And then there was Bill…..that will be the title of my psychic journey book. Because no matter what I do or where I go – Bill always resurfaces. Always and forever. I have tried to put him to the side more times then I can count. Finally a few days ago I thought – WHY BOTHER?

Bill is my curse and my salvation.

When I allow him unfettered access to my energy  – when I “Go with the Flow,” I spiritually level up in a big way. Something always big happens. That THING that pushes me outside my comfort zone.

As he once did back in 2002 – and my life has never been the same.

Damn if it doesn’t scare the shit out of me. Allowing him back in. Makes me want to toss my cookies. Grab a glass of wine.

But what scares us most we have to conquer or we’ll just stay where we are – treading water – watching everyone else grab that brass ring.

Two very wise friends of mine – Wendy and Holly – both said that I have to finish “Soulful Connections”, the book that this site was named after. I agree with them. But I still haven’t been able to work my way through it. In fact, “Dreamers” has come to a dead stop because I know once I’m done with that – SC is next on the lost to finish.

I know Bill is the reason I am at a dead stop. I didn’t realize it until Monday – I thought I had put it all behind me. I discussed it in my latest Ask Allie podcast: But during the day dream I had with him – I realized that no, it was all still there.

Earlier today I had a quick vision of him and I fighting. He was yelling at me, “What do you want from me?” His tone suggested that he was frustrated as he didn’t know what to do. I allowed myself to go back to that vision and watched myself answer, “I don’t know.” The conversation lead to my fear of him leaving, which led him to ask, “In what lifetime did I ever leave you?” He had a point. It’s zero. I’ve left him – Ted, died 1st, went back to husband…..

So what do I say – “What if we’re together in this life so that you can leave me and even up the karma a bit?”

I thought he was going to throttle me – lol. I had enough of watching that scene unfold and pulled my energy back.

Wendy suggested that I renegotiate my soul agreement with Bill (yes, you can do that) , just as I did with my 2 guides Joshua & Celina.

I did. Here are the results:

Negotiations with Bill

In order to move forward with my life:

  1. I will lower my walls towards Bill and the other guys.
  2. I will help Bill and the guys understand our place together.
  3. I will look at Bill’s rejection of me from his perspective.
  4. I will allow Bill back into my life.
  5. I will say YES when he asks if we know each other.
  6. I will finished SC by the end of Aug.

And in turn he will:

  1. Continue to open up and understand.
  2. Talk to me about our connection in person at least once during this life.
  3. Will introduce me to Ted in this life.
  4. He will lower his walls in respect to me.
  5. He will allow me into his life.
  6. Will read SC and recognize himself as Bill (and wonder who in the hell Ben 2 is).

Signed by:

Allie Theiss

Now you notice that there is no mention about anything romantic -just so we’re in each other’s life in some form – even professionally will work.

I will write that book, “And then there was Bill,” at some point in time. It’s on the list.

For now I have to finish the “Dreamers” screenplay and “Soulful Connections” – to both  be done by labor day weekend (and my 30th high school reunion).

Happy Soulful Connecting!


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