Telepathic sex on the fly – when you want it quick. Is it possible? Of course it is!

The easiest way to do this is to either have the person in your sight (and have already met them), or have been intimate in the past. Why? Meet someone and they are in your view – the energy is still strong between you two. Physical intimacy strengthens the energy bond threefold. When the energy connection is as strong as these two – it is very easy to slip into a telepathic connection and then sex without much effort.

  1. Focus in on the person (if you can see them, don’t freak them out with a “creepy stalker stare”)
  2. Surround your body in white light (imagine a strong spotlight shinning down on you).
  3. Send the white light to the person – so you are both in a white light “bubble”.
  4. Get busy! Kiss, touch, stroke, massage, oral sex, intercourse, give a hand job, insert fingers, etc….
  5. Finished? Pull back the white light.

All in all from start to finish, under 3 min. About as quick as you & them in a bathroom stall after a couple of drinks.

As always though — if you feel resistance, they are saying no. Respect that wish and do not push.

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