In my upcoming book, “Soulful Connections,” Ben 2 has a few pages in the last chapter of the group. He’s in with the other soul mates that I know we have a connection, but I do not know much about them.

However, he deserves an entire chapter dedicated to him. I do not think that his entry in my book does our connection justice.

Connecting to him floods my energy with a high-frequency shot of love. It starts in my heart chakra (located in the middle of the chest) and vibrates outwards. I can feel my energy shift in its vibration as the love sprays out.

It’s not something I experience with Bill, Ted, or Will – which to me is very surprising. However, they each have their unique twist 😉

Ian 2 is my twin flame. Connecting to Ian 2 fills me all over with a calming peaceful love vibration. He’s like a warm blanket. Once I consciously flip on our connection it is impossible to feel bad or think a negative thought.

But Ben 2 energy is a combination of Ian 2 and Will (hot & sizzle energy). Like with Ian 2, it’s impossible to feel bad or have negative thoughts once the connection switch is consciously flipped on. At the same time he turns me on like no other. Once conscious of  the soul-to-soul link, I need to take some time for Out of Body Ecstasy!

Last week I had a past life discovery via a regression (I have an MP3 that allows me to do this at home) that blew me away. My past regressions to Atlantis always involved Bill, Ted, & Will on some scale. Bill & Ted lovers, Will a lover who went outside the Scared Circle and formed a rebellion army. This time, I saw Ben 2, or glimpses of him until I got to the end. He as there with me, everywhere. In the healing temple, in the crystal cavern, in my home, next to my bed (while I had someone else in it with me). I could never SEE him, only that elusive “see” off to the side.

The regression jumped to a part where I was walking though the woods. I had water in a crystal bottle. No idea where I was going or what I was doing. I felt though that it was very important for me to get to my destination. I went to turn left to go around a very large tree when he was standing there in front of me. Just standing – looking at me. He was dressed all in white.

The suddenness of him being there should have scared the shit out of me. Of course – it didn’t. Instead I stopped, smiled, and said , “I knew it was you.”

He replied, “Does HE know I’m here?”

“No,” I replied.

In a blink of an eye (and it was seriously a blink) he was right in front of me, looking down.

“You do not have to keep doing this.”

He replied, “Oh yes I do.”

He reached down and kissed me. It felt like I we were melting into one another.

This is right when the MP3 was pulling me back out of the regression. I had no choice but to back off and wake up.

That kiss – like molten lava. It didn’t burn, but the energy was so very hot.

I woke up with a whole lot of questions:

1. Who is he to me in Atlantis?

2. How could be disappear without being seen?

3. Who is HE? and why doesn’t Ben 2 want him to know he was there?

4. Why is he hiding?

5. Why did I have that water? Why was it important?

6. Where was I going with the water?

As I type this my body trembles as my energy shifts. I know I’m right on the cusp of unearthing something awesome.

Have you ever had a past life regression? What did you experience? Let me know in the comments below!

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