Dream Sex

What Is Dream Sex?

Dream sex is the ability to enter into another’s dream and have sexual or love relations with them. The catch here is that you have to be asleep to engage in dream sex. If you’re awake, then it is telepathic sex.

Everyone dreams every night without fail. Many people do not give a second thought to their dreams as they feel, after all, they are just dreams. Others do not give a hoot about dreams as they think that they do not dream, when it is actually they do not remember dreaming.

Dreams are more important and more controllable than anyone thought possible 20, 10 even 5 years ago. With dreams you can go anywhere, do anything and be anyone. It is all in how you perceive and control the Dreamscape.

What Is The Dreamscape?

An ever-changing collective dimension brought forth from the dreams, nightmares and daydreams of all humans. The Dreamscape is connected to the past, present and future dimensions, astral layers, heaven, hell, the universe and every dimension in between. By traveling the Dreamscape, there is no where that one cannot travel to.

Controlling The Dreamscape

As the oceans connect the continents, Dream Portals or doorways connect individual dreams together to form the Dreamscape. Whether we realize or not when we fall asleep and enter a dream, we enter that dream by going through a Dream Portal.

By recognizing the doorway we are able to gain more control over our dreams right from the get go. Once you are through the doorway, you use lucid dreaming to control your surroundings.

Lucid dreaming is nothing more than being consciously aware that you are dreaming. To be involved in a lucid dream, you must realize while you are dreaming is that you are doing just that, dreaming. When your awareness kicks in, the consciousness also does and therefore you are able to dictate the theme, direction and tone of your dream.

Lucid dreaming is something that everyone can do. But it takes patience and work to achieve lucid dreaming. Many people give up after the first several attempts as they are not getting instant gratification.

While you are lucid dreaming, you have to let yourself know that you are dreaming. How do you do this? By giving yourself a reality check via a sign. This sign is something that you will train yourself to do in your dream so that you know you are dreaming.

Some examples of signs:

1. Looking at your right or left hand

2. Seeing a specific time on a clock i.e. 11:22

3. Hearing a bell

4. Smelling baking bread

5. A certain TV show or characters appear

When you see this sign, ask yourself if you are dreaming. If you are actually dreaming you will tell yourself yes. It helps if you practice this during the waking hours as well. For instance if a certain time is your reality check, in your waking life when you see the clock display 11:22, you ask yourself if you are dreaming;this way you are forming the habit of asking which will carry over to the dream world.

How Does Dream Sex Occur?

Dream sex occurs as you are sleeping. When you are in a dream, you are pure energy, just like with astral travel. In a dream you engage in sex as you would in the physical world. Kissing, oral sex, intercourse happens exactly the same way. Think of it as you are in a different realm or dimension having sex. Bonus point though is that if you have bad knees or back in the waking world, you won’t have them in the dream world. Same applies for any physical element such as erectile dysfunction or painful sex. In dreams people, places, or things do not appear as pure energy, although it is very possible to do just that. So you will see the same body parts on each gender as you would in your waking life.

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2 Comments “Dream Sex”

  • Hi Allie,:) I’ve had a few dreams recently where I’m watching myself in the dream and I’m not really in a body at all.
    (I’m reading Astral dynamics and heard of the mind split effect but its like I’m switching eyes or points of view.) I thought you might be the best person to go to to see what’s happening.-Other than some of the ‘new age’ scientists! But I’ve never OBE’d consciously. Its all amazing stuff though and i felt like I’ve been in a time warp before! Look forward to reading more thanks for your writing. Cheers from England Kristie

    • Hey Kristie!

      Thanks for writing! Isn’t it so flippin’ cool when you discover all of this! Have you ever watched the movie “Inception”? If not watch it. You’re having a dream inside of a dream. This has happened to me as well and until you’re used to it – it’s a bit freaky. Astral Dynamics + Robert Bruce – excellent combo 🙂 When you’re done with Astral Dynamics – give Out of Body Ecstasy a try 😉

      Take care – Allie 🙂

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