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Astral sex is hot these days. I think it’s so flipping cool (err hot) that people are getting turned on to it!

There are two ways to engage in astral sex:

  • with an astral partner
  • as you are orgasmic with a physical partner

With an astral partner, you are usually by yourself at a comfortable, yet secure, location (usually a bedroom with a locked door). Once you astral separate with sex on your mind – then you will be taken to a person or persons who you can engage in astral sex.

How can you go to a specific energy/person for astral sex?

  1. As soon as you astral separate, think of the energy you want to hook up with.
  2. When you think of the energy, you should travel right to it.
  3. If you do not have a particular person, but a type of energy you would like to meet, think of the traits after you astral separate.
  4. You should then go to the closest matches to the attributes you want.

Now having astral sex with your physical partner right there is fricken mind blowing. The easiest time any of us have to experience astral sex is when we are having a physical orgasm. Our energy field is at it’s highest level, and it is mighty expansive at that point in time.

How can you engage in astral sex during orgasm?

  1. As soon as you reach orgasm, astral separate from your body as your partner separates from his/her body.
  2. Think of your partner immediately.
  3. You and your partner should astral connect over/beside your physical bodies.

The astral sex lasts for only a split second – but when you combine it with the simultaneous physical orgasm – there is absolutely nothing like it. It’s a high well worth the practice/trouble it takes to be able to achieve it.

I must note, though – that as soon as you think/see your physical body, you will slam back into it. The two of you may have to practice many times to get it right. But practice is a good thing this time around – right?


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