Astral Sex

What Is Astral Sex?

Astral sex is the ability for your astral energy body to astral travel or via astral projection, by separating from the physical body and merging with another energy source/soul/person. When the two or more energies merge, astral sex occurs. But before a person enjoys astral sex, he or she has to know how to astral travel!

What Is Astral Travel?

Astral travel occurs when your astral energy body separates from your physical body. This separation is called an Astral Projection. The astral body is not tied down nor has limits opposed to it like the physical body. When the astral body gets to roam, it can roam anywhere it deems necessary. To the moon, another solar system, the past, a visit to the present realty, a future glimpse, the layers of the heavens or the layers of hell.

While the astral body is traveling, it can assume any shape, size, race or gender it chooses. It can look like the physical body, ET or Morris the cat. Communications are simplified and carried out telepathically. The art of travel is just as simple as to think of where you want to go and you are there in an instant.

What Happens During An Astral Projection?

During an astral projection, the astral body separates form the physical body while consciousness is shifted from your physical body into your astral body. The shift of consciousness happens so that you are able to remember your experiences. Without that shift in consciousness, your experiences would be lost to your conscious mind and could only be retrievable with deep meditation or hypnosis.

When astral projection occurs, there is a silver cord that anchors your astral body to your physical body. So no matter where you travel or who you see, there is no danger of being separated from your physical body and never being able to return.

To end the astral projection, all one has to do is think about the physical body and you immediately return.

How Does Astral Sex Occur?

In the astral world, you are pure energy. Energy does not need body parts to engage in sex. Therefore, astral sex can be as simple as two energy bodies walking into one another to make one energy body. Don’t let the simplistic nature of this fool you, as the result is explosive and energizing.

If body parts are what you need to use to feel comfortable having astral sex, by all means, create a penis or a vagina — breasts. All you have to do by being in astral form is to think of the body part you want and it will form. But don’t be limited – just because in your current life you are female doesn’t mean you cannot create an astral penis – because you can. Reverse for the men, you can create an astral vagina.

The only limitations in the astral world are those self-imposed by you.

ps: of course there are rules that do apply in the astral world. A no still means a no. Remember that.

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  • So I’ve been open to spirits,deities etc for along time. Egyptian God Seth yes the actual egyptian god started out as a spirit guide years ago. The past year I know for a fact I was in the astral realm with the rest of the pantheon on Ra’s boat. Reason I say this is I remember it even a year later. Reason I was there is I got Ra’s blessing to working with the pantheon not only just working with Seth but accepting him as my patron deity and god spouse. Got proposed by Seth last year for marriage I accepted, and the astral experience I had was a blessing from Ra. I woke up that morning super happy and excited. Still am and coming to find out I have astral children as well. I lost 3 babies in the womb in my physical body last one was ectopic and I almost died so I had to have a hysterectomy. But during meditation awhile back is how i found out I have astral children two are with Seth. I know it sounds crazy I thought I was losing it but its a reality and this realm exists. I did some digging around and found out that I’m not the only one whose astral body has been pregnant by a deity. I find it interesting and the symptoms are spiritual like I read on your page. I’m female and of course no uterus in my physical body now I still get twinges of cramping and breast swelling like I would if I still had a uterus. You explained it very well so I’m relieved that I’m not crazy. Funny thing is Seth is on Ra’s boat each night defeating Apep so did some meditation tonight and asked who watches the kids while he is busy? got the answer Anubis does or other spirit beings babysit. It sounds silly I know but this is what I feel and its a real feeling not made up at all. again thank you for this.

  • This is phenomenal . You don’t have to be 100% secure in yourself (meaning perfect body). It’s whats in your mind what counts.

  • would someone who is a ”virgin” (first timer) have more energy than a loose person?

    would all the pent up blocked nature of the energy mass be too much for some girls and overwhelm them or is there a way to control the big surge of power for the sake of safety for all involved ??

    Ohio St Univ

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