It’s Saturday morning and I’m off to Pittsburg for the 4:00 wedding. Thankfully even though my cousin Sam was brought up Catholic – this will not be a 4 hour ceremony:) My son is so excited to stay in a hotel. I personally can’t wait to watch him dance – he’s a big goof.

I must admit – I’m surprised at how many people have listened to my Vincent Rambles from the other day. There will be a part 2 coming up when I have some time. If you haven’t noticed yet – I have a msg to Vincent on the front page of Gypsyadvice. It’s rather a bold move I think – somewhere I must keep a set of balls. I have a 95% feel that he’ll be back to this site – we’ll see if he realizes that I’m talking about him. If not — the powers that be will put us in the same place when the time is right. Damn having patience as one of my lessons in this lifetime.

Yesterday as I was trying to work I kept feeling Vincent’s energy right here. Well, it was making it difficult to do what I had to get done – so I made a comment that I needed a little “off” time. Out of no where I feel Bill & Will’s energy surround me like a big thick wall. Ted’s energy was there too – but it wasn’t nearly as secure as the other two. Any ways – so I feel the guys close ranks and at the same time I could feel Vincent’s blood pressure go up — and my chest had one of those pains. Vincent then proceeded to create an enormous surge of energy (it was @ucking massive) and burst through the wall. I heard him say – I don’t think so.

I thought damn- I can’t even create that much energy – yet. The things I could learn off of him. He definitely got my attention. But I told him that I really needs him to chill a bit. He withdrew a portion of the energy and said: just as long as you don’t cut me off. I promised him I wouldn’t. He kept his word – I did mine – and I was able to get some things done.

When I’m at Maria’s Cosmic Convention the weekend before Halloween – I’m getting a 2 hr past life regression – when I get there on that Thursday. I’m psyched. I have so many things I want to cover. It would be so cool if Vincent was in the room with me — so cool.

Speaking of cool – I colored my hair again (well, I didn’t do it – that would be a disaster) – this time with more red than violet in it. Still looks very good.

Sunday night at 10:00 pm (EST) I’m going to be on WLIP AM-1050, which broadcasts through Milwaukee and into Northern Illinois. This is going to be a fun show. To find out more about it, go to:

And before I forget – The Maria Shaw show on is changing their time from 9 – noon to noon – 3:00.

I’d better go hop in the shower! Talk to you guys later!

Crystal Sunshine!
Allie 🙂

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