Twin Flames, Soulmates, & Telepathic Sex

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I've been helping people online since 2001, with my intuitive readings, by renting my brain, through my book/s, and by allowing me to balance your energy.

Intuitive Advice/Readings

Are you looking for insight?   Hi, I'm Allie and I can help with that! Where in your life do you need answers?  Love? Sex? Career? Family? Money? Out of Body Sex? I can give...

Out of Body Ecstasy: Astral Sex, Dream Sex, Telepathic Sex

  You Never Have To Feel Alone Again!   Out of Body Ecstasy is energy enhancement, sexual play, and sexual satisfaction that involves the use of your mind, your energy fields, and your senses. Using...

Healing the Mind, Body, and Soul with Energy 180

Are You Ready To Heal Your Body, Mind, and Soul?   Energy 180 can balance your energies to heal your body, mind,  and soul. Too many things can take your energy out of balance. The...

Rent My Brain

Do you have a specific question that needs answering about a soulmate/twin flame or out of body sex? Sure you can throw caution to the wind and hope that I answer your question on the...

Telepathic, Astral, Dream Sex Posts

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Ask Allie

Latest episodes with oracle card of the week & topics from soulmates to personal path, and beyond.
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Out of Body Ecstasy FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions

I receive dozens of emails/contact requests from people each week about Out of Body Ecstasy. I know how wonderful it is to have someone who finally GETS what you’re going through – believe me, I do.

But I’m one person, and I cannot keep up with the requests – nor can I afford to use what time I have to keep giving out free advice. My time and knowledge are worth something.

I hope that this Q & A will help answer some fundamental questions:

Q: What is Out of Body Ecstasy?

A: Astral, dream, and telepathic sex to help connect you to another soul no matter where you or they live. More info here:

Q: What is the difference between a twin flame and a soul mate?

A: Classifications of A Soulful Connections

There are five classifications of a deep connection. From closest connection to furthest connection:

  • twin flame
  • soul cluster
  • soul family
  • soul group
  • soul circle

Everyone above is a SOUL MATE.

Q: During telepathic sex, does the other person know what’s going on?

A: Not always. The other person will FEEL something sexual, but unless he or she are versed in telepathic sex, it is highly doubtful they consciously know what’s going on.

Q: During telepathic sex, do they know it is me?

A: Not always. The person will feel something sexual – you MAY pop into his or her head if they know you. But if they don’t know what telepathic sex is — they probably will not connect the dots.

Q: Do they connect to me on purpose?

A: Not always. Our souls do A LOT of connecting with other souls 24/7 that our conscious mind isn’t in the know. Our souls know a hell of a lot more than our human brain. So it is entirely possible that they have no clue that you’re sexually excited. If they know you, it is possible that you pop in their head as they are sexually turned on.

Q: Does it matter if my OBE sex partner is in my same bed or across the world?

A: Nope. Energy is energy, and we’re all connected.

Q: If I make a connection with a soul mate or twin flame, does that mean we’re supposed to meet?

A: No. If it’s not in your soul agreement, you will not meet up in this life or if you do, that it will last beyond the meeting.

Q: What is a Soul Agreement?

A: It is an agreement between your soul and other souls about how you will interact in human form. It lists if you will meet, what lessons you will learn together, and if it is a romantic relationship or not.

Q: If we’re not meant to meet in this life, then why bother to connect?

A: Soul mates and your twin flame help you with transformation. They help you be connected and FEEL connected to the source – the beacon of love and light. They show you that you are never alone. Souls do not have to be physically present to help – there is a ton of work that happens between souls as we sleep.

Q: If I make a connection with a soul mate or a twin flame, does that mean we’ll be in a romantic relationship?

A: No. There can be a romantic relationship, but most are not. The forever romantic love of a soul mate was created by Hollywood to fill movie seats and advertisers to sell products. Soul mates and the twin flame connect for eternity. THAT MEANS FOREVER! You’ll have hundreds of lives with your soul group. So every life with every soul mate or twin flame is not a romantic one. Besides — you’d be exhausted and forever single as there would constantly be a new soul mate you’d want in a romantic relationship.  Who has that kind of time?

Q: Can I make someone have a connection with me?

A: No – free will is involved.

Q: Someone keeps connecting to me, and I do not want the attention How can I make them stop?

A: Say NO out loud and forceful is one good way that works. There are more posts scattered through the 500+ posts on the site that can answer that more in-depth. If you go to front page -> search box -> type in protection – > and a page will pop up to help you with posts.

Here are a few links from the protection search:

Q: Do  I need to protect myself when I go into the dream state, astral project, or telepathic connect for OBE sex? 

A: Yes. There are lower energy beings who love to attach themselves to those who are in the ethereal layers. The easiest way is before engaging in any of the three methods that you imagine yourself surrounded by a white light – the light that surrounds you can come from above or out of your crown chakra (top of head). I like to think that a white egg of light surrounds me.

You can also place a working fountain in the room you are engaging OBE in or create a salt circle on your bed/mat.

Q: Do you have a book on Out of Body Ecstasy?

A: Yes! You can find out more about it at this link:

Q: Can I contact you for free advice?

A: No. I’m sorry – but I simply do not have the time to answer all the emails that come to me.

If you like to receive free generalized advice, please post your questions on one of these locations so that others may also learn from your experiences:

1.  As a comment on any post/page on Out of Body Ecstasy:

2. In the OBE forum:

Q: Where can I get personalized 1:1 advice with you regarding soul mates, twin flame, or OBE sex?

A: To set up a consultation, please visit this link: