Astral sex is a crazy high. I’m not going to lie. Once you flip that switch, there is no going back to typical sexual behavior AKA vanilla sex. By far Bill is my favorite astral sex partner. He can do things with energy that’ll knock your socks off – and then some. So it was no surprise the other day when he showed me a kick-butt way to boost astral sex energy.

We were in a swirling mass of energy. Colors everywhere. The energy was at a high vibration. The area felt sparkly. There were not any locations or landmarks that could tell me where I was. We were somewhere and nowhere at the same time.

It was here that he communicated to me the astral sex booster.

Astral Sex Booster Via Bill

(not to be confused with this Astral Sex Booster)

Before astral travel and astral sex, get comfortable in your traveling place (bed, couch, chair, floor).

  • Place a moldavite and red jasper between your legs.
  • Close your eyes and imagine a ball of green/red energy hovering right in front of your crotch.
  • Imagine the ball traveling in your crotch, up through the center of your body up through your crown chakra and out.
  • When the energy ball is “out” imagine it explodes like a firework, with green and red streaks traveling through your energy field.
  • The red and green streaks float down & meet at your crotch, form into a ball, and you repeat – crotch – middle – crown chakra – fireworks.

Keep doing this for as long as you can before astral sex. It excites and strengthens your energy field. Heightened energy into the astral realms translates into an intense experience.

Some people (myself included) have a difficult time holding two stones in-between the legs. It’s ok to put the stones in a sachet or a tied cloth. And place that sachet between your legs.

What’s your experience with astral sex? Let us know in the comments below!

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