Last night Will came to me as I was about to go to sleep and he said Hi:) I asked if he was out and about on Bourbon St. He said no. Then he said he was sorry – but the day was so long that he couldn’t keep his eyes open. After work he got something to eat, did grab a quick drink and headed to bed. The next day (today) was supposed to be just as busy. He must have mumbled sorry about 3 times, I could tell that he was falling asleep fast and I turn off the conversation so that he could go to sleep. But me – being me – had to go join him in the dream world, so he is where I placed all of my concentration as I fell asleep.

Our dream visit was short and sweet as he really just needed to crash and rest – we were on an island, not sure where. And he and I were walking around in shorts, t-shirts and bare feet. A black dog (that looked like my lab Brodie) was off in the distance chewing on a large stick. The air was warm, with a slight breeze coming off the water. Will grabbed my hand and pulled me to him. After a long kiss he asked – can we come back here? I smiled and said of course. And it ended.

Today in the shower, I was working on my energy raising when I felt his presence. I asked him to step back as I was right in the middle of this and I didn’t want to lose my consentration. He said – I know…but today is going to be busy. Just wanted to tell you that I love you and sorry I couldn’t see your sister last night. And he was gone.

I could tell today that he was really busy but he kept popping in and out to see how I was doing. My day today was very busy and will continue to be so until I go to sleep. I have to get ready here in a few minutes to take my son back to the school for a family dinner and a movie date:) So it’s pizza, milk and “Meet The Roberson’s”. Hopefully, he can sit through the entire film. He usually gets ancy 1/2 way through.

Besides writing today and doing readings – I started my calls on Keen. It went really well and I was busy when I had my call number on. If any of you are interested (you get 3 minutes free):

Now I’m off….

Crystal Sunshine!
Allie 🙂

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