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Telepathic sex is an excellent experience. However, not everyone has the right mindset to enjoy the active connection.

Some people may not believe that telepathic sex is possible.  Others may worry about the energy exchange or not doing it right.

No matter what it is, if a person does not have the right mindset when going into a sexual energy experience, it’ll never work.

What do you think – do you have the right mindset for a telepathic experience? If not, keep reading!

4 Steps To Find The Right Mindset

  1. Nothing ever works the first few times out. And forget about perfect – it’ll never happen.
  2. You have energy exchanges every day with anyone you have contact. During a sexual experience, the transfer is a more profound exchange, but you have energy transfers with others nonetheless.  Anytime you have an energy exchange that you do not like; you can take care of it. Smudging yourself with sage or frankincense should do the trick.
  3. There is no right or wrong way to have consensual telepathic sex as there is no right or wrong way to have consensual physical sex. Everyone is different.
  4. Go into it without expectations. Allow yourself to enjoy the experience for what it is in the present.

If you find yourself still having a difficult time getting into the right mindset, rose quartz or an amethyst helps to quiet the mind, taking the pressure off.

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