Boy this week has been busy – just trying to get caught up has been a chore and a half! I’m heading outside today to give my yard some much needed TLC! It’s in such a state of overgrowth. It’s supposed to be sunny and 73 today – just perfect for outside work!

I’m trying something new with my son this week – laying on the stones. He doesn’t sit still for very long, so I have been putting off doing it. But his aggressive behavior this morning warranted a try. I had him lie down – with a crystal point about his head pointing down: and a stone on each chakra: amethyst, azurite, emerald, citrine, honey calcite and a ruby – with another crystal point at his feet pointing down. He said immediately that he could feel like a burning from his head all the way down to his feet along the chakra line. He actually laid there for 15 min (I was impressed it was that long) and when I took the stones off, the ones at the brow, throat and heart were very warm to touch. He felt the most activity in his brow chakra, At 1st I had a purple fluorite there – but it was too strong and was giving him a headache – so I grabbed the amethyst and did a switch. I want to get a couple of big amethyst’s for his room. I have tried to get him to wear one or to put it in his pocket – but he loses them all.

I’m going to do this with him once a day for while and see what happens. I also have to remember that no matter what he says or does – I have to control my anger as his energy absorbs it and then all hell breaks loose. I have discovered though, that he has been by dad in a couple of past lives. Hence why he has such a hard time listening to me and doesn’t appreciate being “demanded” to do something. Demanded is his word – all I do is ask – and then ask again.

I had a nice chakra grid set up for Will during his healing with Tracey. I took it down this morning. I am very open and willing to communicate and meet/be with the guys on a spiritual level – anytime, anywhere. But as far as me trying to shift their energy so that they make physical contact – I’m done. I’m very firm with the “I’m Done” too -must be the Taurus in me 🙂 They all know where to find me and if they ever want to talk – they know how I can be reached.

So after I took down Will’s grid – I decided to do one for me (which is a first). I decided on a prosperity/abundance grid – when I laid them down I focused in on my career. In the middle I have a aventurine heart to represent me, along with a stauroliteutile (fairy cross) and rutile. Around them I have 3 malachite’s, 1 emerald, 1 aventurines and 1 aquamarine. Around this I have 9 quartz crystals with the points inward. 3-6-9 are the stones.

I want to get a statue of Aphrodite and one of Brigit. Ever since Amy in NOLA suggest I call Aphrodite in to help me with my life, I have felt her very strong presence around me. Iris suggested that I find a stature in her honor – I told her that was fine, but Brigit deserves one too. She agreed.

I found the lighthouse that has been in my visions with Bill and Ted. I stumbled across it and knew immediately, that this was the one I saw: of course in my visions it is painted, fixed up – etc….but that’s it. I about fell over when I came across it. My son and I were talking about lighthouses and he mentioned how he’d love to live in one – well I’d love it too – so I thought I’d look around, just for the hell of it. And wouldn’t you know – it’s for sale – for $295k. Actually – the whole dang island is for sale too (for something like $17.5 mil) – it would make a GREAT spiritual retreat – the whole island. With the lighthouse being the central point for healing, readings – etc….. Of course my son wants me to buy it right now (the lighthouse, not the island) — I told him that I don’t have the cash right now, but if we are to have it in this life, then we will:)

I have updated the Empowerment eClass page for Sept – new prices and a new class:

The sale for Empowerment Coaching ends in 2 weeks. Buy now, use later — just as long as it is by the end of 2008: payment plans are available on all of the coaching plans.

Lastly – I have started an OBE Sex newsletter. It’ll be bi-weekly and cover:

– A OBE story not found on the blog.
– New S.ex Position (do-able in both OBE & Physical)
– Sexual Energy Exercise- OBE S.ex Tip

Tonight I will be on:

The Unexplained World

From 10:00 pm EDT – 11:00 pm as to talk about OBE sex and guides/angels!

And on that note – outside I go!

Crystal Sunshine!
Allie 🙂

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