Spirit Reading
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It's what you need to know. Spirit speaks through me with energy & symbols letting you know what is important. I show you what I see and explain it all for you.


180 Days of Possibilities Reading
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The 180 days of possibilities reading is a six card oracle card reading that give you insight on the possibilities that are coming up for you in the next 6 months.


Energy 180: Reboot Your Energy
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Energy 180 can reboot & balance your energies to heal your body, mind, and soul.

Too many things can take your energy out of balance. The top three energy kinks include stress, heartache, and worry.

Do you suffer from any of those?

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Let Me Help You

I've been helping people online since 2001, with my intuitive readings, by renting my brain, through my book/s, and by allowing me to balance your energy.

Intuitive Advice/Readings

Are you looking for insight?   Hi, I'm Allie and I can help with that! I come from a long-line of intuitives & I've been helping people for over 40 years. Where in your life...

Out of Body Ecstasy: Astral Sex, Dream Sex, Telepathic Sex

  You Never Have To Feel Alone Again!   Out of Body Ecstasy is energy enhancement, sexual play, and sexual satisfaction that involves the use of your mind, your energy fields, and your senses. Using...

Healing the Mind, Body, and Soul with Energy 180

Are You Ready To Move Forward With Life?   When you're stuck in your head with same wornout script, your energy is out of balance. Too many things can take your energy out of balance....

Rent My Brain

Do you have a specific question that needs answering about a soulmate/twin flame or out of body sex? Sure you can throw caution to the wind and hope that I answer your question on the...

Telepathic, Astral, Dream Sex Posts

Latest posts on telepathic sex, astral sex, dream sex, with astral projection, lucid dreaming, and telepathic connection.
4 Steps To Find The Right Mindset For Telepathic Sex
Telepathic sex is an excellent experience. However, not everyone has the right mindset to enjoy the active connection. Some people may not believe that telepathic...
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Alex, Parallel Lives, & Connecting w/OBE
It's been awhile since I've introduced a new soul connection. But this guy -- well let's say he has a gentle persistence about him. He...
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4 Ways To Revoke Telepathic Permission
You need to give telepathic permission for a person to connect telepathically. The consent happens consciously or soul-wise (this usually is a person who you...
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Sexual Energy Crystal Grid for Physical and OBE
Crystal grids are great for a lot of things, but my favorite use for them is as a sexual energy aid. Physical sex or OBE...
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The Magic Room, Will And Sex Magic!
My dream visit with Ted Sunday night/Monday morning was located at the same spot of another dream visit with him last month (or maybe a...
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Telepathic Sex: Foreplay In Central Park!
I got slammed out of left field this morning with some telepathic sex foreplay. Vincent hasn't been around in a very long time. He had...
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Ask Allie

Latest episodes with oracle card of the week & topics from soulmates to personal path, and beyond.
Ask Allie: It’s All In The Attitude
Do you want to be successful? You need a lot of components to be successful – but one is more important than the others….Attitude. Without...
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Ask Allie: Do You Have Trouble Speaking Up?
Do you stand up for yourself? When someone voices an opinion that’s opposite of yours, do you speak up? Do you speak up and tell...
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Ask Allie: Finding Your WHY!
Why do you get out of bed in the morning? And while going to work to pay the bills & to take care of your...
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Ask Allie: Who Cares What Others Think About You?
What do you do when people talk about you? They don't talk about you to your face, it's the whispers behind your back - the...
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Ask Allie: The Fork in the Road
What do you do when you reach the fork in the road? All of us get to a fork in the road. If we never...
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Ask Allie: BIG Dreams
When was the last time you had big dreams? You know the kind of big dreams I’m talking about – big ass dreams.   The...
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