Dream sex. Good God is that the way to sleep. You wake up so deliciously happy — and wet. Currently a new soul mate has been making his appearances in my dreams – Matt 2 (not to be confused with Matt from the previous post). Matt 2 is a fun loving, over the top personality, that is optimistic and good-natured. Usually our dreams together we laugh and act like 8 yr olds.

But not this time.

This time Matt 2 & I were being held against our will. Our families were being held too. If we didn’t comply with this twisted-bastards fantasies – he’d slowly kill our loved ones.

The fantasies were brutal. Matt 2 had to constantly punch me & I kick him – within inches of breaking bones. He was crying and apologizing with every punch. After the last run of punching & kicking – he was ordered to rip off my pants & panties, bend me over the chair, and give it to me from behind. It was by far the most uncomfortable & painful sexual dream encounter I ever had.

We were permitted to rest on and off. In between the resting we were to engage in a variety of sexual situations. None of them was rough, but our bodies hurt so much & being stressed out, it really wasn’t possible to try to enjoy even a sliver.

Until we got to the last go around. We had worked on trying to ignore that he was there watching our every move. That the sicko was receiving pleasure from our pain. We promised to only concentrate on each other – and that’s what we did.

He pushed me up against the wall, slide his hand up my inner thigh. His touch was light & feathery, but electrified. Each touch sent a shiver throughout my body. His kisses were so tender. When he entered me, it was the first easy slide in we both had. It was a relief. He kept whispering to me to keep looking into his eyes – to not look away. As our climax built to the release we were both thankful for – I was yanked out of the dream by my alarm.

I woke up with a horrible headache. In my experience, that means I was in his dream, he was not in mine. I laid there for several minutes thinking “WTF was that?” My body felt like it spent the whole night getting beat up. I chose not to dwell on the ugly parts of the dream experience and instead focus in on the tender moments at the end.

While I’m hoping our next dream together has more sex in it – I am hoping it is not as dark as this experience.

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