I mean come on – really. If done right it’s better than the final act of release. I’m one who believes in practice makes perfect – no matter if it’s dream sex or otherwise.

Okay – so yesterday I was telling one of my best guy friends that I had a dream where I was getting eaten out and the guy doing it — man, was a pro. My friend asked — who was it? I replied – did it matter? I didn’t actually see his face (chuckle, chuckle), he was rather busy and I wasn’t about to stop him to ask. Good point, my guy friend said. I quickly jumped in and said — no, it wasn’t you. Damn! Was his reply.


But back to the dream — we were in a bed. It was a really big bed, soft, and I think round. The curtains were open so that the full moon could stream in on us. He was – I swear the guy had to be a pro. And if he wasn’t – he should be. When I woke up I could still feel his tongue teasing my clit and his hands grabbing my bare ass. I just laid there thinking — damn — who was that!

So today I got an email from a guy I dated back in high school. I was a freshman and he was a senior. We never went “all the way” as being the good Catholic girl (cough, cough – HACK) that I used to be that was just a no no. And this guy was really patient too. He was a great kisser and it dawned on me as I was reading his email that he did a great job 27 years ago eating me out. And then I had no one to compare it to — but now I do. And if you can remember not only a name but how well a guy did in a certain area 27 years later — you know it had to be good. Which got me thinking – why in the world did I break up with him? But we got back together when I was in 11th grade and he was 2 years out of school. He was still damn good at everything and I still wasn’t going to go all the way (damn Catholic brain washing).

Which brings me to this — it had to be him in my dream. If he was that good 27 years ago (and he was) – can you imagine how much better he would be today? Good Lord……just the thought has me wanting to find a sex toy to test……

I wonder if he’s single???

Guess where I’m focusing my dream visit tonight? I’m just aiming for the guy – if it is that ex from high school I’ll know when I see him:)

Crystal Sunshine!
Allie 🙂

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