical baby being inside. Men – you too get all the symptoms women get when they are pregnant including the hormonal changes and weight gain.

Why can a man get pregnant too? Because in the astral realm we are all just energy/souls. Gender types (male, female) are for humans.

What can you do to severe the tie/break the pregnancy? No one wants to walk around feeling like they are pregnant but not actually being pregnant. So you or your partner can actually get pregnant – or you can ask Archangel Micheal to cut the ties that bind and then ask Archangel Raphael to heal the wound. If you do not want to bring angels into the mix – you can imagine yourself cutting the ties and letting the baby go. Then you will want to do energy exercises to strengthen your energy field back up & fix that energy wound.

What affects your energy body effects your physical body – not the other way around. This goes not only for OBE sex or astral pregnancy, but happiness, sadness, colds, flu, cancer, heart disease, etc…

Happy OBE’ing!
Allie 🙂

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    1. Hi Luna,

      Yes – as your energy body is pregnant. Your physical body responds to what your energy body is doing. But you cannot be physically pregnant without the regular sperm/egg combination.

      That said – if you do not feel good or something is out of whack with your body, see your doctor.

      Hope that helps,

    1. Hi Harley! In my opinion, astral entities usually do not have a specific gender. While in the astral, an entity can be any gender it wishes to be – or stay energy neutral.

      Happy OBE’ing!
      Allie 🙂

  1. There are many aspects to this discussion, but you have to understand the astral plane first. The astral plane is a “spirit realm” (that lacks mass) that parallels this planet. It is where things are created before it manifests into the physical plane. In order for it to manifest, it need’s a catalyst, something physical to bring it through and turn it into something physical. This is why ghosts and demons can attack. People are usually in an altered state of consciousness due to their hghtened sensitivity and when they return back to the “here and now”, they marks or scratches manifest in physical form because it had already happened in spirit and when they return, they themselves become the physical catalyst. Energy isn’t created, just changed and this is the basics for manifesting 101. This is where people often mess up when it comes to astral projection. These entities may remain in the astral plane, or they will hitchhike back, and though they still can’t be seen, because they have no body (mass), they are no longer bound by the separation and is way easier to do things. But they are still limited so they will try to jump a body in order to do things physically they want to do. So what does this have to do with astral babies? It’s the same thing. When a male and female are together physically (sexually) there is an energy between them that mixes. even in the cases of rape, and if the body and energy mixes properly, it creates a soul and a body simultaneously….typically. But flukes ALWAYS happen. If a female astral projects and has sex with a male and both are in their astral state, the astral sperm could linger and wait until a catalyst comes along, in this case would be his physical sperm mixing with her physical eggs. Because it’s the same person, the astral sperm will target the same egg as the physical one, which leads to a physical pregnancy. If she is astral projecting to him and he ejaculates physically, it will still end up in her astral body and could remain for long periods of time until a different catalyste comes along physically. This was my case. It was a very complicated situation, but I couldn’t be with the one I loved and would astral project to him instead of being with him physically. . He didn’t know it at the time, he just thought they were very vivid dreams that seemed real. I also didn’t realize at the time, in fact, I was beginning to wonder if it even worked,lol or if he had even experienced it on his end at all. After a real bad fallout, I was with somebody else…physically. .I became pregnant immediately (physically) but didn’t realize it until 3 months later when I realized I hadn’t had my period or even kept track of it. I had NO physical symptoms at all! I took the pregnancy test and yep, I was almost 4 months by then, but 3 weeks later I started to bleed. They did the ultrasound and they said the baby had “blown up” and I had everything BUT the baby and it ended at 8 weeks gestation. I thought it was a miscarriage, but I also wasn’t depressed because I never attached to anything. I decided to allow it to happen naturally. I stopped bleeding and thought I had passed her. Then out of nowhere I started hemorrhaging and had to have an emergency D&C. I almost died. After that, life went on and I went on to have 2 more babies, but not through astral projection. Years later, I hooked up with my soulmate and started developing my Mediumship. We did ALOT of ghost hunting and I was able to communicate with alot of spirits, mostly in the lower realms. The lost souls, like I did as a child. There were several times where I would hear “Mom”, out of the blue. Stupid me just assumed that my daughter didn’t like her first body and reincarnated into the next child I gave birth to.I had seen her throughout the years, as a ghost, but she scared me because at times she came across as lost and other times she came as tortured. Alot of sadness and anger. She also hung around my living daughter while she was growing up and I kicked her out many times, because she kept trying to jump “possess” her sister. Her sister is also a Medium since childhood. Until last year. We were helping out a family member who’s late husband was into black magic. Long story short, the house revealed alot of dark stuff, including her. I still didn’t get it until my husband (soulmate) and I started talking about the past and the dreams he had with me in them. And then it hit me. That’s why she kept going to her sister. It’s why I kept hearing “mom”. She was trapped in the astral plane. The astral plane is dark in nature because they are still bound to this planet, and will remain there until they are ready to let go. They hold on to their sadness, grief, anger, and anything else that keeps them trapped in this state of existence.This is why Mediums have to cross them over, to give them light in order to help them let go. It’s kind of like being trapped in a cemetery. And for over 20 years, her soul grew, matured and was trapped there. It was hell for her. Forget the attachments, but being forced to exist and nobody even knowing your there? Watching your sister get love and hugs, yet here you sit in the dark and nobody even knows you exist. I had no idea this could happen, even though I have been astral projecting since I was a kid. After sorting through the details and his memories matching what I did, and then the supernatural occurrences, we finally figured it out and she got VERY VERY lucky, because as soon as we figured it out, I was able to cross her over. She was finally able to let go because we figured out she existed. As a mother, I harbor ALOT of guilt over this. Even though this was accidental, when it comes to astral projection, I should have known better. There is a natural order to things and when people are reckless, these things do happen. My reason for the miscarriage is that I later found out it was a partial molar pregnancy. You can’t have two sperm cells fertilize the same egg because it duplicates the DNA and the pregnancy will end. I had his “astral” sperm going for the same egg as the “physical” sperm because that’s what it was programmed to do, that’s what it was waiting for, the catalyst., and the soul was created but she couldn’t come through physically because the body was made from a different man and therefore the body terminated itself, leaving her soul stuck. She couldn’t come through later because it was from a different man then her father. And by the time her father and I got together, he was already fixed. The soul is created from the mixture of two spiritual DNA which simultaneously forms together and then grows together in the body. When women miscarry, they often a connection with the fetus so if the preganncy ends due to the physical malfunctions, the soul is still acknowledged and cared for and is usually able to move on. In my case, I never felt her at all, which is why it took me so long to figure out I was pregnant, because she couldn’t enter in at conception. The body can’t exist without a soul and I wouldn’t feel a thing because there was no soul or life substance to begin with. Most of this is based on the laws of manifestation, When we go into the astral plane, which is also the doorway to other dimensions, we must pass through this area first. It is linked to our minds, our emotions which allows us to dream and then manifest. Turning the “spirit” or “unmass” and turn them into “mass”. Whatever you do during astral projection WILL eventually manifest in this physical realm whether you intend for it to happen or not. It’s how it works. If you hurt or kill somebody in your astral state, it will eventually manifest here. If you think your going to make a bunch of astral babies and they will just “float around” happy, healthy and content, nope. It’s like giving birth to a baby here and dumping them in the middle of the desert making them fend for themselves. They can’t leave until someone finds them because that plane is a part of this physical world, they co-exsist together. And they won’t leave until someone finds them and takes them out of it. I’m sorry this is so long, but you need to understand the truth. Astral projection isn’t just floating around and having fun, it’s the ability to co-exist in both aspects of this planet and allows us to manifest what is there and make it solid here. That’s the purpose. Now you know how it works and now you know the consequences of taking this so lightly. You can tell people that nothing happens and life just goes on but their astral babies, are real souls that are born and will remain ghosts until a Medium or somebody can help them out of there. And that’s the bottomline. You don’t play with physical births this recklessly, and you shouldn’t play with “astral” births like this either. It’s a human soul, not a plastic baby doll.

    1. Hi, R!

      Nope. All it means is that you have an energy form in the astral realm. Astral babies only turn into human babies if they are supposed to and if they are supposed to it doesn’t mean it will happen in your current life. In the astral layers, there is no mortality factor or ticking clock. Energy can hang out there for thousands of years.

      Happy OBE’ing!
      Allie 🙂


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