I was sitting here working when I could feel a tug on my telepathic sense. So I bit – who’s there? It was Ted. I let him pull me into our castle – Dunshire Castle. He flashes me that wicked grin — I know he’s up to no good. How are you love? He asked as he cupped my face in his hands. Missing you – I replied. Wow – what a smile I got in return. It quickly vanished though when I asked – how’s married life? If I wanted to talk about her, I’d be with her right now – he grumbled.


Are you going to kiss me or just stand there looking like a grump now? It didn’t take long for him to reply – immediately his lips swept against mine. As soon as he touched me my body trembled. He has always had such an affect on me – I’ll never understand completely why – but then again, I honestly don’t care.

He tasted like a fresh joint and I asked him how much pot he’d been smoking. He said – not enough.

Ted said – I don’t have a lot of time before she comes home (I would assume his wife), I apologize for the quickness. The next thing I knew is that he disappeared — but I could still sense his energy. He then walked right into me and stayed there. Instantly the sexual turn on went through the roof. It made my knees buckle and down I went. On the way to the floor – it was one orgasm after another.

This – of course – jolted me back to my body where I continued to orgasm.

If I smoked – I probably would have had a whole pack as I leaned back in my chair and basked in the dreamy afterglow….

Now a quickie like that can happen more times than not!

Crystal Sunshine!
Allie 🙂

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  1. I dearly wish I could have experiences like this… I don’t know what I am doing wrong.

    I know I have a hard time finding quiet time and actually relaxing properly once I get any time, but I need to get better at this.

    OMG!! Allie! You’re going to laugh your ass off… In lieu of ‘dream sex / do you have a condom’ post, as I am commenting just now, my ‘word verification’ letters are (snickering) ‘vdyay’


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