“Raindrops Keep Falling On My Head” – I swear to anyone who will listen I can’t get this song out of my mind. Each time it pops up, I can hear/see George singing it. I have no fricken clue. But I hope that this song will have provided it’s purpose soon so that I can move forward to another song:) Maybe the man likes the song -or the rain? Maybe both? If there is a message in there – I don’t get it. Unless seeing George is the message. The man could show up in New Orleans – he does have friends there.

I would probably have a heart attack if I rounded the comer and ran into him – no correction, not him – but Will. Who -BTW – over the years I’ve had dream visits with him in it where we were in NO. The man does like the city. Last night’s dream visit had me checking into Hotel M (where I’m actually staying) and seeing him in the lobby. I don’t know whose heart skipped more – it was rather humorous to se the look on his face and I know I must of mirrored him. Any way – he immediately gathered himself and said hi, asked how my son was and why as I in town. I explained why. The next day he showed up to get a reading — lol. That woke me up. I laid there for a bit thinking to myself – so what would come up in a reading for him? Besides that I’d be the best sex he’d ever have 🙂

I’ve had a feeling that this weekend will be pivotal to me in some manner. I’m not sure how – just that feeling I get. I did throw down a few tarot cards and got The Sun, One of Pentacles, 2 of Pentacles, Queen of Cups. So I know whatever it is will be good – I just don’t know what exactly. The cards portray a mix between money/career and romance/love – so many I’ll get a little bit of both. I really can’t wait to head out of dodge though – can’t happen soon enough.

Although I am still working on DREAMERS – I’m now working on a sci-fi/action pitch for a feature. So I’m not entirely sure when I’ll be able to write again in this blog this week. I am however taking the crackberry so if there’s any interesting updates….

No more visits from Bill since last week. But I’m in the “I can’t sleep mode” and Tracey has her headaches, so something is going to happen.

With the fireman – no worries, slow is the only speed I’m on.

Ths is a short entry – but I haven’t had much time for anything to go on today:)

Crystal Sunshine!
Allie 😉

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