Ok, so I’ve been absent from the site for a few weeks. Maybe you’ve noticed – maybe not. I took a step back because of two reasons – well, maybe three.

  • I don’t like my site and I’m frustrated.
  • I’ve been sick.
  • My cat Darin has been ill & another cat had kittens.

    Sweet Pea and her 5 kittens!
    Sweet Pea and her 5 kittens!

So what do the three reasons have to do with the title of this blog post?


(grab a drink – this is kinda long)

When your energy is down, things just crumble and fall apart. The sooner you realize this, the sooner you can fix things.

Now when I switched from Gypsyadvice.com to AllieTheiss.com, my goal was to have this be a sex & love site. 90% of the questions asked on Gypsyadvice.com dealt with love & sex. Since I’m a sex coach, it made logical sense – right? Especially since I am known as the “OBE Sex Chick.”

Then I thought, I should get an office and market my great sex coaching to the city of Wooster and surrounding areas. After all, I’m the only certified sex coach in Ohio. Makes logical sense again – right?

But I’m in Amish Hell. The community as a whole doesn’t take too kindly on metaphysical stuff. So fine – I’ll dial down the readings/intuitive side of what I do. Keep the OBE Sex. Again – logical sense.

Well – then I lost a good chunk of my business.


Wooster wouldn’t touch me because I still had readings on the site (plus OBE Sex) and people didn’t think I did readings any more because it was not predominate on the site.


So )(*^%&(() me!

I’m miserable not promoting my metaphysical side more – so that is why I want to shift things. Still deal with love & sex – because we all know how much I like to talk about both. But instead focus in on the core of what I do – all the readings, spells, magic, OBE sex, energy blending, etc…..which is personal energy.

But my site still looks all non metaphysical and hearts. People still do not think I do readings and they’re like — is this the OBE Sex Chick (YES I AM).

I’m good at many things – WordPress coding is not one of them. Logo design is another.

So then I thought — I’m going to have some extra money coming in. I can pay someone to redesign the site and another for a logo.


Then the cat got sick and another got pregnant. All the extra money went to Darin.

So my money drained, my site sat untouched and my frustration grew.

Now I’m sick!

Three doctors later and a cat scan of my neck, and we are no closer. I was tired alllllllll the time too. I napped. NAPPED! I am not a napper – never have been. So here I am taking 2 hr daily naps. Pissed me off!

(and I admit – my dreams have been in constant cycle. no deep sleep for me)

Then yesterday (Monday) a realization hit me. “It’s the energy”


So I thought back over the last few weeks. Have I been connected to Will? No. Ian 2? No. Owen? No. Bill & Ted? Double no. And the list goes on.

I’m also trying to let modern medicine fix what is wrong with me. But I thought — just like with OBE sex, what happens to the energy field has an effect on the physical body. Duh – I know this.

So I put it into practice. I reached out with my energy and connected first to Will and then Ian 2. After I felt good – I reached out to everyone else in my circle.

The result – no nap yesterday and I was done with my paper by 3 pm (it is usually midnight)! No nap today either and my bones do not feel weary. I concentrated on the energy and not the problems.

The next time you guys feel that things are falling apart – look at the energy and not the problems. Discover if you are connecting

to the ones you love. I still do not have the site I want – but I feel better and so does Darin! Plus all 5 kittens are nice and healthy 🙂

Don’t let the energy kick your ass! The next time you are sick or things are not going the way you want it to – look at your energy. Reach out and connect to your energy group and/or to the ones you love. Reconnect and feel the healing!

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