Telepathic sex is great. But there are times when you want to be left alone. Or there is someone who you do not want in your space, but he or she is insistent on being there. Normally a strong mental or verbal NO does the trick. I have been known to mentally scream NO while imagining myself pushing that person out of my energy and then “seeing” & “hearing” metal gates slam shut. <–that does work.

“No means NO, even in the #OBE world!”

Nothing worse than someone pushing through your energy when you do not want them there. It happens to me once or twice a week by someone new emailing me thinking that we’re soul mates. After telling them that it is possible (after all we all have thousands of soul mates), and we probably have a past life connection – they get insistent on getting through to me energy-wise. Because remember what I always say – if you know someone from a past life or in your present life, it is much easier to get through to them since the souls know one another.

So, unfortunately, now I have to ignore people when they tell me the soul mate story. Encouraging them would zap me of my energy. Too many connections at the same time will tire you out.

If the person is really annoying, you can wear a protective stone such as obsidian, onyx, or black tourmaline. You can form a protective circle around yourself with salt.

You can also strengthen your energy field to make it more difficult for them to get through and easier for you to keep them out. One great way I learned from Robert Bruce:  

2×4 Board Technique for Protection Energy

  • Stand
  • Close your eyes and imagine a 2 x 4 board standing in front of you – it’s about arm’s length away from your body.
  • From the board are white light energy fibers that go from the board to you.
  • Either clockwise of clockwise, imagine the board is moving in its own around you. FEEL it move.
  • With every couple of complete trips, imagine the board moving out away from you and gathering speed.
  • Remember with energy – your four walls do not matter.
  • Eventually, you can take the board out from your home, outside your town and so forth. Take it as far as you are comfortable doing.
  • Remember to FEEL the board circling you.
  • Do this for as long as you can hold it.

Starting out I could only do this maybe 5 min at a time. Now I can get up to 30 min. I could probably do longer – but I can’t stand in a place that long. Make it a habit of doing this exercise and your energy will be strong enough to keep them out – plus increase to make you a “Law of Attraction” magnet!

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  1. I have been connected to a guy sexually and physically for 13 years. I say physically in that my nose itches when he’s thinking about me, when one of us cries the other feels it and so on. We are both high-functioning autistic people which I wonder is why our connection is so strong. Some nights he starts intercourse before I fall asleep and it gets me going and I loose half the night’s sleep. He seems to be obsessing about me and thought of me as his life long partner though I got married to someone else years after realizing we would never be able to have a healthy functional relationship in real life and thinking our connection would drift away. I think this has gone on too long and though I will miss him at times, we need to part. Will these methods work with such strong connections?

    Thank you!

    Need to part
    1. Yes! They will work. But you have to be diligent and persistent. It will take several times to stop the unwanted attention. He will take a step back and try and try again. Eventually, his soul will stop reaching out and try to connect.

      Take care,
      Allie 🙂


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