Tuesday night I had two separate dream visits – one from Bill and the other one Ted. To me, it’s a blue-ribbon moment when my 2 favorites show up on the same night. Whatever I ate/drank before bed last night I will try to duplicate tonight!

Bill and I are sitting around chatting, For some reason, he said that he likes a small back yard. I tell him that I have a small back yard. He looked at me with this strange look on his face — and I said, well ya it’s small because I have a 2 1/2 car garage on my property.

He was also showing me pictures he had taken — I don’t remember what the pictures were about except that they were of landscapes and some ancient ruins. He was very excited to show me these pictures and I was just as thrilled to be looking at them. I kept asking – when are we going to go? He said -not yet, not everyone is here.

So I asked him what does this all have to do with my backyard? He replied that how are we going to fit everyone in for the party? (inside I was squealing at the thought of having a party at my house)

I woke up – moved some animals so I could turn over & went back to sleep!

Next dream visit I was sitting with Ted on a comfortable couch in a large house. I can remember the big fireplace and the beige couches. He and I are just chatting up a storm. He leaned over, put his arm around me and pulled me close. I asked – what are you doing? He leaned in to kiss me – I backed away. I commented – aren’t you engaged – again?

Just then his soon-to-be-5th-wife came in and gave him a kiss on the cheek. He went to introduce me, but she didn’t care and just kept walking. He said – nice to know she cares. If you were my wife and I was on the couch with another woman, you’d beat the shit out of me.

My reply – naw — I’d just take all of your money:) So he leaned in again to kiss me and again I backed away. I told him to stop it. I’m not anyone’s “second”. He mumbled something under his breath – when a Brit gets pissed and they start letting the words fly – it’s hard to figure out what in the hell they’re saying! So I had no clue. I just told him I’d see him later. As the dream was ending I heard him say – you’re damn right you will – lol.

I love dream visits. I wish more people would talk about their visits. I’m so glad I’m rewriting DREAMERS to put out there to the world. The land of the Dreamscape is underrated and misunderstood.  Of course, this TV pilot is fiction – but I can’t help but weave in some of my real-world experiences 🙂

What’s the last dream YOU remember? 

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