twin flames

How do you get over a twin flame? The answer is easy — you don’t.

There’s no way to ever get over a twin flame. If the two of you are supposed to be in a romantic relationship in this life than you will. There’s no breaking up. No ifs.

Most lifetimes, our twin flame is alive, we meet him or her, but it’s not for romance.

Twin flames can be in our life as a friend, mentor, enemy, or Spirit guide.

A twin flame is different than a soulmate or soul mate, as I briefly describe in my Soulful Connection post.

It’s the most difficult to be in a life where your twin flame is a friend or mentor.  You have a draw to him or her and they to you. Your heart fills with love with you’re around them. You dream about them. Your energy vibrates to a higher frequency because of them.

You feel at home with them.

Yet, you are not romantically involved. Nor will you be in this life.

So what do you do? If you can’t get over a twin flame, how are you supposed to live?

You need to learn how to live with the intense energy & feelings.

5 Tips To Live Your Life When Your Twin Flame

IS NOT Your Romantic Partner

  1. Live with the realization that the two you of will not be romantic in this lifetime. You need to consciously accept it without holding out a secret hope things will change.
  2. When you feel the pull, the energy, and your heart aches for not having him or her there – understand that this pull is eternal. No matter what life you are in, that pull will be a part of it. Acknowledge the pull is there and remind yourself that it’s eternal with many lives where you will be romantically involved.
  3. Don’t kid yourself that this connection is something you can get over. Don’t listen to anyone who tells you differently. This is included again as a tip in case you didn’t believe the first part of this post. You know who you are!
  4. When you need to have that closeness with them visit them in your dreams. Sleeping never felt so good.
  5. Give yourself permission to love and be romantic with other people. Yes, you have to allow yourself to let this happen. You are not taking anything away from your twin flame relationship.

Most of us have to live our lives without being romantically involved with our twin flame. Life can be lived without pain – allow yourself to be happy!


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  1. Is it possible to have been romantically involved with the Twin Flame, and it end, and you feel this way afterwards, like grieving the closeness and still feeling everything you described above? Still having the pull, but the relationship changed due to mistakes or life circumstances, yet you still bond and can’t leave one another’s life? Just wondering your thoughts on that.

    1. Hi Jax!

      In a word – yes. When twin flames are not supposed to be in a relationship in this life and they force it – this happens. Twin flame romantic relationships, the ones that are supposed to happen, do not require work. Sure, there’s fights & issues as we’re human, but it does not work to make it happen and it doesn’t feel like work to keep it going strong. Twin flame relationships that are supposed to be romantic in a lifetime are one in a milion. These are the poeple that meet and either marry or engage in a relationship that everyone else says that they are moving too fast – but yet – they are still together & in love after 25 + years.

      Hope that helps!
      Allie 🙂 xo


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