Telepathic sex…I decided to do a telepathic experiment today. Since most of my sexual escapes are with men that I cannot pickup a phone and say “Hey” to, I decided to send telepathic messages instead.

In these messages I told them to have telepathic foreplay with me within the next 60 min. I didn’t say what kind of foreplay or how long. Just that they give it a go. I wanted to see how well a telepathic suggestion played out – if it did at all. The three men I approached were Vincent, Will and Bill. I knew that I’d be able to tell who was who because of their energy signatures.

It took about 3 minutes for something to begin. I felt a tingle on my neck – right in the back by the nape where it just so happens to be my weak spot. The energy sensation quickly spread throughout my neck – up to lips. It was more of a tingled pressure on my lips (if that makes any sense). At first I thought this was Will – but it wasn’t – it was Vincent. He was tugging at my mind (so to speak) so that I would engage in telepathic sex with him. I told him no – not now – but to find me tonight during dream time. He left.

About 30 seconds after he left – the same spot on my neck got that loving feeling again. It was a soft, gentle kiss on my neck that caused this sensation. From the softness of the energy – I knew this was Bill. I felt some tingles on my left cheek and then he was gone.

20 minutes later I feel a tug on my right ear lobe. Energy wrapped itself around me and the tug on my mind to make a strong connection was overwhelming. Soft breath was felt on my right ear, hands on my shoulders – rubbing the tense muscles. I had to check twice to make sure no one was actually here and that this wasn’t an astral visit. I was definitely alone in my office. The kisses moved to my neck – they were strong, passionate eager. There was no doubt in my mind or body) that this was Will.

No one packs such a punch with the sexual connection as he does. I kept getting pulled into a deeper connection where Will and I were in a hotel room. I had to keep pulling myself back out as I told Will that I didn’t want this – all I asked for was the foreplay. He gave me a deep kiss (a deep kiss telepathically feels kind of odd because you can feel their tongue in your mouth) and told me that when I want to finish this – to ask for him. And with that he left.

I would have to say that my telepathic foreplay experiment worked. Of course it would be helpful if I could pick up the phone and talk to these guys – but since I can’t, this will have to do.

Why don’t you give telepathic foreplay a chance with someone?

All you have to do is to imagine yourself with them – that’s it.

Close your eyes and imagine that you are standing right in front of them – feel the surroundings, the atmosphere, feel yourself – kissing them, caressing them…stroking them…feel the sensations. Then — see where it gets you later on that evening with them. Is sex on the agenda? Or they more playful than normal? To tell them what you tried is up to you…I would think that most people when approached by the subject would just want to see if it works. Maybe you can test it out on each other? Would be a fun way to spend one of your breaks at work.

Telepathic sex via Out of Body Ecstasy – works!




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