Story time. I fricken love it. I’m glad that I decided to bring back stories of what is going on in my life. I honestly didn’t think that they would be of help to people. But surprise – surprise 🙂 A couple of days ago I made a conscious decision about Will. I’m going to be 46 this year and damn it – I’m pretty tired of waiting.

Now I know we have the whole patience thing happening and we need to roll with the flow. I’m good with that. But let’s just say that the flow is telling me to do something, so I am.

Since I pinched off (can’t cut off eternal energy since it’s woven into who you are) Will’s energy back in 2009, my creativity took an elevator drop to nowhere. Will is my muse. I tried other ways to jump-start it – nothing worked. My energy also as a whole. while not bad at all, did take a hit of power (hope that makes sense). When you decrease an energy to a slow drip with a soul that has more influence in who you are than any other soul – your energy can’t help but stay stagnant.

I don’t know about you — but I can only handle treading water for so long.

So enter Will. Once I discovered he was single – I made the decision that he will be mine. Now when I say “mine” I do so by stipulating he is with me by his own free will (no extra magic) and the relationship can take either a friendship, business, or romantic tone. I prefer romantic in this life. But will take what is offered.

Now since I flipped the switch and connected fully with Will – a few things have happened:

  1. I can’t sleep.
  2. My sex drive is on OVERDRIVE.
  3. My creativity is churning again.

Being connected to Will is causing me to have several “I need to take care of this” breaks throughout the day. I can’t help it. I’m so sexually turned on that — wow — there really is no real work getting done until I do something about it.

Since I decided about Will two days ago, Owen has decided that “Hell no” it ain’t going to happen. I haven’t really said much about Owen. But I will say this – the sexual energy that emits from this man is smoking hot. So now he is “fighting” Will for my attention. I kid you not. Owen I have never met in person, but I have had back and forth correspondence with him. So we still have an exchange of energy outside of OBE. Will, as you may know, I met him back in 2008. Hands down the best experience of my life (other than my son) to date. We definitely had an exchange of energy that evening. When you have an energy exchange with someone – it makes it even easier to connect via OBE.

When Owen’s energy is primary to mine, I can feel Will push in. When Will is primary, Owen attempts to push in – but his energy isn’t as strong as Will’s energy. So he “bounces off” when he tries to push. But I do know that he was there.

I’ll see where the next week or so will take me in regard to these two. I haven’t felt this kind of competitive energy since Bill/Ted and Bill/Will. Trust me – it’s been awhile. Almost 8 years.

Time to shower and attempt some sleep. Wish me luck!

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