Astral sex appears to be “in” these days. Not sure why as it’s damn difficult to achieve. Of course, once you do it is incredible.

So what can I do to help you achieve this orgasmic state of being? No – I won’t have astral sex with you – but thanks for asking 🙂

I know — I can continue to give you tips of helpful information!

The most difficult part of astral anything is the initial astral separation between astral/energy body and the physical body. 

7 Tips to get Relaxed for Astral Separation

  1. Wear a rose quartz or amethyst pendant. If you do not have a pendant, you can hold the stone in your non-dominant hand (left if right-handed).
  2. Burn Rosemary or Chamomile before getting ready to travel – or place the oil in a diffuser.
  3. Drink Chamomile tea before astral attempt.
  4. Dab Lavender oil behind your ears and under your nose – or in a diffuser.
  5. Have a glass (only one and not a pint) of wine or beer.
  6. Play relaxing background music before, during and after travel.
  7. Send energy balls of light through your brow and crown chakras for a least 3 min before lift off.

The goal here is to get you as relaxed as possible, so when the separation starts to occur, you don’t panic and stop what is happening.  It’s a natural root chakra, basic physical instinct, to stop what is going on because the base chakra’s job is the perseverance of the physical body.

Happy OBE’ing!
Allie 🙂

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