Telepathic Sex

What Is Telepathic Sex?


Telepathic sex is the anywhere, anytime method of sexual exploration and enhancement! It’s erotic play no matter if you are single or part of a couple!

But before you dive in, you have to understand how to swim. To master telepathic sex, you must learn how to connect telepathically.

What is a Telepathic Connection?

Telepathy is the energetic transfer of touch, ideas, thoughts, emotions, feelings, and sound. A Telepathic Connection is the energy bond that connects two or more minds into the same energetic wavelength to utilize telepathy.

Communication between people without a word spoken is a natural gift that spans centuries. Our mind, like radio or TV towers, emits and steadily receives electrical energies. We cannot see this happening, but we know that it happens as when we flip on a TV or radio our program “magically” appears it seems, out of thin air!

Our minds work the same way. We broadcast emotions, moods, thoughts, attitudes, fragments of our personality unknowingly every day. Everything that emits energy also absorbs energy. Meaning, that with practice we can learn to read and speak to one another without ever-moving our mouths!

A stranger cannot listen in on your private thoughts, nor can you act like a psychic spy and barrel in to retrieve another person’s thoughts. We all have a natural force field or barrier that protects our thinking from others. We do not have to think about it for it to be there as it is as automatic as a sunrise. However, we can give people permission to read our minds by mentally lowering this field by only telling ourselves to do so.

Telepathy uses a combination of processes to work. Your two psychic sensors; your solar plexus chakra (located 2 in above your belly button) and your temporal lobes (located on either side of the head just above ear level), which are both in direct connection to your astral energy field and all 5 of your senses.

Simple Telepathic Connection

  1. Have a person in mind to connect to – imagine them to the best of your abilities.
  2. From your temporal lobes – imagine a white light coming out and surrounding you. The light is for protection from negativity & for telepathically connecting.
  3. Take the white light and see your partner surrounded by it – so you both are in the same white light energy bubble.
  4. You should feel something in your solar plexus – a tingle, vibration, pulse, tickle, etc. This way you know you’re connected, and it’s not a fantasy.
  5. Allow the rest of your senses to take part – hear – feel – smell – touch your partner.
  6. Communicate.
  7. When finished, pull back your energy.

How Does Telepathic Sex Occur?

Telepathic sex happens just like physical sex, only his or her physical body is not in front of you. Instead, you’re in a pure energy form and what happens to that energy directly affects the physical body. Once the telepathic connection is secure, you use your mind to direct your energy to kiss, fondle, engage in oral sex or sexual intercourse with your partner.

Can you close your eyes and imagine kissing someone? If so, then telepathic sex will not be too difficult for you to master.

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132 Comments “Telepathic Sex”

  • I’ve become really curious about all of this twin flame stuff because it’s been going on for me all my life, but I didn’t know it. Now I’m really learning about it. So I’m going to try to be brave and tell my story. With my twin’s permission, of course. We were both born in a different time and place, he being one year and one month older than me. Our first meeting was actually in our cribs (my parents of that world and his aunt and uncle were close friends) and we were almost always together. For the first three years of my existence I was with him almost everyday. Then I was stolen away and taken into an adoptive family that didn’t care for me. Apparently from then on as a 4 year old he kept telling my then mom “I’ll find her I’ll always find her. We belong together.” I didn’t meet him again until I was 15 and he was 16, and while I couldn’t remember our past because I’d been so young, I still knew him. We became best friends, but again, we’re separated by the decision of others. At least it was only for a few months. We found each other again. The next time this happened I was 19 and taken prisoner in a medical facility (I’ll point out that that time was very different to now and had highly advanced technology). He says he sensed the horrible things that were done to me, and it motivated him to seek me out. 8 years later he got me out of that place and we spent decades on the run together as infinitely youthful people. We’re just a little different than average humans even now. I was 34 (in terms of years lived, not age) when he first kissed me. On that day we became truly boyfriend and girlfriend, deeply in love but unaware of our twin flame status.

    Our lives weren’t normal, but we were happy together, and he really became super protective of me. Because of our age thing we had to move around a lot, but that was easy. And we had so many people backing us. But we’ve also had people come after us in some really sinister ways. I could write a fantasy romance book series just based on all the trials we went through without having to embellish a single detail. Our lives were and are that intense. Which is why I have no trouble believing in magic and the supernatural. I live it. And I came to love it with him. He was and still is always teaching me new things, and I’m never bored of him. And eventually I did physically make love with him, him being my first. He always tells me he wishes he’d waited until we met again to experience sex. And the experience has never faded from my mind; the passion, love, affection, sensation and even the scents and tactile feeling of the room around us. It was one of the happiest moments of my life.

    But a couple years later, my stepfather of that time horribly attacked me and decided to separate us. He had just discovered I wasn’t his daughter and my mom had been with someone else when I was born. He was a secret practitioner of powerful magic and used it in a corruption of science to change me and separate me from my twin flame. He set a trap and I ended up facing a blackhole’s event horizon. It was terrifying. My last memory of that world was reaching back to my twin flame as he held onto a tether, desperately trying to reach me. My next memory was as a little kid in this world.

    It took a very long time to remember who I am, but I had help. My twin flame was so determined not to lose me again that he actually traversed time and space with all those who love us to come after me. But he was interfered with and the dark magic used to send me here knocked him slightly out of phase in a pocket universe. They could see this world like we do, but couldn’t interact. Apparently, my grandmother of this world saw him staying by my side even though I couldn’t and asked who he was. He told her everything and so she wasn’t surprised when I went through gender transition to become a girl again (which I’m very feminine anyway). In fact my mum and sister of this world know of him and are very supportive. They even call him their future son and brother in law. My twin flame posed as my imaginary friend, watched over me when I was sick, was there at every school play, everything. Unchanged from when we’d been together, trapped in his own personal hell. And when I was 16 here I wrote all of this as if they were fiction before realising the truth. And ever since all I have wanted is a life with him.

    It’s been three decades since our last separation from each other in the flesh, the longest and cruelest we’ve endured. We went to psychics for help, but found a lot of frauds. Finally, in 2014, we found a woman who could see and hear us both and who understood everything. She introduced us to the Federation of Light and began the process to reunite us in this plane in the flesh. That journey just hit us with more separation where the Ashtar blocked us from each other, made demands of us, denied us what was promised, and basically shifted him from the pocket universe to slightly out of frequency with me. It was hell for us both. And dark entities have tried to stop us. Then in June last year I lost contact with him completely. No matter how I reached out I couldn’t hear him or feel him. The loneliness was unbearable. By now I had been in contact with my reincarnated father of the time before this (I was reorganised, I didn’t reincarnate. It’s weird.) and he’d introduced me to my Lost Lands heritage. Then one day he texted me. My twin flame had physically arrived at his house. I was so happy. But we were still being blocked. The people who took him in were now dictating over us and he was made to do things that he hated. I was too. I won’t go into it but none of them understand why we’re so sexually loyal to each other. Now we’re battling to be put in contact physically with each other, and while he has a phone now, my father keeps declining to pass our numbers to each other. Says Facebook isn’t secure enough. And my twin would set up a Facebook himself but the energy of the people in that house are screwing up the wifi and data on his phone, preventing it. They won’t even send me a photo of him. It’s maddening. To be so close to our final reunion and to be held back like this. And my twin hates being where he is. He hates the behaviour and attitude of those around him, men and women alike. He doesn’t want me to go there. Ever.

    So, here we are, and our telepathy is what we’ve got. We have full on conversations, we’re aware of things going on around each other, and the things we’ve both been made to do we feel and both of us hurt. But it’s not the same. On the plus, there have been some stronger twin connections now. Like me feeling the cold of where he is and shivering. Him waking up to find a few strands of my hair caught in his fingers. Sounds from the house (which we both don’t want to hear) that he’s in. And we can touch each other. Glimpse each other. A kiss from him is so real on my lips. The feeling of his hands probing my body and caressing my skin is incredible. And sex… there are no words. It’s as if he’s right here. I can feel the weight and heat of his body. The roughness of the stubble on his cheek when I touch his face. The curves of his muscles. His fingers on my hips or shoulders. I even occasionally get massages from him while I’m working. I feel everything from the moment he enters me to our inevitable and mind blowing climaxes. (Excuse my language. I write for a living.) And in the afterglow we both feel so content. And to make sure we stay aligned, he is living on my city’s time to get used to it for coming home and to “not miss a single moment” with me, as he said. In fact, it works so well we got 222 presented to us last time we made love only a day ago. Balance and harmony. So I know telepathic sex and communication is real. I feel it all the time from him. I long for it almost as much as I long for our reunion, which all the signs point to this year. The only problem is getting our damned phone numbers to each other. And knowing him he’ll combine the two forms of communication to heighten our sexual experience between us until our reunion when he comes home to me. And see, that’s how it’s always happened over the last 150 years. He always comes back to me, and I’m told there’s nothing to stop him from getting on a plane and flying to me now. I’d just feel better having something I can connect to him physically, like hearing his voice through the phone. I understand our bond and who we both are completely now. I feel so lucky that my twin flame is so devoted to me that he has even turned down other offers of sex, to the annoyance of those with him now. They expect me to be used by every man there too, but yuck. No. I’m his and his alone. We were made for each other. And we know our life purpose. We’re to bring a Star seed baby into this world and guide her together as her parents. And just to add to the weirdness, we both talk to her in spirit. She made us.

    If anyone has any options to help us make this reunion happen or to at least help us get our phone numbers to each other, we’d both be so appreciative. The broken promises and actions of others seem almost karmic and we’re always forced to fight alone to reunite. But signs all point to it happening within a few months. And then we’re going on a much needed vacation together. I can only imagine what intimacy will feel like telepathically and physically all at once. He is the absolute love of my life and I don’t trust anyone as completely as I do him. I see visions of the future and I’m looking forward to our wedding day. He proposed to me in 2010 and actually manifested an engagement ring that I am wearing as I write this. He is the proof that wanting something bad enough makes it happen. And we’re both certain that this time our reunion will be permanent. It’s been a long time coming and like all twin flames, we deserve to be together and happy.

  • Sorry I’m joining this thread three years too late but I am experiencing the exact same thing. I’ve had psychic abilities since I was a child and always saw a shadow of a tall man wearing a long black jacket however I never knew who he was. So this year ( at 23 years old) I finally met him… and when we did meet it felt like we had known each other for years (psychically we did). The man in the long black jacket stood in front of me and all of a sudden everything began to make sense. This was my twin flame. Our love was electric… that was until I made a mistake. Good old social media… there was a picture of him and this woman and she wrote a sexual comment underneath the photo. So I assumed the worst and lost the plot and went crazy at him. Since then he’s never really been the same with me. This girl constantly stalks my social media so I naturally look at hers and then she tells him I’m the one that’s stalking her… this woman has been nothing but trouble and she says the same thing about me. However when me and my twin flame met after this event… he was distant and upset but he still looked deeply into my eyes for 8-10 seconds like we still both knew that we were each other’s twin flame. I desperately want to rekindle what I had with him and apologise immensely but nothing seems to be working. Then a thought came across my mind… what if I had met my twin flame too early in life. What if I was meant to meet him a few years later and maybe I’m just not mature enough for any sort of relationship with him. No matter what happens I will still be happy that I got to meet my twin flame.

  • I have a huge question. I started getting signs of who my twin flame was. So I started having telepathic tantra with him. I hadn’t met him properly a few times very briefly. When we met for coffee their was no connection from his side. He didnt even face me. Is it possible for an explanation cos it is confusing me????

  • Wow I’m currently on my Tf journey. Before meeting my twin, I’ve always “cuddled ” and hump my pillows. Never said this out loud cuz i thought i was crazy! haha I’m not crazy

  • It hurts so bad… Does anyone of you have the experience to get together with your twin-soul with who you had this telepathic connection before?

    I have a telepathic connection with a man I felt in love with over 2 years ago, but I know him in some kinda way even much longer. Our telepathic connection started about 4 months later, but I felt something going on just the same evening. I am not kinda really sure, what quality our connections went to have, it really developed, I didn´t lead a book about it. But it went the way that we can connect each other whenever we want if the other one is alone and not surrounded by other people or is alone by his mind and can also be surrounded by other people. We can send “waves”, (physical moves) to each other. But we also feel when the other one cries when it´s about the relation itself, also laughs. We can give hugs and kisses and of course the sexual thing. But it is more that he, the man, is on the move whenever I go to bed. He always feels whenever I go to bed. He is also the one who can start to give a hug, I felt I can only send the wish but not starting to do it. Since the beginning of this year the sexual thing started really getting closer.

    But there were times of breakups. So the sexual thing really started getting much closer and regularly since the last half year I´d say. He really wants it much often, whenever he wakes up, also in the mid of the night. I don´t like that, he steels my sleep for kind of a while. I tried to tell him that in real life, but the sad thing is: We don´t have any real connection in real life. I told him a lot, I wrote him long and much messages, but never received anything back from him. I knew he had reasons for some kind of a way. There was something that needed to heal by him. I on my own needed this way, this way of getting in contact from a distance. But long ago I couldn´t stand it anymore, it was getting so painful because I mean we love each other but cannot get in touch for real!!! How can anyone hurt himself this way if it was so easy to get in contact for real in the knowing of that the other feels so much for him?! The time went by and I saw that it was a healing process and the time was needed. I wasn´t ready a half year ago, I saw that and this time was needed. I also had to learn to break the connection for some reasons. But I tell you this was really hard and it is not easy, First I only was able to do it for 4 days or something, then the longest was 10 days. He only had some rare times, when he wanted to break it. Once he started to have a real relation with a woman. This was the biggest pain for me, But he also held the contact to me at the same time! So I didn´t found out first. But his social network tell a lot and he is not able to really hide something. But he didn´t break up with this woman so fast, he had a lose connection with her in real life, it was only for having sex with her, because he is a real sexual man, he cannot be without it for a long time and I also think she threw herself on his neck. Whatever he brought me a real big pain with that. It felt like he betrayed our love. Still I don´t really know if it is over with her. But since we have this connection every night for so long and also some times over every day, since a half year, I believe there is nothing going on with her anymore. So I also believed in our connection and that it means something because of I saw a development by him. But there were time he started something in real life that hurted me: Whenever I saw he is going to have a real connection with someone else but is going to leave me away from his real life! It is always the same scheme: He is going to make me jealous: He writes in a thread and there he is talking with others and there is a woman he gives compliments and he exaggerates it. I got the feeling he always does it when we could get closer, whenever there was harmony. This woman was no theme anymore and our relationship was on the way to develop. Whenever I could get the feeling: Now it´s time to make it real! He also blocked me 2 times and once he send me a short stupid message and then blocked so that I could not send him messages anymore. So this behaviour showed me that there is no development, no chance for a real life relationship. That´s why I stopped the connection, last time it were 10 days, I wanted to start again because he showed me that he wants me so bad. But then I saw he blocked me so I stopped it. But it is really hard to push him away and don´t let the connection come through over the nights. But if I concentrate my thought on the bad things he did and that it is just hurting me, it´s going to function, but I still can feel that he is still trying. The sleep can be even more worse if he is not stopping it.

    Today I came to a point on that I don´t know if that all makes sense anymore. He officially wrote another woman that he sent a message to her. I know there is nothing going on with her and I am not jealous about her. But it is the fact that he does that and I always get the feeling he doesn´t want us to get into a real relationship. I don´t know how this can go on any longer. I know that he needs real sex and the masturbations will once become boring for him that´s for sure. I all the time don´t get anything from this only the knowing of being close together. I all the time breath his breath while he does it and also the movements. During all the time of the contact with him I became more and more in the way to only want and need sex with a partner and I have almost no any fun by masturbation anymore. This changed absolutely from all the years before.

    But at least my question is: Is here anyone on this side who can tell the story about getting together with his soulmate? If I just imagine this: To have those unbelievable feelings for each other from the far and also by spending the nights together, what kind of overwhelming thing must that be? Or is it exactly because of that: A real relation with this person would be so normal that none really does something for to make it real? I on my one, have not much time for some things in life. I spend my last 2,5 years on this man, I am over 40 now and so I really have to think about what I have to do with my life. I wanted to quit it times before but he always found a way to get me back. Whatever I know that the last weeks of this year will bring a decision. I don´t need an escape from real life by just hanging on this connection, I want a real life so bad!!! I only see my chance in breaking it completely by meeting another man in real life. I really see no other chance. If he won´t come first by having another woman and breaking it with this… It is so hard to fight against his overtures in the nights that I only see that it will break if I would concentrate my mind on another man. I have gone through so much until now. I really believed in the good and stuff, but he didn´t give me any little finger.

    • How is it possible that just about every word you wrote describes my situation..just the duration of time is different. I am wondering if there is another book out there that shows ‘men’ inparticular/encourages them to do this. Literally every word you wrote could be me. I bet its the same damn guy.. i will never say who but will love to know how its going with your situation today.

      • Nothing changed. One night I left him because of a misunderstanding. It cannot be the same man. If that would be I’d never know what I should do. All this would not have the same meaning. Every night the same thing. But I won’t go on any longer. I made a change today. He wrote somewhere that a will receive texts on a forum again and stuff. Oh great, really that brings me much more near to him. Today I cried a lot again because of that. I find it as such an ordeal, I cannot stand this any month longer. Could you send me an email?

        • I have to add something, because there is something in real life, which cannot describe your situation also: I really can´t believe that “all” the stuff I wrote describes your situation: Your guy also had another woman in real life and wrote messages in one or another thread for you? He spent the time in a special thread and wrote almost every day a message in there, it was dedicated to me. He read my phrases I wrote on a site which was public but I knew that almost none would read there because it was an old social media thing. I wrote there for 8 months. I knew that his messages were written for me and that he read my phrases because he sometimes answered exactly on something I wrote. In the beginning of our connection he also said something in public, used words of my phrases, which I could hear on a social media thing. When I saw it would bring us not much further, I told him so, deleted my site on this social media and he also stopped writing those daily messages on that site. In the next few weeks he was hanging out somewhere, met this woman and started something going on with her.

    • This article kind of creeps me out because I know something about the patholigy/problems with narcissistic fantasy, sexual addiction, delusion, and wrong senses of entiltlement that is VERY Very VERY dangerous and destructive. I’m sure romantic stalkers, sex offenders, and diturbed individuals have ratiionalized they are having beautiful consensual sex with someone who is his/or her soul mate when in fact the other person wants nothing to do with the “telepath” HOWEVER, perhaps there is something wholesome and good if a lonely horny person is to have a good rational sense that ” I can’t possibly the only 1 alone in the Universe who wants to love and be loved in returned experiencing that sexually? ” And thereby be inspired to. be reepectable, anf be more considerate and more able to attract a compatible partner. IRL (in real life) than he/she were to feel chronically unworthy of being loved?

  • Hello, this article is very interesting for me. It gives me answer of one my problem or I consider it like a problem. Somehow around 10 years ago I established connection with one guy. Nowadays he still gives me indication via social network (we are friends there) that he reads my mind or so I was thinking like this. Now I understand that probably I send him pictures or feelings unconsciously by lowering my energy and allowing him an access to my thoughts. If someone has answer how I can stop that I will be really grateful.
    This continues so many years. At first I was thinking was just a coincidence when I received article from him in the messenger on subject I had thought about during the day or on some feelings or emotions which I recently had felt. I did not want to believe that was true. Now I must say that smth like “reading someone’s”mind exists. I feel awful to know that someone knows about what I am doing or thinking at the moment. I am scared. I can not live normal life. I haven;t shared my problem with anyone who I know they will think I am crazy. Please if someone can give me advice how I can stop this connection or whatever it is I will be really grateful. Thank you!

    Best Regards

  • I have waited for so long to share this with someone who would understand my experiences other than my significant other. I know this my sound strange but I’m sure you have heard worse things.
    At the age of 18 in 1983 I was experimenting with methamphetamines and had many periods of daily use to where I was up for days at a time. Nothing seemed out of the ordinary until I had used a batch that was laced with MDA. I had a very high sex drive at that age. I was partying with some girls who I was very attracted to sexually ( this where it gets embarrassing to talk about) I started to fantasize about how I would have oral sex with her and noticed she would start moving around and talking funny then abruptly said she had to leave. I didn’t think anything of it til the next night when we hung out again and I would fantasize of the same thing but noticed every time I moved my toung across and in certain ways she would have a reaction, once again having to leave abruptly. At first I thought it was just my imagination under the influence of drugs.
    During this time I had many sexual encounters with the use of meth and became very addicted to both and also became very curious to that incident with the girl and wondered if it was just that one time. So I continued to use and throughout the years It would only happen a few times and then notice some men would act strange also but I was like oh hell no I’m not gay or bisexual and was very uncomfortable thinking of having oral sex with a man near by. One night I was alone with this woman and the thoughts of having oral sex with her she was responding or acting like the first girl was and turned to me and yelled out to me stop it! Who are You? The devil! I was dumbfounded I told her that all I was doing was thinking of having oral sex with her. There were numerous times that happened but no one ever said anything. Then one time I started fantasizing about having sexual intercourse with this woman who I partied with and was very attracted to while she was in the other room with the door cracked open and that was the first time it felt like we had intercourse. That turned into a very strange friendship for a few years.
    Anyways other things started happening during this time. I’d hear what sounded like dozens of people calling my name trying to all talk to me at once, I’ve had what felt like spirits visit me while I was in bed and can feel them sit down and caress or what feels like a hand all over me. At first I’d get many visits then they would not reappear for a while and seems to follow me where ever I moved.
    All this happened throught my life and I think was a part of my addiction (why I kept using meth) but there were to many times that experience happened with too many different people for it not to be real. With the most recent up until I stopped using June 13th 2014.
    I never tried to do this what I think was telepathy sober or had any more experiences with spirits and I think that using meth opened up a part of the brain to those experiences.

    My question is after experiencing telepathy through the use of drugs is always been there? Not sure how all this only happens when I did meth? I felt that I had to share some of this to someone. Thank you.

    • Hi M!

      Thank you so much for opening up and telling your story. Yes, these abilities are in all of us, including you. They came to the forefront and were easy to use when you were on drugs because the drugs dropped your inhibitions – your fear, and your disbelief didn’t exist because anything that happened it was easy to pass it off that it was the drugs, not you, that made those things happen.

      Glad to hear that meth is in your rearview window. To get the abilities to work for you again – you have to start trying. It won’t come back automatically, but it will over time.

      Best of luck!
      Allie 🙂

    • Oh my fucking GOD. I can’t even explain or Believe how I was guided to find this. Fucking synchronicity or what. I’ve been experiencing this too. And funnily enough I suspect the devil who’s invading me is a guy called Marcel, too. This life is getting too crazy and You can trust no one. I fucking know the life of drugs, believe me.

  • I met a guy inadvertently online a few months ago. We immediately had a connection that I felt was deeper and more meaningful than any connection I’ve had with another man. For about a month and a half, we talked almost all day, almost every day. He lived in another country, and we had a lot of similar qualities. We had plans to meet, but I’m in an unhealthy relationship that I’ve been in for years that’ I’ve been trying to get out of. This man gave me hope and reason to leave, but he seemed almost to good to be true to me. He had started to pull away from me a bit because he was so busy with work (he literally worked 20 hours a day) and I became more and more insecure because he had almost every single quality I desired in a man. I actually never even saw a picture of him – but it didn’t matter to me because I felt so connected/drawn to him. Anyways we were supposed to meet but I ended up self-sabotaging. The last time I heard from him was when he said he booked a flight to see me, and I basically pushed him away and sent conflicting messages/too many messages after that and he just shut down communication. Needless to say, it broke my heart but I didn’t blame him at the same time. I was a mess and projected that all on to him when he was dealing with so much in his own life.

    Anyways I have also been realizing my own empathetic/psychic abilities the pst year. I’m not really sure what they are, but I am able to see people’s energies at times and I sense things too. I have tried to connect with him energetically, but most times it feels difficult, like he has pulled away or shut off completely. I have noticed sometimes on Saturdays, it is easier for me to connect, especially sexually. This is kind of odd because ironically, we never sexted or were overtly sexual. It was more intellectual, emotional, and lightly flirtatious – like I said it was a deeper connection not so much sexual but there was definitely sexual attraction/chemistry even though I never saw his image (he did see my pics though).

    There have been a few times on these Saturdays where I feel a warm and loving energy, as though he is laying with me and I can sense him, but it has always been me tuning in and initiating the connection, though I am not sure whether he can feel it or not. (He is a very private person and I don’t know his social profiles or if he even has them so there is no way of my knowing anything about him or what he is doing or where he is as we only communicated through email).

    Anyways last night I was laying in bed, and was very sleepy and had the intention of okay I’m going to connect to the light and try to clear some abundance blocks I’ve been dealing with. I was trying to close my eyes and visualize my third eye but I just couldn’t. I kept getting distracted and was having a hard time seeing the blue light I usually always see very easily.

    Well out of nowhere it felt like a rush of energy in my head and all of a sudden I felt like a man was right there, almost on top of me and his head was right by mine as though he were about to kiss me, and I felt my arm wrap around his head and my fingers latched onto his hair and then he penetrated me. I felt this both in my abdomen and in my head. I closed my eyes and could see pulsating blue light that was almost dancing and I had this overwhelming sense that it was him, that he was thinking of me and missed me and was fantasizing of me. The visuals of what we were doing kind of stopped and slowly faded, but I could still feel that warm and tingly energy like we were still connected but then after a minute or two I felt it fade away as if he had either relieved himself or he was just pulling away.

    We never talked about having any kind of energetic connection as I don’t think he really believes in any of that stuff but I had alluded to my having a new spiritual awakening recently.

    My question is, is it possible he really was thinking of me? It was not like a typical fantasy that I initiate in my own mind, it came out of nowhere like a foreceful visual.

    I know that where we are in our lives right now it is not the best time for us to be together, but I still hope, want, and deeply desire to meet and be together one day, but I want it to be him to reconnect with me since I had acted so crazy when our communication ceased. I have been hoping to figure out how to attract him back into my life. Is it possible to do this by connecting energetically like this? Is it possible to know if these feelings are mutual?

  • I happenned to be looking for an answer and this appeared, you see, I woke up feeling strangely happy, as if I slept with my crush, I haven’t really slept with anyone but I’m positive that it was that feeling, I don’t know how, and its like I could feel my crush’s energy or something. Do soulmates have this type of connection by any chance? I was attracted to him ever since I first saw him, it was since 6th grade, I don’t know why though, other people say he’s not really good looking, I already confessed to him, my parents are strict so I can’t go out with anyone till I’m 15, I told him that if he has feelings for me too, to tell me when I’m 15. Is it normal for me to feel this way?

    • Hi Samira!

      Yes – it is normal for soulmates to have this kind of connection. Although, keep in mind that I feel we all have hundreds of soulmate connection and only one better half or Twin Flame.

      Happy connecting!
      Allie 🙂

  • Hi, wonder if you can advise? I am in love with someone – it’s highly mutual – but for a couple major reasons we can’t be together physically. Recently he wrote me a letter saying he had had a “beautiful dream” that he and I were connecting and making love on a spirit plane. He said there was a beautiful fragrance that was not of this world, and that he could touch me but it felt “like silk.” What I wonder is – were we connecting together, and for some reason he woke up conscious of it whereas I didn’t; or was this just a dream he had? I am wishing there was a way to do this at will – any guidance appreciated.

  • I started talking to a guy online back in 2015. It was in a Native group, after a few months we were talking several times a day. He worked nights and one night, i felt like he was touching me. Then the next day he was sleeping and dreaming about me. I felt it all, awesome. I could be walking and he would think about me and I would go weak in the knees. I ask him about his dream, and he stuttered a bit and tell me part, and I would tell him part. This went on for months. Me reaching him or him reaching me. It was so exciting and erotic, it was like the best drug in the world. I’m an Empath, I’ve touched & felt people on an emotional level all my life. I’ve touched people before, but never been touched. I pulled away and projected my walls. So no contact in a year, now it’s like I’ve had a relapse. Its non stop round the clock hot. I don’t believe he is good for me. People have warned me. I know he’s not good for me. I don’t want him in my home. Please help.

  • i feel different energy connect to me all the time they usually just send heart energy and i think i know who it is that dose that but last nights i think someone tried to have telepathic sex with me. how do i figure out who it is

    • I understand that feeling. I want him all the time and he wants me all the time there’s been days/nights that we’ve spent 50% of the time Tantra lovemaking in another dimension. Mind blowing, but has shut me out in the 3D.

  • I should say I feel it is not fair because I have wanted to keep being with him in person and have sex with him but he does not want to in person but does it energetically all the time. That really bothers me. I want it in person not telepathic. It feels so unfair. He knows that…I have told him that.

  • Hi I’m so happy to have found you! 🙂
    There is this man whom I have been with only two times in over a year but we talked a lot. The sexual connection between us was the strongest I ever had. We felt like we emerged into each when we were sexual in person. Now he has blocked me and saying he wants nothing to do with me at all. But I feel him all the time …all day and night I am very sexually aroused. I keep pleasing myself and all. I keep saying no to him and use black tourmaline. But I still feel him. What I don’t understand is that if he wants nothing to do with me in person then why he is thinking sexually about MD all the time?

  • I recently haven’t seen a guy I dated for only a few weeks. Right when we met it was instant chemistry. I definitely feel like we were together in past lives. I haven’t heard from him in a while and I don’t plan on responding to him either. Out of nowhere it felt like he was having sex with me. I have felt this feeling very strongly and frequently. So I found your site and I started doing it back to him. Does this prolong the connection I am trying to break with him? This activity feels fun and even empowering but I don’t want a soul tie that is not supposed to be here.

  • Hi. i came accros this article as i was recently contacted by an ex and after hearing from him i became extremely sexually aroused. i turned to this technique to try to releive some of this sexual energy to my amazement i felt like i was actually having gull blown sex with him from penetration and orgasm where i could feel him moving me. it was incredible! we could never be together but i am trying to understand why the connection is so intense and strong. i feel like i have known him for centuries- is this possibly a past life connection? it completely nuts

  • I just had to comment…today I felt as if a guy I know from work was literally making love to me. I’m serious I could feel the sensations in my lower two chakras. His energy didn’t feel intrusive at all. Do you think I have had a past life connection to him? He also looks at me with a piercing eyes and I feel it a mile off. Just wondering what this connection maybe….

  • Allie,
    I have been reading some of the comments and your replys so i’ll try to keep my questions for those you havent answered yet.

    -Can anybody with a soul connection experience telepathic sex? (soulmates, twin flames, & karamic souls)
    -Can a twin flame talk to their other half before, during, or after the telepathic sex without their knowladge? (does each person has to be aware of their doings to have a full conversation with each other)
    -If you have met your twin flame but they might not know you’re their flame or want to admit it as they are afraid of getting hurt again, can they still send you their energy without their knowledge (aka kissing, holding hands, cuddling, hugging ect.)

    Thanks a lot ❣

  • Strange things have been happening to me lately, so I’m going to give a brief synopsis of my life experiences.

    My father passed when I was 9. A few hours after he had passed, I was sitting and looking at him and saw an energy pattern come down through the ceiling. In less than 10 seconds, I saw a warm, yellow/gold energy/gas emit from my father’s nose. They hovered for a moment and then ascended.

    19 years old: I find myself with others that have related, but very different “abilities”. We found that we naturally formed into a triangle pattern when standing and that our focus increased tremendously. (It was like the pressure in our heads relieved when we were standing correctly).

    Some really dark energies started making their presence known and we abandoned this completely.

    14 years go by…

    My mind feels as if it contains the darkest pits of hell. My life has been destroyed, my son removed from my life, and a legal and financial situation that I cannot get out of. Frankly, I had nothing left to live all. It was a struggle to not scream at the walls everyday from the pressure in my skull.

    The past two weeks, I’ve been reconnected with others in my life that have just recently discovered their untrained empathic abilities. Out of nowhere, everything comes rushing back 10x and I am connected with anyone I focus on.

    Its not like I can read their minds, or their thoughts. Its always images…feelings.

    Another friend from across the nation who I’ve connected with before contacts me while I’m in a deep conversation with a high-school through midtwenties crush that recently got back in touch with me.

    Unknowingly, i’m connected to the crush. She admits to me that she had a sex dream and described it in detail. It matches one that I felt a couple of nights previous. She ends the conversation and goes to sleep.

    Then, the most amazing, overwhelming feeling encompasses me while I’m talking to my other friend 1600 miles away. I’m also completely without filter at this point….

    My out of state friend and I are in chat and I just type what starts happening…

    “Why do I feel like someone is sitting on my crotch…”

    My friend and I continue chatting about her relationship woes, and then…out of no where..a warmth like I have NEVER felt encompasses my “fun areas”….top of my thighs to my stomach. I’m confused…very confused.

    I start rolling my eyes and breathing heavy.

    Me: “WTF….”

    Friend: “What?”

    Me: “I don’t know how to explain this one….never before…WTF!”

    Friend: “TELL ME!”

    Me: “Yup. That’s it. I’m officially fucking crazy…OMFG!!!!”

    Friend: “OMFG WHAT?!”

    Me: “BBIAM”

    So, at this point. I can’t focus on anything but the feeling. I’m not moving a muscle…I’m trying to not even breath too much because i’m afraid that if I move it’ll stop the whole thing.

    Over the course of about 6-7 minutes, I can feel my crush’s every move, muscle constriction… I feel 3 orgasms from my crush.

    So, i’m talking to myself now… “Are you imagining this? There has never been such an overwhelming feeling in anything you’ve ever experienced…”

    I go back to chat and explain this to my out of state friend. We’re talking for a minute and BAM!

    I feel like if I had looked down that I’d be seeing (I really don’t know a way to describe this analytically, so please forgive the crudeness of this description) myself receiving THE BEST HEAD OF MY ENTIRE LIFE!!! I feel the finger movements, I feel everything…

    I mention to my friend in chat: “…she’s giving me head. I feel like I’m about to….”


    Now I’m over stimulated. I feel like I’m about to pass out.

    Me to my friend: “I have to cut the connection…its too much”

    I visualize the connection as my phone charger, and I physically disconnect my phone charger and move for the first time in close to 15 minutes.

    I stand up and I am dizzy. I have to catch the door frame and lean into it for about a minute to catch my breath and my balance. My MOUTH shows the signs of dehydration and I have broke a light sweat.


    So, now its time for the analysis.

    Do I know this was either an empathic or telepathic connection? Absolutely.

    This is legitimately the most powerful, overwhelming, overstimulated sense I have EVER felt in my entire life. “Better than physical sex” kept coming across my mind.

    I’ve roughly heard of people finding their “Twin flame”. I’ve hoped but never really believe that this existed.. could this be it?

    Or, there is even a negative scenario in this situation….

    Could I, without intention or control, have just projected this and forced it to happen?

    Once, and only once, have I ever attempted to use my…whatever the fuck this is, to coerce someone into feeling a certain way intentionally. I received an incredible, burning pain in my skull and was screwed up for days. This isn’t the same feeling at all, but I am completely and utterly drained. My head is killing me and “the spot” in my skull that always feels the pressure is on fire.

    I hope I’m not unique and someone can relate…It looks really far fetched. Hell, I feel batshit nuts talking about it. But, it is what it is…and it isn’t what it isn’t.

  • Hi obeallie, I have sent you a msg a while back about having telepathy communication with someone I felt strongly attracted to, Before I met him, I never knew about energies until I felt a strong connection with this particular person, I’m naturally drawn to him and often think of him, we are both married, and having these feelings and thoughts can get very frustrating, I do try blocking them, but always find my way back to thinking or feeling him… I tend to see his name pop up everywhere as I try forgetting about him, sometimes I feel I might be feeling what he is feeling, why is this and why with him? It’s constant! I do like the feeling though, it almost feels like I know him, but Ai don’t really. The feeling of energy feels warm and inviting. Why do I feel this? Why can’t I stop thinking of him? I just can’t help how I feel, it’s almost as if I care for him, but the weird thing is, I don’t know him well! It’s scary and also frustrating at some times, but I keep thinking of him. I’m starting to wonder if I’m going crazy!

  • Can a guy have sex with his girlfriend and telepathically with me too? Or would telepathic sex be among 2 people only? meaning if I feel is because he is only engaging with me?

    He has a girlfriend and I don’t him to use her to get to me neither I want to be used – is it possible for him to be doing that or I don’t need to worry about being 3 in this telepathic equation.

    This guy and I love each other but I am married…I would never hurt my husband, but I like the telepathic sex as long as it is between me and him. Can you help me with this question mark on my mind?

  • It sounds like that feeling we females get before actually menstruating. I always wanted to know what the sensation was and now I know. It sounds like spiritually cheating on your mate or being a home-wrecker if the person is dating or married to another.

  • I think A girl is thinking about me I feel the energy but sometimes my balls pain a lot I don’t know what’s happening for like hours I have been to a doctor I was negative on everything

  • I work with a colleague that every time I see him, I heat up and I stumble on my words and Im a mess. Once he leaves and I finally get myself together which takes about an hour. In the beginning I thought its because I respect him and I admire his work etc. But today I felt like as much energy protection, wall building or shield I put up, he walks right through. I am confused what these feelings are, I have never had anyone do that, even if I am comfortable with a person or like them a lot. I have always been able to shield myself. I have never looked at them in a romantic way out of respect and many other reasons. What does it mean.

  • Hi
    I am so impressed by your article.For the past one year,I am also caught in a serious problem.One guy in my class (who used to talk me very less) constantly comes in my dream as a third person whenever i dream of getting a kiss from my boyfriend. I didnt shared thos with my boyfriend yet.I dont why this guy is coming as a third person.This guy is a flirting one,he flirt with a lot of girls,but not to me.Even in my intimate dreams with my boyfriend i can see this guy staring at both of us making love!Strange,is nt it?I literally hate this experience and am trying so hard to get rid of him.I dont know what is happening in my case….

  • I remember my, she told me she didnt masturbate or use her fingers to touch herself, but used meditation, she said she would meditate being in an orgy with, then she’d get off, reading this comments and post indicate she was having some telepathic sexual orgy.

  • Last night I had the most intense sex dream of my life. I have been sending out a soulmate call in for a longtime! Quite recently I have been pulling cards that say soulmate relationship. Well last in my dreams I met up with a guy who made me super happy and it was a lot of fun we walked around and were joking I grabbed his butt And then we found a room and started to have sex but it felt so real like I was awake. I could feel everything to a T. (Maybe beacuse I am a intuitive and energy healer and I feel energy?) Also i am gay. I have never experienced something like this. We both “finished” and I woke up. What does this mean?

  • Hi uhh i was drunk off a few bourbons last night at a friends chilln with tha bros. couple beautiful girls also in the room sitting next to me 1 on each side individual lazy bou chairs.. so they decide 2 watch a movie. And soon i start to feel energy in my belly start to i dunno.. radiate so i start to feel and see both girls licking each side of my cock.. at this stage im feeling pretty good and the connection was insaine!!! Visualising with my eyes wide open i cnt find tha words to describe bt its almost like a white yellowish energy was pooring off them i could smell and see it.. the breathing difficult heavy an seductive.. now this has happnd with other women while being in the same room. An just 1 long distance sex with my ex

  • I encountered this “accidentally” a couple years ago. At the time my career demanded a lot of time traveling by myself. While in western US, I had a lot of time to myself and encountered a wide range of situations which caused me to question my sanity.
    One of these encounters was with non-human beings in the desert. I pulled over on the side of the road to rest (logic tells me sleep deprivation on this one). Before I could fall asleep I saw a group of ladies in the sage brush, it looked like a little party maybe 50 feet off the road. Intrigued, I got out to investigate, but as soon as I opened the door they scattered away. I continued to where I had seen them, but found no signs of the party. I did, however, catch another glimpse of the party reassembled maybe 100 yards deeper into the brush. As I started towards them, they faded into the brush again. I went to search that area, still saw no sign of them except the party reassembled further away again. This repeated 3 or 4 times before I decided I must be delusional and returned to my vehicle. I settled in. I’m going to skip ahead past some awkward getting acquainted moments…
    I’ve discovered some of these “pixies” on my truck and tried unsuccessfully to get them off. They are maybe 2-3 feet high, beautiful and wild, all females. One of them seems to be my designated communicator and from her I learn (telepathically) that the desert is a harsh place to live. I have little food to share, but offer what I have, which they readily accept. As I am trying to drift into sleep, I suddenly become very erotically charged. Over the next several hours my new friend teaches me telepathic sex. No physical contact. Apparently I do well, because she asks me asks after several hours of tantalizing touch whether I am ready. When I responded in affirmative she extended her hand, at least four feet away from me, and I climaxed more fully than ever before or since. It was like dynamite went off inside me.
    I don’t mean to write erotica here, but this is an introduction to my question… After that incident, I found myself surrounded for weeks by hordes of incorporeal beings wanting my attentions. I believe that most of these encounters were with humans astrally projecting, but discovered that not all that appeared to be women were women. One particular cutie, after inviting in, manifested inside as something close to the cigar smoking baby in Roger Rabbit. It took me several months to disengage all of the visitors, but now it feels like I am completely off both sexually and psychically.
    The part of that which I regret most is because I asked during that time to meet my wife, and we did meet astrally. I felt a love from her unconditional. She was saddened by my situation, but not judgemental. I wanted so much to meet her in person, but was told neither of us are ready yet. No names. No faces. Just a surety of love. The most disheartening news was that she is not on this world. I don’t know if this means we will meet when I die, or in another lifetime. But ever since, I have not been able to get emotionally close to anyone, I feel instead a lack of connection which I shared with (my twin flame?), and a lack of desire to pursue any less. Is there a way for me to return to “normal” attraction?

  • Hi, I have recently been chatting to this guy via text and I fell in love with him. We were so similar and so compatible and it felt like we were twins. Eventually he started to become flirty with me and I welcomed it because I felt the same. We then engaged in sexting and the whole time we could picture eachother and it felt very real to the both of us. At the end of it he told me he felt like we really had sex and I said I feel the same way too, as though our souls intertwined. I’ve never had sex before but he has and this experience was very new and real to me. I woke up the next morning and it still felt so real as though we really had sex. I then felt wet and aroused for the next two days and I felt really really close to him after that. I then started to think about him all the time and have these sex fantasies about him. A few days later we ended our chats as he told me he was moving and getting back together with his ex that he had been with before for 7 years. Ever since we “broke up” I can’t seem to get him out of my head, I still feel super close to him, I still have those sexual thoughts about him and I still feel like his my soul mate. I spoke about this to a friend and I was told that I was just being used as this guy really wanted to get back with his ex. How do I move on from this? Did our souls bind? Why can’t I get him out of my head? Please help!

  • Hi Allie,

    I stumbled onto your website when I began experiencing some of the things I was feeling. What a great help it is. When I am having Mental Telepathy Sex it feels great. I feel like I’m bathing in that persons sexual energy. When I am about to climax does she feel my sexual energy and pleasure peaking? Does it at that moment intensify her pleasure because of my emotions?

    Thank you for your insight!


  • Okay, I’ve had probably the weirdest experience that I’ve ever had regarding this. Okay, so I went into this esoteric spiritual store at my swap meet, and I spotted the owner, who’s this young women, probably round 33. So I end up cold approaching her and having a conversation about life and stuff. She gave me some stone, lapis lazuli, or something. But anyway we had a cool conversation, and I thought no more of it.

    Anyhow, later that night, I felt her presence somehow come to me. It was like she took control of my body, and proceeded to well, you know. But I felt the most intense positive energies ever, it was like we were having real sex. I was even masturbating, and she somehow was able to stop me from cumming for a LONG time. I mean, I don’t know how to explain, except for the rising and flowing of powerful positive emotions. I tried to speak to her during this, but she was even able to take away my ability to speak. There was also some other stuff that happened, but I don’t know if I should post that here. It was really a great experience, and I’m wondering if I should head back to the store to talk to this lady again, but I’m kind of reluctant now.

  • A couple of years ago, on two different nights I had erotic dreams involving my boyfriend, myself and another woman (a friend of ours) – essentially they were having sex and he was telling her to ignore me/shut me out (I was merely present). A few weeks later he revealed to me that he had cheated on me with her, and it turns out it was on those nights. Last weekend I had a very passionate sex dream involving a fellow I have had feelings for (my first genuine interest since the ex). He and I have never even kissed but we know each other well. Today I’ve heard from a mutual friend of ours that she had “amazing” sex with him for the first time – last weekend. In some ways I feel like I’ve been forced to watch and it hurts me deeply. I thought this was a fluke with my ex but now that it’s happened again with someone I’ve never had sex with, all I can think is that I put too much energy into my feelings (I never have sex dreams so these are highly unusual). It’s very upsetting to say the least. Do you have any advice?

  • I met someone who had told me he was a Semi God.He has proven himself to be true blood type and all. If someone told me this in a normal situation I would die laughing. Then slowly back away..While I have always been sexual. Sense meeting this person I am in complete over drive and can not stop this. I feel like im going mad.I want sex like every 1 too 2 hours to two hours.Really strange for me I feel like something is going on.. He claims we are attracted to one another through our blood line. I will not go into that but he is right about the blood line. Both of us ..We cant detach. He told me I could never resist him or him I. He is not lying.Never has anything or anyone had this kind of effect on me. The house would be on fire and I still am worrying about an orgasm. This is isn’t normal.

  • Hi Allie,

    It’s me Curious again. My question is when you are having Mental Telepathy Sex or In Person Telepathy Sex does the other person feel you Orgasm since the emotional and energetic energy is soo high at that point? I’m thinking since you are at your highest point of pleasure with them that their feelings would also intensify. Is this true?



  • ‘ello, Allie ..
    so glad I found your resource of information ! I’ve been aware, sensitive and experiencing of what I’ve termed ‘remote energy play’ for some time now. I’ve always been ‘clairsentient’ and able to be aware of certain peoples essences. To cut a long and perhaps redundant saga short I feel it would suffice to say .. we are versed in the same language of awareness.

    but recently I’ve commited to really being an active collaborator with possibility and am absorbing information and methods to assemble a practical application of methods that is unique and therefore beneficial for me personally. As I’m sure you’ll agree we are in times that now call for and support soveriegn union with the Divine without any intermediaries.

    anyhoo .. the questioning I humbly ask your insight of is thus:
    I’ve recently connected with someone at an astral/ soul level and we’ve been playing with energies with immense effectiveness over great distances. Though I’ve only had a few other experiences like this NONE have been as intense and ‘real’. Indeed a amazing new world has opened up. We can both and confirm to each other ‘feeling’ the other deeply. Prior to this full moon I was taken into a whole other dimension. Having more knowledge, insight and desire to travel deeper into this I really set forth to work WITH this so I employed some breathing/ Yoga to open my 2nd Chakra and was really able to transcend and get into my meditative space prior to engaging with her on this particular instance. I should mention too that I practice ‘edging’ to recycle the energy. Well, nothing could have prepared me for the intensity, depth and tactility I experienced in this session. Fully immersed and engaged in her sexual energy ! All the centers were alive; that intense warm, liquid glow surging and pulsing through the solar plexus, heart Chakra right through my member which I felt energies expanding to really surprising levels, as if I had no control.

    I am also working in with my sexual energies in syncronicity with my creative expression as an artist. As you know, but I’ll state for others, that they are one in the same. After that session I was open and inspired and worked well into the nite in a state of bliss because I could feel the Universe just flowing through me. That is what I’m working towards; to be able to put in a ‘patch’, a ‘hack’ to circumvent the ego and just express from my Higher Self.

    the next day it was the total opposite ! Very low, no energy, no creativity and I couldn’t feel my partner. I concluded at that point maybe an energy
    hangover or perhaps an safety from up High to protect me from over exposure to new levels of energy awareness. Because, honestly, I REALLY wanted to access that space again ! It was so free and open.

    there were a couple other little but really profound experiences in the following days. But I felt my awareness really dimning. Like clouds moving in and obscuring the reception. To this point now where I can’t ‘hear’ anything. My partner and I had a ‘real time’ session this morning but I could only ‘feel’ her intellectually ! WTF ? (that’s rhetorical btw).

    I haven’t been able to feel her since the moon became full. I thought with the full moon we’d be able to experience some new dimensions but just the opposite. I felt totally insulated and absorbed in shadow self. Like the emotions for which there was absolutely no cause (in my awareness) had completely shut me down. Granted I’ved learned that my abilities are rooted in emotional substance and not purely biological so I accept that if shadows were coming up for clearing that perhaps I wouldn’t be able to access the other channels.

    But I’m also wondering if it’s not cyclical ? I certainly know and sense when I am in a highly super charged sexually sensitive patch of expression and experience. I don’t think I can link it to moon cycles. It seems every time I think I can be an active collaborator (not in control !) with what’s going on behind the veils .. it feels like the game changes and what I thought I could do to enable the ‘working with’ just feels void. And coincidental that what I did just happened to be at the same time ‘something else’ was really happening.

    I realise my question if any seems very convoluted. I guess I’m just throwing some energy out into the universe to see if anything echoes back.
    So, if you ‘feel’ the inspiration to share something back to me then I am deeply gratefull.

    love & light

  • When i am sitting minding my own buisness, thoughts of my ex partner (who says he only wants to be friends) pops in my head doing sexual things to me. I physically feel everything. Sometimes i know when hes having sex with others, I feel like I am going mental with it. If he doesnt want me, why is he still connecting/thinking of me

  • I have been learning recently about TF which were driving me crazy why I had feelings for this gu y who I met in very diffcult family trauma…both if us are married with kids ..yet recently I was divorced..
    So u have shared with him my feelings towards him and he was very resourceful to me …the craziest part that I had recently feeling crazy and scary feeling such intense sexual alertness, desire ..then real intense sexual like intercors the highest peek was this afternoon…don’t know if that’s him or my crazy imagination a or I am loosing my sanity…pls help ….don’t know what to do or should seek proffessional help cause I am really loose in it , perhaps I am possesd by…. Also I don’t want this question to be on the web pls.

  • Hello. My question is a bit more broad than just sex. I started studying and practicing telepathy a few months ago because I had a strong sense a male friend of mine whom I am no longer in touch with, was sending me very intimate messages, but have found very little to no information as to how to know if I am indeed receiving messages. The times I felt strongest that I was receiving a message were after having very vivid dreams of him (when vivid dreams aren’t normal for me) where I could still not only remember things clearly, I recall feeling him kiss me very clearly (even though we never had kissed in person nor would I actually know what it would feel like). Any who, now I’ve been on a mission too find out if this was just a dream or if he did this telepathically and how to know the difference. Any insight on the matter would be very greatly appreciated.

  • How is it possible to know that it is the same person you are connecting with, through telepathic sex? Can something else pretend as the person we know in our normal life….. if yes ,how do we protect ourselves and stay safe.


  • I experienced this for the first time recently. I was working on paper work and in the middle of my business calls when I felt this warm, tingly sensation in my Vajay jay. I didn’t know what was happening! Then it felt like penal thrusts or stimulation of my g-spot. I saw my estranged fiance face and softly called out his name without thinking. I saw his eyes and proceeded to engage in hot, erotic sex with him! He was whispering to me telling me how he wanted to be pleased. As a result of this encounter, I had two orgasms. Then I cried not out of sadness. I don’t know why, this freaked me out.There are times a lot lately when my lover pops into my head and stays there until I fall asleep. I can feel his energy all over me. What’s going on in my case?

    • Hi Pam!

      Telepathic sex – that’s what’s going on in your case – at least for the erotic sex part. Him being with you until you fall asleep is a good-ole-fashion telepathic connection. Because you’re engaged (no matter if you’re estranged or not) is why it’s so easy to connect. You already have a soul connection.


      Take care,
      Allie 🙂

  • Thanks for the questions that been sent,and for the answers.I came to Google with the if this all could be done and,your website pop up. Thank you good informative.

    • Thanks for stopping by Lele! I’m pleased that you’ve found the information helpful!

      Happy OBE’ing!
      Allie 🙂

  • After making love with my lover with his sperm inside me one half hour after I feel this amazing warmth inside, also he generally shows up at the same time of day and since then, even alone at that same time of day I feel he is inside me. I could be anywhere with no sexual thoughts but it just comes in waves. Thought I would share. Namaste

      • Lately as I connect telepathically with my lover he holds onto me do strongly that I have to gently remind him to let go, but it sems he really wants my attention through OBE its a very stong feeling.

  • Hi Allie,

    Maybe you can answer my questions?
    I really need to know and don’t know who else to ask.

    Greetings, Esra.

  • I happened to stumble over this skill/gift (curse?) as an accident. I knew about the sacral chakra and somehow I connected my fantasies about a woman I work with sacral cahkra during an extremely boring meeting at work when the only thing that came to mind was sex. I was thinking about touching her and at the same time focused on her sacral chakra. I don’t know why and I never thought it would work. When she couldn’t help but to sigh and allmost collapsed in her chair I couldnt believe my eyes. Of course I couldn’t stop my self from trying it on every hot chick at work and they are quite a few. Some liked it and “fantazised back at me” wich allmost made it feel like real sex. Sometimes not so fun and somtimes even better. After a while I started to feel bad about it because I could imagine how some of them must have felt, like being attacked by a ghost or something. The thing is, it’s hard to stop once you’ve started, it feels like telepathic cords that keeps me connected to allmost everyone I’ve had a fantazised about since it started and any time any of them thinks about me sexually it gets me started and works my sacral chakra til the point it’s allmost impossible to not think about them and there we go again. I have worked on my selfcontrol so now I can stop my self most of the times. Whats worse is that I now somehow radiates horny energy that makes everyone around me insecure, blushing and unable to look me in the eyes. They stumble and all that comes out their mouths is rubbish, it’s horrible. Not only women, men allso feels this energy.

    So, foremost this is a warning to anyone that has these kind of dreams. Sex can easily become an addiction an lust is an extremely powerful force. This is not a problem for most people in “normal ife” since you can’t just do sexual things to any one you fancy. In the “psychic world” lines are blurred and you must have a much stronger moral to not end up doing things that are potentially hurtfull to yourself and others. Allso, power as we all know, corrupts. This meens that you can easily fall in a trap that is really hard to get out of, I’m searious! I have just started to get some control over my own damn fantazy that seems to have a mind of it’s own. Allso it seems I’ve able to cut some of the weeker telepathic cords through homemade visulisation-methods.

    I would still be very thankful for any help to cut the stronger cords, clean my aura and stop radiating these lower energies that makes old ladies turn into blushing schoolgirls and men act like they saw a ghost or just start mumbling jibberish.

    I have promised myself to do everything I can to stop the horny side of myself to take over unless I do it to someone who I know wants it and with knowledge to control the consequenses. I hope this text can prevent others from doing the same misstakes. You might think this is coolest thing ever, but it’s never that simple


    • Hey, J-Man!

      It is a gift or a curse that all of us can utilize. I stumbled into this by what I call an accident – but I’m sure it was by design. Just not my design 🙂 It’s a gift when you use your energy well and a curse when you don’t keep your energy in check.

      Like anything else keeping your energy from invading other people takes practice.

      The more you engage in energy or OBE sex, the stronger your energy becomes. The higher your energy, the more you will affect people around you. When you walk into a room and your energy radiates like the sun, people are going to unconsciously stumble over what they say – be sexually attracted to you – want to talk to you but won’t know why.

      Power isn’t corrupt. On its own, it is only power. The person behind the power and what their intention is with that power is what makes it good or evil.

      The best cord-cutting procedure I’ve tried is from Doreen Virtue. You can find an article on it here:

      To stop the “deer in the headlights” reaction from people when you enter your room – shield them from your energy. Before you go into a room – imagine yourself in a large vortex of white energy. After you have that firmly in your mind, see a circular wall, made of ice or crystal, clank down around you (and I mentally hear a CLANK like when a heavy metal door closes) with your head also shielded (you’re in an upside-down test tube). Once you can imagine this – enter the room.

      Vortex – gathers your energy
      Ice/Crystal wall – allows your energy to be protected from others without all of your energy in (if keep all your energy close to you people will feel that you are not social and stay away).

      The same sacral energy that fuels your sexual center also charges your wellbeing, creativity, and abundance. If you want to tone down the sex – channel the energy into one or more of the other three areas.

      Hope this helps!
      Allie 🙂

  • Hi,
    1. Person A , Passing message through telepathy to person B to do some work in favour of person A.
    Will person B does desired work as expected by person A.

    • Hi!

      Unless Person A is Professor Xavier – no – Person B will not do as A commands. Person B may consider what Person A wants – but Person B still has free will to say no.

      Take care,
      Allie 🙂

  • Hi Allie,

    How do you know for sure if someone is your twinflame? I feel his energy almost every day and also in a sexual way including feelings of penetration and pulling on my energy body (including vibrations and fast back and forth movements) as if it wants to come loose from my physical body. Also I few days ago I felt as if we were French kissing, far more realistic then when you would imagine doing it. Can we expand these experiences?

    Thank you for answering Alie. ❤️

    • Hi, Ersa!

      The way you know is you know. There isn’t a question. It’s not an IF. It’s a FACT. Being/connecting to a twin flame is soothing. It’s loving. There is no obsessing over that soul. There isn’t a thirst to have to be with them. You don’t expect anything from them. Rather you appreciate them without an expectation that something has to happen in the life. A twin flame connection is eternal. It’s never-ending. It goes beyond sex – physical or OBE – it’s about the soul to soul connection no matter if you are in the same room or across the world from one another. It doesn’t matter if you are alive and they are not. Connections have no boundaries. They go beyond anything you have ever experienced. Not all twin flame connections are meant to be a romantic connection in this current life.

      This Ask Allie podcast may also shed some light on twin flames:

      The type of energy connection you describe can be with a twin flame or one of your soul mates.

      Good luck!
      Allie 🙂

      • While I appreciate some the OBE info you provide, I’m a bit surprised at how you suggest people have “astral sex” and enter into the psychic realms with no knowledge of their shielding and no knowledge of their ability to channel and translate energies. That seems like a recipe for disaster to me. Entering the psychic plane should never be taken lightly by anyone. This site makes it sound like a how to article form Cosmopolitain magazine.

        Also, the information you provide on TFS is absolutely in accurate. I’m wondering are you in union with your TF? I’m a twin and I am. Very curious to know what your experience with this journey is. So many people are teaching about TFS, and don’t even have one, or are not in any kind of union. Hence all the massive confusion about the whole concept. I have come to hate the term bc it represents sir thing so far off from what it’s attempting to encapsulate.

        Please be careful leading people into the psychic plane and energy work who are inexperienced and untrained.

  • I am a female and I have been experiencing sexual/loving feelings in my lower chakras. These are not my feelings but It is as if I am on the receiving end of these sexual feelings. I also feel I know who is doing this, he’s a guy from work who has an intense secret attraction towards me. I sometimes feel his emotions too as I am an empath. But this goes way deep I feel he is somebody who I have a soul connection to.
    Is it possible that this guy is projecting his sexual feelings towards me?

    • Hi GG!

      The attraction isn’t so secret if you know about it 🙂 Yes – it is totally possible that he is connecting to you and sending you his sexual feelings. When people have a soul connection soul mate/soul mate, twin flame/soul mate, or twin flame/twin flame it’s easier to connect and send sexual energy. If you allow the sexual energy to travel up through your heart chakra – it’ll hit all the chakras and not just the lower ones.

      Good luck!
      Allie 🙂

  • Hey Allie,

    I have a question, me and my girlfriend have been doing this for quite sometime, but something strange occurs. Sometimes when we are far away and we have just stopped talking to sleep or something, I would be asleep and then she would experience astral sex that feels very physical as if I am really there with here and she senses that it is my same energy blueprint, but I don’t remember anything on waking up, so is this is like common, going astrally to someone and having intercourse unconsciously? Also is there is anyway to confirm if this was me or not?


    • Hey J!

      Yes – it’s entirely possible to do so. Astral travel/dreaming use the same space – the same energy layers. The only difference between the two are astral travel = conscious mind awake and dreaming = conscious mind asleep. Unless you remember the experience, there’s no way to say 100% it was you – UNLESS – when the two of you discuss it, it feels right. It’s important to trust your intuition/your gut on adventures such as these. Hope that helps!

      Happy OBE’ing!
      Allie 🙂

  • Thanks Obe for the great article.I have been using telepathic sex and kissing etc with my date since 3 weeks but last Sunday we had a fight and he is not talking to me since. Yet I still have this tele sex with him few times a day for like 5 mins each and it makes me feel wonderful with a fast heart beat. But he still hasn’t contacted me after the fight. He is a lovely guy and it would be a shame to loose him . Hopefully if I continue to do this he will come back?Are people able to attract people through this?If so how many days would you recommend to do this on a specific person?
    Thanks a lot

    • Hi An,

      It is possible to strengthen a connection to a person via telepathic sex. The more you have it – the stronger the connection gets. He returning to you is up to him no matter how strong the connection is – we all have free will. If you’d like to discuss this further I’d be happy to arrange a paid consultation.

      Best of luck with you man!

    • Hi An,

      It is possible to strengthen a connection to a person via telepathic sex. The more you have it – the stronger the connection gets. He returning to you is up to him no matter how strong the connection is – we all have free will. If you’d like to discuss this further I’d be happy to arrange a paid consultation.

      Best of luck with you man!

      • but if your concentrating as hard as you cn and person is somewhere else how do you know if the person is feeling what you feeling

  • Hi Allie,

    Thank you for all that you do. My question is if I have in person mental telepathy sex is there a stronger connection since I am in the same room as the person as opposed to being many miles away?

    Thank you,


    • Hi Curious!

      Nope – doesn’t matter if they are next to you in bed or on the other side of the world. Energy is energy and we’re all connected 🙂

      Thanks for asking!

  • I have experienced something similar. Thought maybe I was crazy but, it is also amazing.definitely worth a try.
    I believe I am in touch with a soul mate of sorts. Someone perhaps I have been connected to for a long time and wasn’t able to tune in until now.

    • Hey Cherish! Thanks for stopping by. You’re not crazy at all. This is a brand new adventure opening up soul paths of connection. Enjoy yourself 🙂

      Happy OBE’ing!

      • Thanks for the reply ☺ I am wondering if the connection means I am supposed to meet this person in this lifetime? I am married, but this soulmate feeling is very strong and so is the desire to find them. Feeling conflicted.?

  • hello Allie I read your page about telepathic sex, I find it interesting as I have a coworker who we have been doing telepathic sex. There have been a lot of physical attraction yet not much communication connection. I tend to be silent a lot. I find myself feeling inadequate to be with her, and somehow my intuition tells me not to trust her. But she seems to have been in my mind for 2 years now with obsessive thoughts at first. At first I was way to shy and needy there was no attraction. But since I started doing nofap I see her paying more attention to me, making eye contact, being seductive. I still cant seem to socially connect tho and now I seem to just avoid her. Not sure I understand all of this Im confuse. I feel like if I get to close she will talk behind my back because I heard her gossiping a little. Thank you.

    • Hi Remi! Just about everyone gossips at work – they find it makes work more interesting. Personally – I’ve never found it appealing. Your energy has connected to her energy and it makes her more comfortable around you. Even if she doesn’t consciously understand what is going on – that’s what happened. You can pursue her and ask her out on a date or continue to look at her from afar – it’s up to you. Either way – it’s cool that you’ve made this energetic connection. If you’d like to discuss this further I’d be happy to arrange a consultation. Good luck! A:)

  • I have a man that I have connected with and had telepathic sex with, who now won’t leave me alone. What steps can I take, as telling him no, or pushing him away doesn’t work?

  • I finally kissed the man I have intense fantasies about. It was an expected kiss, on the cheek. He said it was “sweet” and we were awkward the rest of the day. But now that I know the feel of his skin on my lips, I am unable to stop thinking about him. At night, I feel like he is real and right next to me, touching me, kissing me, even when I’m destracted. It’s more real that real physical sex. And I can orgasm without touching any part of my body. Could he be thinking about me when this happens? It’s so intense, almost involuntary. When I see him during the day, I have to look away, he’s as bright as the sun.

    • He could be thinking about you Sane woman – but he doesn’t have to be in order for you to feel like this & have orgasms. His soul knows your soul & he allows you into his energy, even if he doesn’t consciously understand it- that’s all that’s required 🙂 Have fun! If you’d like to discuss this further I’d be happy to arrange a consultation.

  • Hi

    I was just curious, I have been trying telepathy sex with someone I am very attracted to, but feel I am invading his space, I feel bad making this connection but when he responds to my connection it feels good. His Energy is very powerful to the point that I shake going back into awakening stage. How would I know he enjoys me connecting with him and if he feels this too without asking him directly?

    • Hey Michelle!

      All humans have a natural protection “shield” from unwanted energies. If you make it through (without any prior knowledge from the other person) it usually means you have past life connections. So that’s a good thing. Then if you feel that they are returning energy to you instead of kicking your energy to the curb – then it stands to reason that he enjoys the connection even if he might not understand it consciously.

      Good luck!
      Allie 🙂

  • Hi Allie,

    Can a woman have an Orgasm through Mental Telepathy Sex? Also is it as pleasurable for her as it is for me?


    • Hey Curious!

      Yes and Yes – through telepathic sex they can indeed have both.

      Happy OBE’ing!
      Allie 🙂

  • Recently I have been sporadically experiencing something strange, usually it happens late in the evening/night, suddenly I start to become aroused (without any sexual thoughts from myself), & start to feel warm pleasurable energy in my lower chakras, a couple of times it has been so intense I actually feel the energy in waves like it is pulsing slowly. I usually get an erection and just sit back and enjoy the sensation, or have to go and ‘relieve’ myself.
    It doesn’t last very long, maybe 5 or 10 minutes, but I usually feel pretty good for a while afterwards, like a relaxed feeling from the endorphins or something. Does this sound like telepathic sex? What does it mean that a woman is having an intense sexual fantasy about me?
    I have been doing a lot of energy work on myself & think I’m becoming more psychically sensitive, so maybe it is just kundilini energy or something?
    How can I tell & how can I tell who it is if it is another person?
    Many thanks.

    • Hi Sane Man!

      Oh hell ya this is OBE sex. Fantasies do not make an OBE connection as with a fantasy you stay in your mind. This person is concentrating their energy towards you (it doesn’t have to specifically be you – it could be she is concentrating on a soul mate connection or someone with strong energy) while either they are having sex or masturbating – their sexual pleasure is giving you sexual pleasure. Because you are working with energy more – your energy body is getting stronger making it easier for her and for others to find you. Think of a location with a bunch of light bulbs that are dim. The moths are flying around trying to find the best bulb for heat. One bulb is changed to a new bulb and it lights up the area with ease. All the moths flock to it ignoring the dim light bulbs. By working with your energy – you are now the new light bulb.

      Finding out who she is difficult – as they will usually show up in a dream. But not all of us remember all of our dreams. If you’d like to talk more about this – we can set up a consult – drop me a message via my contact form if you want to talk (there is a change for the consult).

      Best of luck! Allie 🙂

    VITAL == THANK YOU / TU / TU == RU

    • Hi Ru!

      Thank you for writing. My Out of Body Ecstasy book addresses most of this. What is not in that book is in this website.

      The reason you’re afraid is because you can’t control it. Learn how to use it and it will not be as scary.

      Good luck! Allie 🙂

  • I know im late on this reply but i looked this up and found this page because i was interested if anyone had experienced what i did last night.
    I have been talking to an ex
    Who lives in another state now, qe wwre eachothers first loves and dated for anlong time.
    We were texting and it turned into some PG sexting,
    No porn terms or anything too gruesome just faint descriptions of what we wanted to do, the more we texted
    The more i felt his sexualenergy,i felt it all so warm and strong in my lower chakras, and at one point i felt us completely in symc with our imagination, as if our energies were really making love, i saw his face and felt everything so vividly. All with pure imagination. This morning i felt as you do when you sleep with someone you love, much more connected. Very interesting thanks for this article.

    • Is there any possible way to know what a telepath wants from me who is connected to me without me wanting and interested much in this connection? He does sexual things, drains my energy to the extent that I can’t even remain stand or sit sumtimes I have to lay down. Doesnt let me sleep in nites, many a times Gives me unbearable pain and sumtimes does sum really nice things too. All his behavior is a puzzle. Not sure what does he want. Can u help me in finding what his strategy is or what does he actually want?

      • Hi ABC!

        He wants your sexual energy. A human’s sexual energy has the power to move mountains. It’s strong and vital to life.

        To help stop him check out the articles I wrote about OBE protection: and follow what they say.

        You can stop him from taking your energy but you have to be more proactive and not reactive.

        Good luck! Allie 🙂

  • I’ve been reading about this and it really interests me and I have never done it and would love to be able to someday experience this! Is there a group or place people can go to online or something and get further help and be as to try it on each other??

    • There’s no way to tell if she knows 100% that it is you or not. Is it a possibility that she knows it is you? Yes. When you connect to someone without them knowing about it ahead of time – they feel sexually turned on & if they personally know you – your name and/or image will pop up in their mind. It’s up to them if they put two and two together to realize that you are the one connected to them.

    • It’s a bit egocentric – yes. He must think highly of himself. Not a bad trait really – unless he is a narcissist.

  • I have had an encounter with a blonde haired blue eyed man who calls himself Apollo. we have been having telepathic sex since I was 13….is that normal?

    • I tend to think that whatever feels normal to a person is what normal is for them. Do I know people who have had long-term telepathic sex? Yes. But mot usually from such a young age. As long as you are comfortable with it and it isn’t causing problems in your life – it’s a good thing.

      Happy OBE’ing!
      Allie 🙂

  • I m in telepathic connection with someone who i feel reads my thpughts and does sex with me without my permission i feel a depletion in my energy. Does telepathic sex deplete one’s energy? I want to know that why he is doing so and want to break the link. Any suggestions?

  • my partner is not my lover yet, and doesn’t know that I’m practicing telepathy .. actually I thought that telepathic sex will help me to attract her.
    so , is there any way that she attach those sexual feelings to me?

  • i have tried to do it yesterday .. as i started to connect i felt some warm in my body .. then when i started doing sex through telepathy i felt that my whole body is shivering .. my penis make movements as if i’m in real sex .. i felt that i’m anout to cum but the connection ended before i do .. at first i was visualizing my partener clearly but when i started doing sex it started to be not clear (i mean the face) before the connection ended the face was not clear at all.
    i wanna ask if this is normal ro happen in this experience?
    other thing .. what about the other person’s feelings ?

    • Yes! Very normal. The shivering is your physical body reacting to the increase in your vibrational frequency. Your physical body will react to what is happening via obe sex. So your penis moving as if you are with a physical person is perfectly normal. With your partner’s face not being clear during sex, once your attention shifted to the act of sex instead of seeing the person, the face faded. The more you do this, the easier it will be to put your attention on the sex while still being able to hold you lover’s face in focus. You partner would have felt something sexual. They wouldn’t necessarily know it is you unless you told them you were going to connect or that they have been working with energy for some time and know the difference in our energy signatures. Happy OBE’ing 🙂

      • Do you think you can help me or walk me through I really miss my boy friend and I really want to be with him tonight but he’s out if town we both miss each other so I’m trying to be with him even when he’s not home.see only thing I caN do really good is imagine me with him having sex and it does not work. My e

    • i wish people learn to give n take positively.. the only thing that increases the more it gets spent is knowledge, talent , skill or art… the world would be much better if people who think they are better or are intelligent teach others and share honestly what they know. i often say LIFE IS A LEARNING PROCEDURE. but in todays world where water is a accomodity and information rules out.. even though u have to pay sometimes big money to learn from a college or university.. human being has become greedy and mean.. this all bullshit doesnt matters untill whats supposed to benefit is used to harm or damage someone or many. in any forms like physically, emotionally, mentally, morally.. the world has become sicastic and merciless… WORLD NEEDs GOOD PEOPLE.. wont matter what i ll say so i ll leave it. u learn n grow ur mind in one thing or 100 and same does another person… but surely their are only going to be few common and most of those leant skills or perfectioned or either routine tasks are going to be different.. every body is good at something.. something differnt.. we all are unique and special.. except the ones who cross limits.. !!

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