Matt – he’s been around me & my energy for almost as long as Bill & Ted. But with Matt – he goes through years without even a “Hello,” but when he shows up – you know it!

His favorite method of connection – telepathic sex!

I’m telling you – Lordy, Lordy — Matt has been a busy boy. He has been around me for the last two days. His energy darts in and out to peck me on the cheek one second and touch my shoulder the next. When I allow my attention to be focused on him, I can feel a tingle up and down my back as if someone is running their tongue along my spine. I often wonder if this Texan understands what his energy is doing – if he gets as turned on as I do? Because if he’s this frisky and doesn’t “get it” I’d love to feel it when he does get a handle on everything.

Last night, around 11:30 pm my time, I was finishing up on some work before I headed off to bed. I could feel Matt’s pull again, his eagerness to draw me towards him. So I relaxed my mind and allowed him in. We were in a barn. Shirtless, sweaty with a nice gleam to his skin – Matt smiled at me. He said that he knows I’m heading off to sleep, but he wanted to give me something to sleep on. That’s when he grabbed me and laid on a passionate kiss. His tongue was probing, searching and man, he was/is a great kisser! He pulled back and stared into my eyes for a brief moment. Then his lips traveled down my neck applying light feather kisses to my skin all the way down to my shoulder. At the base of my neck, on the left side, he gave me a little nip with his teeth.

Then we both heard a noise and in an instant the telepathic connection was broken and it was over 🙁

Looking forward to the next meeting. Maybe then I can get him naked and in a haystack!

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  1. how do we know if it really them?! I meAn I feel him so sudden and so arousing, but I wonder if it is truly him or me wanting him so bad. It happens So suddenly and I am not even thinkng of him.


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