Telepathically connecting to another person allows two people to share information and sexual intimacy. It also permits the exchange of energy between one another. Each person absorbs the energy of the individual involved in the connection. As the energy transfer occurs, something else happens that not too many people consider before they connect.

The exchange of emotions!

That’s right — when you connect to another person, the energy exchange is also an emotional exchange. What she feels you will feel – what he is angry about – you are angry – what he is sad about – you are sad.

Now when you find a soul mate/twin flame and your soul cluster, the telepathic connection is automatic, although not always consciously aware. So is the exchange of energy and therefore the emotions.

It can be utter chaos!

So what does this mean? This means you could be in a good mood and then all of a sudden your mood shifts down. You get angry or sad without anything around you bringing it on. Since the connection is automatic with a soul mate/twin flame, the feelings/emotions could show up completely unexpected by you.

When you are feeling the emotions of the person you are connected to – no matter if it is a soul mate/twin flame or a conscious telepathic connection, when the feelings are not your own, it will have your heart chakra off-balance. By off it can feel heavy, tingle, or feel like you stuck it in a light socket. The point is, it will feel off when you are experiencing another person’s emotions.

Three Steps to Put the Plug into the Flow of Telepathic Emotion Exchange

1. Send light from your heart chakra to their heart chakra (the exchange of emotions goes both ways).

2. Mentally push away the emotions and “shut” the door.

3. Tell yourself that the emotions are not your own. If you dissociate the emotions, they lose strength over you.

You need to keep in mind it’s an EXCHANGE, so your emotions flow to them as the emotions flow to you. The next time you are sad or angry (and you know it’s you) remember that your emotions are flowing to your soul mate/twin flame and soul cluster. They may have no clue what is going on! Plus, make sure your mood is a positive one before you connect telepathically with another person!


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  1. Yes, this has happened to me with one person. When we met he said he felt something from me when he stood next to me.
    The feelings came for me from him a little later. We have been talking on the phone for 1 1/2 years and we both still feel it.
    I think we have had telepathic sex a few times. Now I think he is pulling away from me. I can’t feel him anymore and I don’t like it. Any suggestions.

    JoAnne Blomquist

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