Astral sex is such a rush. Whether you are going solo into the astral plane for sex, you and your partner are meeting up or you and your partner experience astral sex after an intense physical orgasm – astral sex is a one of kind energy thrill.

As with physical sex and foreplay – there are forms of astral foreplay.

Astral foreplay takes place – on the present/reality plane with the projector (you) on the plane and the foreplay target in the physical.

Three of the easiest and most effective astral foreplay methods

1. Kissing the target person’s neck.
2. Nibbling on or blowing into the target person’s ears.
3. Walking right through the target person.

Each method of astral foreplay will send not only a chill through the target, but through the projector as well.

Foreplay is quick and to the point. Astral foreplay shouldn’t last any longer than 5 – 10 minutes – total.

However, the number of times you engage in astral foreplay within a 24 hour period is the projector’s choice.

In the astral world, it is much easier to get to someone you do not know than it is via telepathic or dream travel. Rules apply when it comes to personal space – if you do not know a person or if this person does not want to have anything to do with you, then invading their space is taboo. What you do in the astral world has karma attached to it as it does in the physical world. Celebrities and high-profile people are off-limits. You’ve been warned.

Five Astral Foreplay Tips

1. Envision the target person – imagine everything about them; how the look, smell, act and even taste.

2. Relax and enter into an astral projection.

3. Think of the target person – you’ll be taken immediately to them.

4. Engage in foreplay as if you were standing there in physical form. The target person may be able to get a glimpse of your astral body – but more times than not they will just be able to feel someone. Remember – keep it simple, yet sensual and excitable –just like in the physical reality.

5. Keep it short. When you’re done, go back to your physical body. Write in your journal everything that you experienced.

Astral foreplay is a stellar way to get you and/or your partner’s juices flowing to engage in a night of sensual lovemaking!


Happy OBE’ing!
Allie 🙂

Questions about Out of Body Ecstasy? Click here to check out the OBE FAQ. Want to know more about telepathic, dream, or astral sex? Ready to add an orgasmic layer to your sex life no matter if you are in a relationship or flying solo? Check out my book Out of Body Ecstasy at Amazon today!

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