Sex, sex, sex…….it’s something that people try to live without, but really – who can actually do that and be happy? There’s so much more to sex than the physical act. It’s a spiritual experience that strengthens your energy field. You can see people who have fulfilling sex lives – they are happier and they are not sick very often. Now a fulfilling sex life can include a partner or can be solo exploration. But even with solo fun you have to focus in on someone to get the release. OBE sex helps well with this cause. And I thank my lucky stars every day for it:)

A dream visit turned into dream sex last night – Will and I were fighting about where I should live. It was a heated fight too – both of us were yelling at one another. I grabbed a set of keys (I assume they were car keys) and stormed off towards the front door. I heard him say – oh no you don’t. He’s grabbing my hand and prying the keys from my hand. I’m screaming at him to get the @uck out of my way. Without warning he slams me up against the foyer wall and kisses me. I can remember keeping my lips tight together so not to kiss him – but really – what was I thinking? The next second we’re making out like to horny hound dogs. I know I started the dream with clothes – and how they came off so quickly is a mystery to me. But I’m against the wall and Will’s mouth is all over me – my left ear, the side of my neck — on my left breast – and then the nipple while his right hand moved from my right breast to between my legs. Then we both heard a bang. Will said “God @amn it”. And he was gone — and I woke up.

Needless to say – I had to finish what he started.

Damn that man….but I am one energetic person today!

Hope your day started off just as fantastic!

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