I woke up again this morning with a killer headache. My dreams have been very active the last two nights. So much so that I spend most of my night tossing and turning. What bugs me is that I can’t really grasp what I dreamt about (besides Will). There’s fast moving water and fire. I can briefly remember running towards something as everyone else was running away. Other things that I can remember snippets are guns being fired, and a wave of peace. When this type of dreaming happens w/me waking up with a headache – some big change usually happens in my life. It could be good or bad — don’t know. I could use some good:)

Now if I can’t sleep as well as having the above, then it’s a change coming for a large group of people — this is what happened to me before 9/11, Katrina and the 2005 Tsunami. So if the no sleep happens – I’ll let you know.

Either way something is going to shift in my life. I’ve told myself to pay better attention to the dreams.

I noticed the clock this morning — it didn’t say 8:12, instead it was 8:05. Now 805 stands for: The changes that you’re considering or experiencing are Divinely guided, and they help you to be more financially secure.

Hummm…I’m not considering any changes right now — but if you take in account my dreams — then the changes being made must be to give me a better financial foundation. That would be nice.

I know that I am trying to revamp things to give myself some more writing time. It’s hard for me to do anything past 4:30 when I go pick up my son. I get him, do house work, supper, homework, some play time, his bath, bed and then some more house work. By this time it’s 10:00 and I’m pooped. I do keep trying to get up sooner – but me and the snooze button are loving each other way to much. I think that I’ll ask my guides for help on that.

Speaking of guides, as I was falling asleep last night, I was walking down my path toward my dream portal when I saw Edward and Ethan. They said that everything is going as it should and that I need not worry so much. Then Edward chimes in and says my worries take me away from my path. Ethan adds – they need to feel your light. My goal was to walk through the portal and go see Will. But as I moved closer to it, I could see him standing there waiting for me. I asked him what in the heck is he doing? He replied – you were coming to se me anyways – right? I nodded. Well, I though I’d save you the trouble of finding me and enter into our dreams side by side. I asked – how can you be here and enter into my portal and not your own. He smiled and said – I have so much to teach you. And we walked through.

I barely remember the visit since it was at the start of the night and then I had all of that activity (which Will might have been a big part of – I don’t know). What I do remember is him showing me a large leather bound book that we wrote our “teachings” into centuries ago. The place we were at was our magic room on the astral plane.

Keen was a waste of time today — as it had been all week thanks to that wonderful person who left me the negative feedback. If you can respond to my plea of help in the below posting — that would be great. But I’m not going to leave it there very long – so if you look below this and there is no posting about Keen, then I erased it.

Crystal Sunshine!
Allie 🙂

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