Sex – it’s important.  That’s why the almighty divine had me at a job where I could test sex toys. One of my favorites had me from zero to HELL YES in under a minute.

Which brings me to the purpose of this site — out of body ecstasy sex. This I get plenty of – in fact — maybe more than I should. Scratch that — you can’t ever have too much sex – no matter what kind it is.

How Do You Remember What Happens?

I’ve trained myself to remember. It’s taken years to get this far and I still have a long way to go. But with each little step I’m getting there. And with each fragment that I can remember, only serves to spur on my heightened physical response.

So the more I remember, the shorter my physical response from borning to “fuck yes.”

For instance — if during a telepathic sex encounter with Bill – it is so explosive that an orgasm is the result. If I remember the encounter, after it’s over I can launch into another sexually satisfying experience either with myself or if I had a partner, with them. When you remember in such detail – you can experience pleasure all over again.

I’m actually trying not to remember very much about Bill and I’s dream sex encounter last night. Because I’ve got things to do today!

My Dream Sex with Bill

Bill and I are in a hotel room – my feel is that it’s at The Four Seasons in NYC. It’s winter outside because we are shedding some serious layers. I have my lap top and I start it up. He gets us 2 drinks. As he has his back to me — I say: In our obe encounters, the kisses were always so — energized. I wonder if that’s what it’s like in real life? He stops what he’s doing, turns and gives me that dork grin that is so damn sexy and says — maybe we should find out.

As soon as our lips touch it was like fireworks went off. The kiss was incredible. He pulls back a touch. I take my tongue and run it over the outside of his lips — and go in search of his tongue. His groan was all it took to spur me on. As a flurry or deep passionate kisses followed, in the midst of it all I mentioned that we have a lot of notes to cover. As he takes off my sweater and bra – he tells that we’ll get to that later and quit multi-tasking. Laughing like a couple of high school kids we fall back on the king size bed.

I can’t even begin to describe what his naked body feel like against mine. I would akin it to the superb feeling of how great cold, homemade lemonade tastes on a sweltering day.

He wanted to be on top of me, but instead I tried to roll him on his back. He goes to say — stop trying, I’m stronger than you. That’s when I used my legs (they are very strong in real life – BTW) to get what I want — and I rolled him on his back.

The shock on his face said it all — I tell him that if I put my mind to it —-

My left fingertips lightly glide over Bill’s right arm as I nibble on his neck. It was as if his nerves were on the outside of his skin – just by pure touch he was so turned on that if a string wind came through — I feared this would be over in a jiffy. I slide my hands down his body as my tongue flicked at his chest. Resting on his right nipple, I asked how hard could I suck. He answered by grabbing the back of my head. Appeared that he enjoyed having his nipples teased and sucked on as much as I do. Not wanting to appear rude, I moved over to his other nipple to let it join into our fun.

For some reason I couldn’t get enough of his chest and stomach. I kept kissing and nipping at them.

Straddling him, I pushed down on his chest. My face hovering above his chest hair — for some reason, I can’t seam to get close enough. I poke at his chest. Your body’s in the way — I want to get deeper. He said – that can be arranged. I know — but I just love this body of yours.

Come up here – Bill said.

Our lips meet and that’s when I can feel him shift into an energy source. I was about to say – damn it – when I shifted to. In that split second when our energies merged — I can still hear (hours later) the pure pleasure we both experienced.

I woke up. Felt myself — yep — soaked. Smiled and went back to sleep until my alarm went off.

The dream sex encounter is so vivid that just recalling it — well — makes me want to skip work for awhile.

Gypsy Magic for the Dreamer’s Soul has spells for OBE sex, erotic dreams and more. My favorite out of the 4 Gypsy Magic books!

Have an erotic day!

Allie 😉

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