I had a dream visit last night with Bill, Will and Ted. I entered the dream in a long hallway with high arches. Everything looked to be made from moonstone and marble. There were quartz crystal sconces on both sides of the hall – no visible flame or light bulb, but they glowed anyways and lit the way. Bill came running out of a doorway – stopped – looked at me and flashed me his million dollar smile. What are you up to? I asked? Nothing at all – he replied.

But I knew he was full of it — something was up.

Bill commented – You’re going to love NYC! I’m sure I will – I replied – any idea when I’ll be there? He laughed – sooner than you think. He grabbed my hand and started to pull me down the hall. I’m like – where are we going? He said – any place but here.

Which of course made me think – why?

Then I knew why — Will came out of a door. Will looked down and us and shouted – Hey!

I gave Bill that “look” – like shame on you.

Then those two started yelling at one another – oh good lord the cuss words. Finally I said (and I remember this line crystal clear) — both of you shut the fuck up!

Startled they both looked at me — I kept yelling: what do I look like – a piece of property you two can barter over, decide who I will be with — talk to me as if I wasn’t here when I’m standing right here! That’s it — I pick Ted.

The look on their faces was simply priceless. You can’t do that — Bill said. And who in the hell made you team captain? I yelled back. I’m the oldest soul Bill replied – that’s why. Wrong – oh wrong — I said, Will is. You’re wrong – said Will. Am not – I said. Yes you are – we’re the oldest soul – Will said.

Roll of the eyes — whatever. I pick Ted. And when I roll over morning, noon or night and look into those scrumptious green eyes — I will not be thinking of either if you.

I woke up and smiled. Nice dream. Love it when these three show up!

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