Dreams never cease to amaze me. Working with energy for the last half of my life (more so the last 13 yrs), has raised my vibration to a point where just about anything is possible.

Ben 2 seems to be the flavor of the moment (not that I’m complaining at all). I don’t think flavor is the right word – sounds its flippant and he’s unimportant. Both couldn’t be further from the truth.

The dream sex started with B2 and I watching Doctor Who – David Tennant’s Doctor Who. I remember those stupid Weeping Angels that I hate with a passion. I made up my mind right there that I’m going to distract him from show anyway that I could.

When straddled him on the couch – he at 1st is like “wha – what are you doing?” So I asked, “Where do you think the Doctor fucks in the Tardis?” Sealed it with a long kiss. That peaked his interest. He didn’t have to tell me he was interested, I was sitting ON him after all.

He mumbled something like, “His bedroom?” His lack of imagination astounded me.

With that thought, the next thing I remember is us in the Tardis on some sort of sponge material. Glancing around the room there were ropes, cuffs, sex swing, latex, and some squiggly thing that I couldn’t tell you what in the hell it was (and I’m a sex coach)!

The next several minutes were unfortunately a blur in remembering all that was going on. Lots of naked limbs and moaning. What stands out is each touch I remember came with a shot of electricity through my body. So B2 would touch  my breast and it felt as if his fingers conducted electricity. It was exciting – the kind of excitement that has you gasp with every touch.

In the blink of an eye I was in a see of white. Everywhere I looked there was white. Off to my right I watched a small (but very bright) light approach me. Looked like a light from a miners hat – the miner and the hat.

It stopped right in front of what I assumed were my eyes. I say assumed, because I’m not clear that my body was there – or that I was in any form. It stopped and hovered in front. I felt like it was scanning me although there was no outward movement that it indeed did that.

I must of passed the test, because in  snap, it was gone. The white faded a bit and beyond I see a clearing in a forest. I’m there (without walking) and I have thousands of butterflies around me. I sense movement off to my right. I turn to look and see a form of a tall man, but there is no man there.

All of a sudden I’m yanked back and I slammed into my body. I open my eyes, look to my right and there’s B2! The realization that I just astral traveled in a dream startled me awake by slamming into my physical body.

I stayed awake after that, trying to remember everything that happened. There are holes in my memory, but what I remember the most vividly is B2’s touch and the butterflies – so much color – blended in great with the green of the forest and the white of everything else.

The male form was to my right in the astral land and B2 was to my right in the dream bed. In my bed, the right is empty. Hummm……..

I still would like to know what that squiggly thing was in the Tardis!

What about you? Have you had any cool astral travel or dreams lately? Let me know in the comments below!

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