Soul Mates Past Lives

One of the soul-tingling, heart-pumping perks of connecting to soul mates other than out-of-body sex, is unlocking the shared past lives.

To uncover the lives you have shared together is an exhilarating thrill. It helps you to put this life in perspective if you know where the two of you have been.

The trouble with unlocking past lives is once the Pandora box is open to that life, it takes an enormous amount of effort to close.

Why are past lives a Pandora box?

Why would you want to close it?

Past lives are just like current lives as they are filled with the good, bad, and downright ugly.

When you open a past life, all the memories & emotions associated with that life come flooding into your mind & energy field. If you had a past life filled with love with someone – as Bill and I have had hundreds of times over – it can be excruciating not to be in a romantic relationship with them. Or if you had a couple of lives where you watched your love die – as with me & Will – it can be difficult to allow that person back into  your life.

If you add lifetime after lifetime of emotions & memories that blend with your energy field every time that soul mate is brought up  – it can be exhausting.

Don’t get me wrong – to know about these past lives – to feel them is illuminating. But it can get overwhelming, Especially if you consider we all have hundreds of soul mates. That is a lot of “stuff” washing over you with each soul mate/life you uncover.

What can you do when soul mates’ past lives overwhelms you?

You could shut those memories down completely and cut yourself off from that soul connection. But I wouldn’t recommend it. Once that connection is made – the depression and sadness it can cause to cut it off is worse than feeling the past lives. I know – I’ve tried this multiple times with Bill, Ted, and Will. It puts you into an energetic prison.

What you should do is limit the amount of time you think about them. The more you think of soul mates, the easier the emotions/memories flow. Pay attention to how you feel as you are thinking about them. If they are good feelings – keep at it a bit. But as soon as the bad feelings hit (and they will), acknowledge that they are there – and then release them. When it’s time to shift focus to something other than your soul mates, bring a thought in that has nothing to do with any of your soul mates. This helps the connection stay open without it ever overwhelming you.

Obsessing about soul mates is not a good thing.  Again, I’ve been there. It’s easy to do – it’s damn easy. But when you obsess over soul mates and the past lives they bring up, two things happen:

  1. You are robbed of present moments. This will cause you to get stuck in life.
  2. Keep the energy of the connection tight to you. This will not allow the Universe to step in and if you two are supposed to meet/be together in this life – bring you two together.

Unlocking past lives is a blessing – don’t let it snowball into a curse.

Have you ever had soul mate past lives unlock? Share in the comments below!

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