I’ve noticed that I’ve had an rush of new onlookers to Allie’s Two Cents and I have a feel that most people who are new to this blog – just don’t get it. Why did I start writing Allie’s Two Cents? Do I enjoy hanging out my personal life to the public? Not really — in fact, I’m a very private person by nature and don’t talk about myself unless asked — then it’s like pulling teeth to get me to talk. I don’t like talking about myself and sticking it all out there for people to see and talk about – or criticize about. So why do I do it? So that people who have the experiences that I do know that they are not alone. That in this crazy mixed up world there are people out there having the same experiences — but feel that they are alone in those experiences. If people who have the experiences like I do tell others what happens – and those people do not share in similar experiences – all of a sudden the person who is telling of their experiences are labeled as delusional, odd, crazy, disturbed or simply not “all there”. That is why I tell what happens in my life – it’s not to help me. What would help me is to keep my thoughts and experiences to myself — I could just journal this stuff and be just fine. I do this to help other people who have similar experiences such as: psychic episodes, soul mates, soul circle, angels, guides, OBE, OBE sex, telepathic connections, spirits, Atlantis, past lives and magic.

Have I ever seen a shrink? Twice in my life after my 2 divorces. This last divorce (2007) I was at the shrink not even a month -I filled him in on life and my metaphysical experiences – and he said I was perfectly sane (something I already knew but it’s nice to hear a pro say that). I don’t do drugs – recreational or prescription — I don’t drink very often.

The people I blog about — that are included in my experiences are all very private people, just as I am. My goal has never been to piss off, upset or alienanate the people I love – ever. Hence why not EVERYTHING is posted. Bill and Ted (for example) are fake names – to protect the identify of the true people. Will and Matt are real names for real people – and I have gotten their permission (mind you not in person, this would have been spiritual permission) to use their names. Everyone else is either a guide or a friend (real names are use) and all other in my soul circle – I use fake names as well. Oh – and Sawyer — let’s not forget Josh. His name is real (the Josh part) but he’s my fantasy guy and I’m not shy about that — I don’t think the man objects to being a part of a woman’s fantasy life:)

I would only come out and say someone’s real full name only if I had permission – verbal permission – to do so – when it pertains to my soul circle.

No one could possible come in and read a page or so of the posting or concentrate on only one label (ex: Ted, Bill, Will, Soul Mates, Writing, Matt, etc..) and get my blog. If you really want to get this blog – and why I write what I do and the people who are in the blog – then you have to do some more reading.

And that’s really all I have to say on the matter….

Hope you’re having a great day!

Crystal Sunshine!
Allie 🙂

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