So, a new friend opened Pandora’s proverbial box recently, which seems to be all I needed to get my mojo going both on the earthly and the astral dimensions! Ah, the OBE sex was actually with someone else. It was such an intense experience, especially since I wasn’t really expected to be so connected to this person. I was falling asleep and then I realized that I was snuggling up up someone, (i know who, but you don’t need to 😉 and I had such a strong realization that it was real and not a dream, while I was dreaming. Like lucid dreaming, but the kind where you realize that you are the butterfly and the whole caterpillar thing was the real illusion. The romantic aspect is less important than the truth that the LOVE IS ALL THAT’S REAL. Needless to say, my normally commitment-phobic, player self was a bit spooked given I do know this person in my waking life and while I might do him, trusting him would be a whole other story. I guess that’s why I need to learn my lessons astrally 😉

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