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Astral pregnancy. What is it? How do you get it? Is it real? And what does it mean?

In the last month I received three emails on this subject – so I thought I’d touch on it here.

What is astral pregnancy? It is when your astral energy body becomes pregnant with a child.

Can this only happen to women? No

How do you get pregnant in the astral realm? It’s not as it is in the physical realm. Sperm does not meet an egg. There’s no actual sex going on. Instead an astral energy attaches itself to you.

What does it mean? It can mean one of two things: either the astral energy/baby is waiting to be conceived and born by you in this life (actual birth if you are female and sperm donor if male) or it is content to be by your side in this life, even if it means just on the astral side.

How do you know if you are astral pregnant? You display all the symptoms but the actual physical baby being inside. Men – you too get all the symptoms women get when they are pregnant including the hormonal changes and weight gain.

Why can a man get pregnant too? Because in the astral realm we are all just energy/souls. Gender types (male, female) are for humans.

What can you do to severe the tie/break the pregnancy? No one wants to walk around feeling like they are pregnant but not actually being pregnant. So you or your partner can actually get pregnant – or you can ask Archangel Micheal to cut the ties that bind and then ask Archangel Raphael to heal the wound. If you do not want to bring angels into the mix – you can imagine yourself cutting the ties and letting the baby go. Then you will want to do energy exercises to strengthen your energy field back up & fix that energy wound.

What affects your energy body effects your physical body – not the other way around. This goes not only for OBE sex or astral pregnancy, but happiness, sadness, colds, flu, cancer, heart disease, etc…

Happy OBE’ing!
Allie 🙂

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    1. Hi, R!

      Nope. All it means is that you have an energy form in the astral realm. Astral babies only turn into human babies if they are supposed to and if they are supposed to it doesn’t mean it will happen in your current life. In the astral layers, there is no mortality factor or ticking clock. Energy can hang out there for thousands of years.

      Happy OBE’ing!
      Allie 🙂


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