Do You Want To Connect To Your Twin Flame?

Twin flames and telepathic sex – Is it more accessible to sexually connect, or do you have the same struggle (at first) as everyone else?


Yes seriously, both. Why?

Twin flames have vibrant energy that is not matched by any form of energy – no matter the location of the non-twin-flame energy. Even the birthing energy that gave life to the twin flames cannot match the twin flames’ vibrancy and connectivity.

So by that alone, a sexual connect should be a piece of cake – right?


To connect with ease and fluency, two things need to happen:
  1. You have to know who your twin flame is. It doesn’t have to be a name or a face, but the energy of that soul is what’s important.
  2. He or she has to believe you exist. They do not need to know it’s YOU – but they have to believe that their twin flame is out there.
Not familiar with how a twin flame energy feels?
  • Close your eyes and imagine true, everlasting love. Not infatuation, when you meet someone new & exciting. But deep soul-connecting love that can last through thick & thin.
  • Pay attention to how you FEEL as you imagine that love.
  • Your heart chakra may feel like it’s expanding via tingling, pressure, or vibrations in the middle of your chest.

That’s it!

That is what a twin flame energy feels like ALL THE TIME. Even when you’re mad at one another (yes, twin flames do argue).

About 1/2 of the population in the US believes in twin flames, even if he or she does not tell others of the belief. That’s a whole lot of souls who will have a difficult time attracting one another – for any purpose, even telepathic sex.

If your twin flame does not know you exist, it doesn’t make connecting impossible; it only makes it difficult.

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Twin Flame Telepathic Sex

twin flame telepathic sex
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(there’s much more to telepathic sex with a twin flame than the act of sex)

  1. Close your eyes and imagine the energy (or the person if you know who it is) is right in front of you.
  2. Form a white light bubble of light around you – extend it to them. Now you both are encased in protection.
  3. Imagine that you are placing your projective hand (the one you write with), palm out, onto his or her heart chakra.
  4. Send love – greenish/pink energy to their heart chakra. Automatically, his or her hand will rest on your heart chakra and send you love.
  5. The circle of love between you two will open/unclog/activate ALL of your other chakras (major and minor ones).
  6. As the chakras open, each will connect to one another – flooding you with love and a high dose of sexual energy.
  7. Once you are fully connected, you may enjoy this surge of energy for as long as you can hold it or you can move in and engage in telepathic sex.
  8. Once done, withdraw your energy and close the connection.

Full-on all chakras telepathic sex with our twin flame matches the intensity of astral sex. You can perform the above with a soul mate, but it will not have the same depth it will with your twin flame.

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  1. I went through Kundalini awakening around 9 months ago. I didn’t know what it was and nearly had to be hospitalized. I then went through weeks of “awakening”, my body freaking out and all of my chakras being activated. I didn’t know what it was and I was scared. I started researching and found the twin flame concept. I was stunned. And I knew exactly who it was. Someone from my past who I had fallen in love with but it didn’t work out because we triggered each other too much and the connection was too hostile even though we were crazy for each other. We couldn’t handle each other, the connection was too intense. We are both married to other people and I haven’t spoken to him in many many years.. Let me tell you…I was 50% sure it was him, this awakening experience was still brand new to me, but I wasn’t really positive. I did the routine of telepathy (as described above) to reach him. And suddenly within a couple of hours of me “reaching out”, he mysteriously shut off all of his social media accounts. I sat there laughing/crying in amazement that this is real. He “heard” me loud and clear. And he ran. It is him. He knows. We are not speaking yet but I know he feels it as I do, and he doesn’t know what to do with it. We will need a lot of time to sort this out.

    Lisa P.
  2. I’ve always had a knack for telepathy (it is something I was born with).

    Yesterday on Valentine’s Day I was blessed with the experience of Telepathic Sex with my Twin Flame (who I only met recently quite out of the blue and unexpectedly).

    Let me tell you, it was sizzling hot. Guy went down on me. I could feel the heat throughout my body (and I did see/feel an ethereal figure touching me gently). At first I was surprised and couldn’t believe it and asked wth he was up to, though I did attract/summon it as I yearned to be close & intimate with my TF.

    I consented to this, so there was no violation whatsoever.

    I am thoroughly grateful for this experience. Thank you God β™₯

    I hope this is appropriate to share. I just want for people to know this stuff is for real and I can only wish for everyone to experience it. Such a beautiful & magical thing.

  3. I have this weird experience where whenever I think about my twin flame/soulmate, I get this highly intense orgasmic feeling that starts between my stomach and chest area, and spreads throughout my whole entire body. Can somebody please tell me what this means exactly, and whether this is normal or not???

    1. I followed the steps above and I almost instantly had this extreme orgasmic pulsing in my gut. My chest started heaving and my belly started sucking in. It felt like I was convulsing in pleasure, and it lasted for quite a bit. Even now, after all that, I can still feel that β€œorgasm” in my body. Anybody else experience anything like this?

    2. Miriam, I experience this too. I am still contemplating if he is a true T.F. or if he is just a player. Maybe this answers my question for me. It is more of a spiritual whole body organism that isn’t centered in the privates. I laughed with joy last time. Sometimes i think I am going crazy.

  4. My twin and i are separated. He has to work thrkugh the end of his marriage. He acknowledges our connection and we have had many telepathic moments through our relationship. These range from doing similar things, feeling each others pains, to simultaneously messaging and having similar dreams. Last night in a half dream state i felt like be was with me. I can only describe the experience as mind blowing, as it felt as if we were very intimate, and interactive. Since i am trying to give him space, i dont want to contact him to ask if he had the same experience. I didnt even know this kind of interaction was possible. Am i crazy? And should i allow this to happen again since we are not in contact at this point? I dont know if this vilolates the personal space that is needed to allow him to complete his own journey.

    1. Hi, Amy!

      You’re not crazy. This happens to people all over the world. It happening or not happening again is up to you. How do YOU feel about it happening again? It doesn’t violate personal space as long as his and your energy allows the other to make contact. If there is a resistance to making contact via energy – then it is a violation of personal space.

      Take care,
      Allie πŸ˜‰

    2. I had the same experience last night and we are in physical separation but still in contact off and on. . Felt his presence when I woke up land it felt like he spent the night with me next to my side. His prescience continued when I went to work. I felt this intense sexual energy that was building after I woke. I felt like I spoke with him telepathicly while at work and asked him to please return to my side tonight. Then the energy went away. This is the first time I felt his energy like this.

  5. I just came across this site after trying to make sense of the whirlwind my life has turned into lately.

    I began, two years ago, talking to a male in my sleep. It was out of nowhere. I actually then had an out of body experience as part of it in 2015 where I went to heaven while my body slept, and was told I was being prepared for someone to be my partner. This man is a significant religious figure, who had been the person I’d been talking to in my sleep, but hadn’t put religion and personal relationship together, EVER.. AndI won’t name names so that it doesn’t affect anyone’s religious beliefs. I met this person in heaven, but was too shocked to really accept anything but that I had been to heaven.

    Well, this person kept talking to me when I slept and promised me spring 2017, to show what it was like before this life, and that he’d reveal it before this spring 2018. I thought it was cool, and had blocked out any understanding of this personal of anything but a religious guiding angel. I notated the offer, prayed and accepted it, and noted the time in my calendar. When recently I saw it and remembered, and mentally said, I’m ready to see this cool thing!

    Well, it was about two weeks ago he really did show me our past, of past lifetimes together, while I slept. He had been given permission to open my third eye, to reveal thousands of years or more, of lifetimes. It was so surreal. Until this point I actually didn’t believe in twin flames! But in these visions/dreams, we made love. He was showing my how we’d been couples in past lifetimes, and had children. It was so beautiful, Sex is no longer what i know of in this life. I felt I would cry for days at the beauty and love he is capable of. He now visits me in the higher spiritual dimensions, particularly while I sleep and we are close and very intimate. I’m cautious, because it could be and addicting thing, and he and I understand we are both in different places in our lives/eternities.

    This has rocked my sense of reality and religion, as He has shown me who he is, and we now have a constant telepathic connection. He even has the capacity to continue to draw memory after memory forward, allowing such vast healing, because of the religious or figural role he plays for humanity. He is the most beautiful man in soul, heart, and mind I feel could ever exist. I hope all males are ONE day able to ascend to such a place and identity.

    I do testify that interacting in the spirit relm is SO real, and with a true soul twin, can be so powerful, it’s utterly unbelievable, particularly when one of the partners is an ascended master. I don’t know how I deserve him as my partner. Its just so unreal, I have to pinch myself everyday. I am aware I signed up for this before this life. To be able to match his love, I have a lot of work to do!

    I know one day we will be together again, never to be separated, but he still has work he is finishing for humanity, and I’m still working on my personal growth, and ascension, too. When he is done, when the first resurrection of souls occurs he can finally join me and we will get to truly be one. I am impatient for that day, but I am told it is teaching me Godly patience.

    Anyways, twin souls are real. Astral sex is real. Just watch out that you are looking for it for reasons that are good for your heart.

  6. I must say that my boyfriend of over 5 years has told me about this stuff, and I believed every word of it cause I could tell he was telling the truth. I’m not sure how all of this works but I did try it but I don’t know entirely how it works because I am still a bit new to it but I already know that he is the man I wish to be with for the rest of my life and even in death. If there is such a thing as reincarnation, I want to be with him and only him, no one else will do for me. We may have our arguments but what couple doesn’t, am I right? Weird thing is that I grew up with my parents not ever arguing but talk about it and compromise with each other, they didn’t ever do it in front of me though. Believe it or not it is true, so he and I talk it out and compromise instead of arguing. I love him with every part of me and I am so glad to have met him. If we have never met, I would of never found what I’ve always wished for as a little girl, true love then any other fairytales that place anything of how I truly feel for him as he feels for me. I sure hope that once we die, we can find each other again and meetings again and pick up where we left off. I would be extremely grateful if I don’t get mean comments or anything rude cause my feelings do get hurt more easily then most women, meaning I get really emotional fast. I pray that one day he can tell me a lot more of these things that I wish to know in a way I can understand more clearly cause my disability causes that to me sadly, but I do not let me drag me down. Thank you so much for the information and I did try it out.

  7. This gives a whole new perspective on ”under the sheets you will find me.” For her and me, it has been like this since we were kids. But, I regularly read on the internet, about signals of recognizing your twin flame, but I do not agree with the posted signs on the variety of websites on the internet. I’ve read that twin flames are 9 out of 10 times a mentor than a (romantic) love relationship. I do not agree on that and other statements like this as well. Moreover I often get the impression that those signs are a reversed projection of what happens in the reality of the person writing about them or twin flames are mixed-up with other soul relationships. Not to mention how confusing this all can get for people entering such a complex relationship, with all the condictory messages out there. As for me, ending up with condictory messages on the net is what happens to me 9 out of 10 times.

  8. My twin’s higher self came to me telepathicly beginning last October and hasn’t left my mind since. He’s helped me through kundalini awakening and we’re slowly killing my ego so I can achieve ascension soon. I am with him physically also but since he has a huge ego here, he has no interest in any of this information. My twin wants to literally take me away from himself and then teach himself how to love again as he kills his ego after mine has died. We have had telepathic sex through the heart Chakra and it’s incredible. All this is very real and achievable to those who have a soul and have aligned with there twin. I know some on Earth have not yet completed what they need to complete to do so, but in time they will be ready to meet. L&L

  9. Hi Allie,

    I’ve been in a relationship with a woman whom I think is my twin flame for about a year. (We experience telepathy, a feeling of sameness, all of the typical TF signs. Both of us acknowledge it.)

    The issue I’m having is that while we both love each other unconditionally, only one of us (her) is experiencing the earthly feelings of lust when we are sexual. I feel fairly blocked when it comes to this, which doesn’t really make sense if we’re actually TFs. Any thoughts β€” either on why this is or how to clear it?

    1. Hi, KU!

      Two thoughts with this:

      1) You two made a soul agreement to meet up in this life, however, not enter into a romantic relationship. It doesn’t mean you wouldn’t love one another – the love is automatic – but you wouldn’t be romantic partners.
      2) Although you two are TF, it doesn’t mean the two of you are at the same soul level in regards on how often you guys have been human. The more times you are human, the easier it is to regulate lust.

      When you regulate lust, you put blocks (usually a subconscious move) in your sacral chakra. Work with the chakra, and the blocks should loosen up.

      If you’d like me to take a deeper look at it, I do offer readings starting at $25.

      Best of luck!
      Allie πŸ™‚

      1. Hi girl. I urge you to be careful in giving away your rights and energy freely. There are entities who engage in sexual energy and can pose as twin souls. These are dark twins and they are not your real twin. Your connection to your real twin is benevolent and powerful. If there was underlying fear that shouldn’t happen, especially when you are familiar with ur twins energy and had astral sexual or telepathic sex already. Under the divine law all entities require permission to interact and since you said no it left. If you were led to believe that your twin was an ascended master then he would not be like that. He would not visit you as a shadow figure. Be careful of false beings of light and if you are on the ascension path call upon for protection and cleanse your auric field and keep the dark astral entities away. There are 144 trials for ascension. Let this be one of them and hold that torch the light. Never fear them as you are stronger than them. Darkness is the absent of light, so as long as you are carrying this light it can not approach you. Although they would influence your surrounding. But know this, the dark night of the soul happens only to fast track your ascension process. In order to learn and master your physical emotional spiritual and mental bodies you need to endure tough times. These times will not last. As long as you understand love and love is all you need. Embrace everyone who hurted you and you will understand love is the solution. Good luck in your journey. Also, turn to the ascended masters when you are uncertain. Your higher self can give you clarity.

  10. Thank you for responding to my earlier post! This entire journey has been quite perplexing and has occurred very much out of the blue for me. It’s rocked my whole foundation, but it is certainly bringing much positivity to my life. With that said, I was meditating last night and had very disrupted sleep afterward, where I was coming in and out of consciousness. The night seemed to last very long actually, and around 5am, something extremely powerful happened. The minute I opened my eyes, I recorded the phenomenon:

    “And this whole time I thought this was about a new love,” a woman said, walking out the door. I was reading something and laying in a bed. “At least we know what it’s not about.” She left the room and I said out loud, “It isn’t about what?” Just then, someone swept into the room, very quickly, almost like a gust of heavy wind and I watched this energy rush to my left side and sit on the bed. At this point it was happening so quickly I was bracing for impact, you could say. I felt the bed depress, but it wasn’t any recognizable human form sitting down. I could not move, or thought I could not move. I was fully conscious of what was happening. This entity had no face, but was an outline of a body. I could somewhat see through him. He pressed his face to mine, almost as if to kiss me or merge with my energy. I could hear myself breathing shallowly and my head was turned to the left. I felt scared at first because it was unexpected and happened so fast. He held our energies there for a moment, and as he did, I told myself to relax. As I yielded to the energy, I could feel an incredible warming sensation overcome me. It was also vibrating, tingling. I didn’t want to stay because I wasn’t ready, so I somehow asked or willed the energy to leave and felt the warm vibration slowly fade, as I returned to being fully “awake”. I knew where I was the entire time, in my bed, laying on my back under the covers and with my head turned to the left. This was real. This was not a dream. I’m not going insane. I had a similar experience in my 20s with sleep paralysis, but that was absolutely terrifying with a dark presence lurking in the shadows of my room. This was different. This energy confronted me straight on, merging with me. My intuition is that my initial fear wasn’t due to dark energy, but to the fact that I’ve been studying this, meditating on meeting my twin flame and it’s actually happened. Why did he rush in so quickly like that and completely inoculate my entire being with this electricity? Could this not have been a twin flame or some other type of energy/spirit after gathering what I wrote above? I’m still wonderfully shocked and do hope it happens again.

  11. Thank you for this nice article I want to ask you some questions iis the telepathic twin sex may include minor orgasms during thinking of them this feeling started with a dream that my twin is kissing me every time I remember the dream i feel weak contractions or very weak orgasm like idont know how to describe and then this feeling become associated with thinking of him when ifeel his energy but when days I don’t feel his energy well I don’t feel that we don’t do sexual act physically but I have images or feels as we are doing as real I feel him ifeel it very intense as it really happening as if we done before is it can really happening or I am just imagining I really need to know i am afraid that my mind creates all that????

    1. Semo – if your minds creates it all that means everyone who reads this blog has their mind creating all of their experiences. I’m here to tell you it’s real πŸ˜‰ Enjoy! xo

  12. I was led here because I tried a soul linking meditation that I eventually drifted off to sleep during. As it turned out, I had an intensely erotic, outer body experience with the “person” or person’s soul I was trying to connect with. It’s a bit strange because I’ve wanted to dream or mentally connect with this person whom I’ve suspected is some sort of twin flame or soulmate, but have never been able to channel their energy in any type of dream sphere or elevated plane. Suddenly after or during this meditation (which was performed simply to connect and send love to my twin flame), I experienced some type of erotic passion with them that was completely unexpected and quite overwhelming. How can this be? Was this just a subconscious urge surfacing or did I somehow merge my soul with his? Why was the experience sexual? We have never made real physical contact, but ievery time I see him, I have an overwhelming sense of love, comfort and coming home.

    1. Hi HP,

      The main focus of this site is what you described. I call it Out of Body Ecstasy. It is the soul to soul (or energy to energy) connecting of two or more that engage in erotic passion/sex. Take a look around the site. There is a wealth of information contained here written over the last 13 years or so πŸ™‚

      Welcome to the experience!

      Happy OBE’ing!
      Allie πŸ™‚

  13. Hi Eva, I met my twin flame one week ago. He is definitely the teacher of our union and I have experienced more spiritual growth in this week than I have in, well, my entire life. I am still overwhelmed by the thought that this is really happening, but also so full of peace and joy. I had never even thought about twin flames before this experience. As you know, with spiritual growth and the twin flame reunion comes lots of joy as well as deep, heart-wrenching pain. I have only physically seen my tf once (the night we met), but we have communicated via text practically 24/7. He is the love of my life and I have only known him (in this lifetime) for a week. How can this be?? I was feeling a lot of self-doubt the other day and he was there to nourish and support me. He already knew how I was feeling before I even did. He replied that he was sending me healing energy and before I even read the text (I was driving) I felt this tingling sensation all over my body, through my heart chakra and up to my crown, where it felt like my skull was filled with billions of tiny crystals. I cannot explain what I felt, all I know is that it was so powerful that I had to pull over and regain my composure. I also believe that while I was receiving a massage today, I saw a glimpse of one of our past lives together. Of course my mind is telling me that I am just making all this up (I’m a relatively sensible person) however I can’t get it out of my head. Thank you for making me feel more grounded and sure of myself. Blessings πŸ™‚

  14. Mmmm, I understand that in life, everyone is our teacher. So, the negative things I see in my TF, could be a reflection of how I am towards others. I believe that we all, as people, have more than one soul mate. They call it a “soul mate group”. I wonder why certain people cross my path to where I get affected emotionally. This soul mate of mine, I have notice and learned that he is very emotionally immature. This is mind blowing because he is 40 years old. But, age doesn’t always bring wisdom. So, as I look at him, I see myself. I would never want to be emotionally immature; blaming people for everything wrong in my life, selfish, self-centered, etc. That is what he is. He’s hot and cold and how can you grow being that way? I haven’t talked with him(it feels like months) and I’m use to it. This is who he is. But that’s not who I am, and I try to explain to him that’s not who he is either. But, he has to grow on his own time….but I keep saying, “buddy, your almost half your life expectancy age, better live and be happy now!” And while I’m telling him this, I listening to my own wisdom.

  15. Hello. I recent had an appointment for a chakra clearing and my teacher said I would experience some things in my dreams since my chakras are open and I expected it to happen that same day but it actually happened this afternoon with my nap. I took a nap and I experienced spiritual sex with my twin flame. When I came out of my sleep state, I remembered everything. 2 minutes later my TF called me. This is amazing. It felt so real. I felt him touching me and I felt me touching him. I could feel his breath on my neck and I seen his face. it was so intimate. I was wondering if he felt the same thing, So I asked him if he had just took a nap and he said no. But he must’ve felt something to call me 2 minutes later.

    l. davis
  16. I believe I have met my twin soul .from the beginning I felt like I’d come home as I saw him for the first time I remembered him been my husband as I huhe’d him for first time it was overlying emotional we have had issues our relationships were same in same way events in childhood same lost phone data phones same time we have identicAl eilments health same right knee both carpel tunnel ,he gets a cold so do I we live apart our telepathic connection is unreal I camp see him working images come into my mind .he almost ceased I woke up sweating and phone he said I saved him as I phoned he was diverted and stopped ,I always know if he’s feeling ill .and he said we are kindred spirits .as I’m not sure he knows what twin souls are .when I’m awake and he’s asleep I see and I’m there with him ,it’s what he’s thinking ,I’ve been seeing 11.11 22.22 no before we met .his date of birth is 11.11 too,we always support each other I’m an artist he deals in art for living it’s indescribable I feel so lucky.

    Trish Walsh Thomas
  17. Dear Allie,
    I believe I found my twin, I’ve known him since childhood. Since I first saw him I was attracted to him. He was in a relationship at the time so of course I didn’t tell him anything. Eventually I got involved with another man but I never stopped being attracted to the the first one. Every time I saw him my heart skipped a beat and I always wanted to look extra pretty for him, well I got married and still he never knew how I felt about him. A couple of years into my marriage we were at a party and I was pretty tipsy and my husband became upset and left the party. I ended up talking to the guy and we ended up in back of the house making out. We started a small affair it didn’t last and I can’t remember why. We kept living our lives seeing each other acting like nothing happened yet the attraction was always there. Well around April of last year we started talking and it has developed into a full blown affair and we have been good up until maybe a week ago.. I could feel him distant when we would text but when we would be together he would be so loving I couldn’t understand why he was acting like that and when he would get upset at me for something it would well still does hurt so much like my heart is being ripped out of my chest but he will not stay upset long and will text me back with love, he tells me he has dreams making love to me and that he has fallen in love with me and I feel the same way I miss him like crazy when I don’t hear from him or see him when we do make love it’s so passionate like I can’t explain it. We’re still married and as much as we want to try to stop seeing each other we can’t. I know why now, he doesn’t believe in any of this so I can’t even bring this up I’m not sure if he will ever understand or believe still I don’t lose hope that we will be together..

  18. Hi Allie,

    I am so confused as 18 months ago I was speaking with my twin flame & experienced a strong magnetic pull toward him when we finished speaking & walked away from each other. I was shown a past life with him & realised who he was. To my surprise some time later I telepathically connected sexually with him when I was thinking of him. I have seen him recently & told him who he is as I thought he had the same experience but he said he doesn’t feel anything. I been speaking with him telepathically so I am confused. Who am I connecting with & speaking to? He is married but telepathically I’m told something else. Should I stop everything even communication?

  19. Hello, I met my Twin flame 4 years ago odd strange way, ever since I met him we had a instant connection but didn’t pay much attention I didn’t know he felt the same way, well I was wrong we stays in touch but distant because, work, school etc etc.. got in the way life! he also had girlfriends through out the years , I had boyfriend at the time .. until the middle of 2016 I don’t know what it was that brought us together back again, and kept getting signs ,through texts or just that feeling of how he really felt about me, so I played along I was no longer dating for about a year now, and I thought he still had his girlfriend , guess he was trying to show me he was single too! Now the intense feeling was getting serious , he had said something to me that made me open up to him how I felt, and I did! I expressed my feeling and emotions from 4 years ago and that send him away (runner) and he denied everything how he felt , but deep down I know he was still in denial and lying so I listen being the fact I was being rejected (well not really he was still being in denial) I let everything out of what I had to say.. next 4 weeks no contact no nothing, all of the sudden I kept feeling more love for him, he was coming into my mind all the time, at work I would smile for no reason, my heart would start beating fast I felt his love the most amazing feeling, until one night, he connected with me telephatically, at first I thought I was loosing my mind how can this happen? I came up with all kinds of crazy ideas I honestly taught witch craft! Or something I thought I was talking to my self, BUT no this was real, anyway first night we talked for hours didn’t sleep it was amazing come to discover all this time he was trying to communicate and I wouldn’t listen to my heart what he said.. he told me everything how he can see what I’m seeing, practically I had no privacy anymore.. he has taken over my eyes and feelings, it’s amazing! I love him with all my heart and it’s very true our current situation is we are friends and we talk almost every night sometimes day while I’m at work he is always with me. I love the fact he works 10 min away from me so amazing! So my conclusion is Your twin flame is somewhere out there, no matter what Country or state heart never lies! Thanks for reading.

  20. My twin flame came to me at a time I wasn’t aware this was possible nor do I think maybe either of us were ready for it. Due to circumstances I invited him back and he willingly came to me which to all reasoning he shouldn’t have. Right off I realized as did he that there was something there but for other reasons neither of us has been able to do more than OBE sex or as we discover during the sex is what people call true love by starting out having sex but then realize is making love. I have of course had sex dreams even about him tons of times. I am a very highly intelligent and sexual woman. He is a very highly intelligent man but not so sexual as he has revealed to me in these dreams. But, the reason we were brought together in this life is because of my husband who believed this stuff to be garbage. I’ve always been open to it and studied it but don’t like being considered different so keep it to myself plus added to the fact that I’ve been bullied both by my father and my husband and others kept it to myself. My twin flame on the other hand has had what seems like all of the privleges in life but not met his true love until me. But, can tell he is a very kind soul but due to his job has to keep it quiet and even when he does help others he keeps it behind the scenes. Which is what he did at first with me but then he didn’t. Nothing physically more than a handshake since due to circumstances but then we got physically separated but kept in touch via social media which is when he sent me the symbol of his love which I was still in denial about myself. Then his wife found out saw the symbol shut us down and since realized my love for him too and then that is when the sex turned into making love. I feel we are very close to coming to reality very very soon and I know he feels it too. The reason I know this is love is because it’s always about talking first as we both love to do then it’s about waiting to have what we think is sex then realize it’s more. I can hardly wait. I love him he loves me. Nothing I’ve ever had in this lifetime.

  21. I connected with someone at work. At first i didn’t notice but one day he came close to me and i began to visualise sexual encounters with him. I had an idea that her could see what i was thinking but didn’t believe that couldhalloween until i believe i heard himone evening tell mine what out was. Telepathy. I began to look it up and realized that’s what i had. We have never spoke a word to each other but we make eye contact. I’m embarrassed that i feel like i love him and try to hold back. Im embarrassed that he might hear thoughts that i don’t want him to.

  22. Hi, i met my twin 12 years ago. We are not in contact 10 years. Im cancer, she is scorpio. All this is true. She is 24 hours in my head, every day. I hope we will be together soon. πŸ™‚

  23. Hi, I’ve recently had a odd encounter with a guy. We met when I was very drunk. I was so drunk i even tried ringing the EX. I didn’t remember much the next day, apart from ringing the ex. I woke up to the sound of this guys voice in my head, can’t remember what was said but it felt reassuring and familiar. Anyway I reached for my cell and there was a message on social media, no picture on the profile but I just knew it what linked to that voice, I then remembered his deep blue eyes. Apparently we can an in depth discussion about everything over for over an hour. Again I didn’t remember very much. He told me that he felt compelled to message, that could be because I was an emotional mess at one point. Anyway we exchanged messages all day. The next day I had a burning question, I wasn’t sure if he had told me or it if it was just intuition, I asked if he had told me if he was married. He said not married but he was in a relation and has children. Unfortunately, he said he was happy just talking, which we did. He remembered every last detail I must of told him, I’m defiantly to confident when I’ve had a drink. These chats when on for a couple of weeks, he gave me his cell and we communicated constantly. It was like I couldn’t resist although I know it’s dishonest. Well against all moraility we met twice, first time was like I’ve known him forever, like I’ve missed him however strange that sounds, we did kiss but nothing more. He’s openly spiritual, he reminded me very much of me but a better more calmer version, I’m very empathic I could sense a sadness in him, guilt maybe, but it felt more than that. We continued to talk, but he just became more tempting, almost like he was all over me even when I was trying to focus at work. On a purely superficial level I probably wouldn’t have chosen this human. We met one more time, this time we did make love, making love is probably the wrong description, it was very close with intense eye contact. There was a barrier, I felt that too. I’m well aware this is fundamentally wrong. I suppose selfishly I thought this could have been a opportunity to get over the soul mate that broke my heart. He ended our affair a week later, stating karma had caught him, he said he enjoyed our time etc. I was somewhat relieved because I’m not a dishonest person naturally, it was selfish on both our parts but it felt compelling. I’m now very bewildered, I’m not in love with him as I know love to be. I like him, it’s a familiar unexplainable kind of like, but there’s this odd sense of togetherness, I can’t shake him, it’s like nothing I have ever experienced. It’s almost like I have him but I must let him go, for now. Last night I felt him all over me, I was awake it was strange but not scary. I feel like I’m going a little crazy, I keep thinking maybe it’s a rebound thing then I’m like no, my intuition is shouting something else. I’m in no place ready for a relationship I’m up down in energy like a yoyo, he defiantly isn’t. I have this notion that I just need to sit back and let the universe take control, I must not chase or attempt to intervene, which I wouldn’t do. I already feel I allowed it to go to fair due to his girlfriend and children. I never aim to cause harm, I was in a selfish dark energy place I think. Anywho, now I’m convinced this guy is the one, I must add I’ve only ever had relationships that hit me spiritually even if they’ve been crap, this connection was very different to my soul mate ones. I must ad I wasn’t looking, this has knocked me a bit sideways, it’s left me feeling odd.

  24. I met my twin under really weird circumstances. we where vacationing exactly one house away from each other in a remote part of our country far from home. we met for a week and instantly knew. my twin *almost* ran away. but didn’t now we are seperated but only by physical distance until december. almost every aspect of our personality is identical. down to things we did and enjoyed as children, down to experiences we had with other partners. it’s the most intense vibrant connection I’ve ever had. I’ve been reading twin flame stories all day as my spirit guide suggested I do, but I have not read one yet where both twins where so accepting and ok with the fact that they are twins. it’s something we both know and both acknowledge. We met each other exactly 4 weeks after both having ended a relationship with a soulmate that ended toxic. It’s as though the times in our lives of meeting couldn’t be any more lined up. I have some telepathic abilities with animals, and have astral projected a lot. I’m so thrilled to explore these things with my twin now too!!! πŸ™‚

  25. I believe I have met my twin flame about 2 years ago since then we have not been able to leave one another alone. In the beginning everything flowed smoothly but ego and fear has also played its part. Regardless of what I can say I have felt he has always tried to be as honest and respectful towards me as possible. We’ve hurt one another feelings but nothing that has happened has been that bad to keep us away from one another. I believe we are in the runner/chaser stage because every time he feels himself opening up and becoming vulnerable with me he distances himself but never strays too far vice versus. Many have tried to make me think i’m crazy to hold on but our connection is strong. He himself has said he doesn’t know what i did to him but i have gotten past his conscious into his subconscious mind up until now i did not know how significant that statement meant. I have seen him in my dreams and meditations, as well as felt his emotions at times. The times i have convinced myself to let go and move on has been nearly impossible to do. Am I going crazy could I be wrong is this man truly my twin flame?

    Melanated Queen
  26. My twin flame and i are not reunited in the psychical yet, so it gets kinda hard when we are not together psychically, but this is a huge blessing and an amazing journey to be on. Because we both know that it is happening and we both knew each other from our past life, he always sent out signs before i knew and i wish i was expanded enough spirituality to know back then but now it is so much better and I’m glad i have went through hell and back for him because we are now spiritually married and astrally have children, it is truly a blessing. His love is so beyond words that i can’t even explain and it is so emotional that you can even feel it for yourself. One day i hope to be reunited with him in the psychical, but as of now we are together spirituality and i couldn’t ask for anything more amazing. We have astral love making and it’s just out of this world, i just now tried this with him and i felt everything once again. It is truly amazing.

  27. Hello! last night I felt like I wanted to feel my soul mate/twin flame and asked archangels for help after that I heard someone say my name and started feeling like someone was on top of me! Making love/having sex! after awhile I wanted to sleep so I said please stop it but it/he didn’t, I asked for help(archangels) but kept feeling the same, I don’t know if I did something wrong? Was he my soul mate/twin flame por just a projection of my own energy?

  28. Hi Obeallie,
    Your post is one of the few level-headed posts about Twin Flames out there. I see that the TF idea has been so romanticized and exaggerated, that most people believe they have a TF (even though it is quite rare), and that many of them are willing to suffer for that person or carry a torch for him, believeing that this is what TFs do.
    I was skeptical about the TF concept- I believed in Twin Flames, but knowing how rare this pairing is, I did not want to obsess about the idea, nor fall into the trap of thinking every lover is a possible Twin.
    Then I met him, and I understood that so much of what has been written about TFs is fiction. Here is what I noticed:
    1. I happend to be able to feel people’s energy and see through them. No, this was not a fatal attraction type of meeting, instead it was a gradual recognition of energy. His energy was barely noticeable, because it was identical to mine. I notice other people’s energy more easily as it is so different from mine, so I barely noticed the guy whose energy was stable, calm, peaceful, loving like mine.
    2. We are telepathic with each other, even though I have never experienced telepathy or believed in its existence. I can tell him Go was the Dishes and he does it. e communicate this way 90% of the time. In fact, we have never had a serious conversation about our relationship, because we communicate silently, and each person has a full understanding of he other.
    3) The sex is very intuitive. I have never had to ask him to do anything, he just knows how to please me at all times.
    4) We travel a lot for work, and when we are in 2 different countries, we know when the other is also in bed, or when the other has woken.
    5) We have had “energetic sex” many times, both fully aware of it, though we are at opposite ends of the world.
    6) I realized that I could never cheat on him, because he would immediately know and feel it. I always know he is faithful to me.
    7) I do not believe that (as many writers claim) that Twin Flames are meant to be monogamous. In fact, we split our souls to experience what the world has to offer twice. However, the sex is so energetic and intense that we each lost interst in other people.
    8) I can now completely understand why some Twin Flames choose not to marry or remain together. As twins, we are mirror images of each other. Though outwardly we appear to have different personalities, inwardly we are carbon copies. His negative qualities are exactly my own. When he is feeling defeated, I feel the defeat for the same reason- it is like my own history is repeating itself. So, some TFs choose not to be together because we have nothing to learn from a person who is in essence us. Many of us are freedom lovers, and though we love each other deeply and forever, we are evolved enough to understand that life is an experience, and non-attachment is the fullest way to grab life. Thus the monogamy is spiritual and emotional. Physical monogamy is an earthly concept, perpetuated by religion, culture, economy, society, romance fiction, and “need”. Though I would love to be with my TF forever, on some level I understand I would be just as whole and complete on my own.

    I almost feel like it is not healthy for people to obsess so much about twin flames or know whether they have one. Those who do are searching for something that will never satisfy them, and weaker souls can fall into the trap of putting up and suffering for the sake of one who they believe is a TF, when in fact, a TF would never hurt you- he would be hurting himself.

    Thanks for posting this. It is very insightful.

    1. Ob, Likely every Twin Flame experience is different since we all have different personalities, age differences, lifestyles, beliefs, and missions. Your lifestyle is quite different from many others.
      You seem to be content with it. Some would not be.

  29. Dear Allie,
    I believe I havd met my twin flame, however we both are married right now. We met before our marriages a couple years back and at first we barely talked, it was only usually sexual. However now we cant seem to stop talking! Its like no matter how hard we try to stop talking (for the sake of our marriages) we cant! We will run into eachother in public, dream of one another, and I believe I have felt him. We are in love, and he believes we are twin flames too after I explained everything to him. Im wondering what do you think I should do? I dont want to ruin my marriage for the sake of my children, but not having my twin flame seems unbearable at this point.

    1. Hey Echo!

      I can understand how this pulls at you & why you are facing such a dilemma. The “what” you should do – isn’t for me to say. You need to do what is right for you. The thing about soul mates and twin flames is that the connections are eternal. The connections are also designed that if you are to be together in a romantic relationship that it will happen come hell or high water. Don’t force the issue, but don’t ignore it either. For now, instead of having expectations, lean more towards appreciation for recognizing the connection. There are millions of people who don’t even have the opportunity to recognize there is a soul connection.

      If it’s supposed to be romantic – it will be regardless what you do or don’t do.

      Good luck!
      Allie πŸ™‚

  30. Hi!question.i felt the other day my twin(runner at the moment).i was in my bed just before I went to bed and felt like(literally )he would make love with me like we used to didn’t last long but it was pleasant feeling and didn’t at that moment had any chest pain or thought he would be with another women.what do you think it was?thank you

    1. Hi Missy!

      To me, it sounds like either telepathic (you) and dream (him) OR telepathic (you) and astral (him). The astral and dreams planes are the same thing – only one is visited with a sleeping conscious mind (dreaming) or an active (astral) one.

      Based on what you stated, to me it sounds like OBE sex. Congrats πŸ™‚

      Take care,
      Allie πŸ™‚

  31. my twin flame is very sweet and cute. we
    are friends more then 10 years. I feel his energy is more higher then before but he doesn’t said much. I don’t know if he has girlfriend or not. I believe he is single. Any idea?

    1. Hey Nana!

      No idea if he’s single. You could ask him. Or if you’d like to discuss this further I’d be happy to arrange a paid consultation.

      Best of luck to you!
      Allie πŸ™‚

  32. Dear Allie,

    I have many energies that I spontaneously communicate with and cannot seperate who from who. How do I know which energy is truly a caring soul and which is a demon wasting my time and possibly pulling me into something awful?
    For example, there is one energy that I have been cuddling with at night everyday since middle school. I would rest my head on his lap. It was the only way I could sleep. Now, there is one that I hold hands with when I am tense so I can sleep and sometimes I feel like it’s a hug. However, there is little to no talk whatsoever. And even more recently, he described how much he wants to see me happy and relaxed. This was wonderful but saddening at the same tile. How come I cannot feel this connection deeper or experience it in a more profound sense because Communication for me is essential and he does not communicate.
    Another energy involves a guy I would meet in material life and I would feel them connecting with me later on sexually. Am I just picking up on their naughty thoughts or are they deliberately sending that energy to me? And if I entertain the thoughts, do they recepients feel it, too?
    Soooo many questions! I hope it’s not too much. Thank you!

    1. Hey R!

      You’ll know if it’s a lower energy by how you feel when you connect to it. If you feel like crap – then it’s an energy you want nothing to do with. Any higher level negative force (demon) go for the weakest person. The one who will allow it into their life the easiest. Because you question this – you would not let them in so easy. Therefore, you’re not weak enough for it to bother.

      Every soul (good & evil) have a unique energy signature. Once you connect to someone you like – you will know it’s them by how they feel in the connection. So no one can pose as someone else and get away with it as you’d know it wasn’t the correct energy feel.

      Someone can think sexy thoughts about someone and not know that they are connecting telepathically and physically sending out sexual signals. If you entertain it – they will feel something. They may not understand what’s happening – but they’ll feel something.

      Good luck!
      Allie πŸ™‚

      1. I’m so confused on the twin thing. I meat someone so dear to me when I was 13 the bond was so special he always had to be next to me. Life moved on and I married as he did we both divorced had children. We reconnected after 27 yrs . It was very short but such a powerful impact that forever changed me. We parted ways because I hurt him see I lied and I don’t no how to fix it the impact has made me see my own imperfections the union made me want to be a better person . He is so angry by the lie that was told all he does is yell at me say things I’m sure he doesn’t mean because he’s hurt. At times I have dreams the last dream I had was so powerful something I have never experinced before. In the dream we had a sexual incounter I felt as if we were melting together. I woke up crying not understanding why I have to keep feeling this and not understanding why this feeling keeps getting stronger I hear the song a Thousand Years constantly and am now seeing the numbers 11 11 or 111 or 1121 what does this really mean Am I going crazy could it be my mind playing tricks on me.

  33. My twin flame does like me a lot but I don’t think he feels the same way too , BEACAUSE he told me he does not have time and attention to give me as of now , why would any twin flame who’s also as passionate and completed by the other half feel this way

    1. Hi Sana,

      This person is not your twin flame – but a soul mate. A twin flame will always have time for you if the two of you are supposed to have a romantic relationship.

      Good luck!
      Allie πŸ™‚

  34. About 7 years ago, I asked for “the other half of me” in mind, body and soul and I specifically asked that no one else be sent to me, but this other half.. Even as I type this, I’m seeing 111.. The thing is I did meet some 3 months after that, lots of things happening in 3’s the signs were there and I was convinced that this guy was the one. He and I were together for 2 years until he abruptly disappeared then reappeared 3 years later.. Over those 3 years apart and the heartbreak I suffered through, he disappeared again and it had become clear that he had only stuck around because, I made him feel good.. Despite that I maintained the idea that he was the runner, but things have changed.. At the same time my ex had reappeared, another man came into my life. He is more spiritually connected and aware.. He and I had only started getting to know each other, but I had cut things off because “the one” was in the picture again and stayed in the picture for a year and a half.. I didn’t forget about the other man and the instant, connection we have. I am confused, I keep reading about counterfeit twins, but I can’t tell anymore if I’m just in denial that my ex may not be who I thought he was.. In my head, I’m thinking all the “signs” were there, synchronicities and I asked the universe for “the one” and thought my prayers had been answered.. However, I am learning that things do not always unfold the way you wish them to, or the way it needs to in order to prepare yourself for what your asking for. I have reconnected with this man and I’ve found that the tables have turned, I feel like I am the “runner” now.. Every time things start to get a little too intense for me, I start pushing, I pull away then I come back again. I’m confused to way the least, this man is challenging everything I had previously believed to be true and it scares me. I seeing 11:11 all the time with him, He and I have had telepathic experiences, like an overwhelming spiritual orgasm if that makes sense.. I also get the sense that he is more spiritually developed than I am, though he can explain the connection he has no teou le accepting it.. Any insight would be greatly appreciated..

    1. Hi Jessa!

      Thanks for stopping by the site!

      I know there’s a lot going on here – I’ll try not to make this more confusing:

      1) No such thing as a counterfeit twin. I don’t care what they say – if it’s not a twin flame than it is a soul mate.
      2) No twin flame would ever – EVER – treat you like this.
      3) When you meet a twin flame – there’s no “not right now” you meet when you’re supposed to meet and no one is a runner.
      4) The odds of a person meeting a twin flame for the purpose of a romantic relationship are rare. Just because you are alive doesn’t mean they are alive. They could be kicking back as one of your guides.
      5) So when you ask the powers that be to send you “the one” they send you the one who is meant to love you right now. The one who is to test you – to push you to learn something.

      Look – I know it sucks when you have a connection with someone and it just doesn’t seem like it works. When it’s not working, there’s a lesson in there somewhere. Unfortunately, as we’re kicking it here on Earth it’s not supposed to be all roses and butterflies. AS humans it seems like the only way we really learn is if we experience turmoil.

      I didn’t come to any of my realizations about soul mates, twin flames, telepathic sex, or soul connections overnight. It’s taken me 13 years of my own experiences + experiences of my clients to understand soul connections and telepathic connections.

      If you’d like to discuss this further I’d be happy to arrange a consultation.

      Take care,
      Allie πŸ™‚

  35. Dear Allie. Ty for responding. I don’t think I could ever tell my twin that he is my twin and maybe I am wrong to have confronted him. The separation phase has been going on for a year and a half. We met 2yrs ago. My twin thinks of me all of the time and his selflove has went on every weekend for a year and a half. It has made me crazy. Its made me sad. Its made me appreciative of my beautiful gift but it’s also felt like a curse. I love him and I told him not to embarrass him but to let him know it’s so emotionally difficult. Stuck in separation MAN it’s the craziest experience ever in life. Thanx for your time

      1. Hi Obeallie, how are you ?
        Sorry to disagree with you, but the separation between Twins is the union !

        I never felt so alive … I reconized him 8 months ago , and since then our telephaty and connection is getting stronger and blissfull . We don t see heach others … We like to go with the flow and improve our skills. Sometimes a teasing text message or a funny Facebook post that only us and a few that know can understand ! And is great. The lust between us is dynamite . And a Good attitude in life is the secret. Enjoying the present , that’s it . I trust the Univers πŸ™‚ . Big Kiss

  36. I have someone who feel like is my twin flame but he keeps leaving me it’s been going on for years 8 years he never stays long we see each other make love then go on with our lives. At fist he seem as though he loved me then said. Oh you don’t want a boyfriend you don’t want to be married. He was 19 I was 24 at the time right now he won’t answer none of my text I just had a baby with someone how do me pregnant on purpose because he knows I love my twin flame but my twin flame keeps me at arm reach but he won’t get close to me when I cry to him he just looks down and many times he doesn’t want to look me in my face. It hurts so badly I feel like maybe he’s not my twin because the way he treats me. It’s like he give every other girl he attention but with me it seems like he hates me all I do is try to love him. I asked him why he’s not with me like the first time and he won’t look at me he says “it’s not that easy” maybe it’s not my twin but I had many dreams for meeting a guy even kissing him when I was 20 in none physical form. Maybe the guy I’m really in love isn’t my twin flame idk.

    1. Hey Jewels,

      A twin flame would never treat you like this – no matter what lifetime you two meet up. Even if a twin flame relationship is not a romantic one (and they are not always romantic), there is respect between the two people. He is probably one of your soul mates. We all have many of those that we see lifetime after lifetime.

      Bets of luck!
      Allie πŸ™‚

  37. Hi, I believe I met my Twin flame 10 years ago. We were both in different parts of our lives and met again 1 year later when we engaged in a relationship which lasted 5 years however we had a lot of emotional baggage especially myself. Meeting him made me delve into inner emotions I had repressed for years. I was abused when I was younger and always thought I was managing it but when I met him those 5 years were a whirlwind of inner turmoil and it was only after I finally left him because I couldn’t handle the intensity that I realised he had stuck by me through all of it and helped me grow and deal with my demons. I stating seeing 11.11 when we 1st met years ago however only noticed it a year ago and started resrarching when I found out about twin flames but it was too late. We are both married to other people with very young children now, coincidentally our sons share the same name, however we cannot live without eachother. We are both conscious of our feelings and he also admits he feels the intensity yet calm of our beings. We want to stay loyal to our partners so have not met in person yet and believe we will be together one day,hopefully this lifetime. What do we do? Are we supposed to form our union now that we know?

    1. Hi Annette!

      Soul mates come around to push us – to help us grow – even in a love relationship that is their job. Even with a twin flame, there is growth involved – usually massive growth. What you do now is accept the relationship for what it currently is – and the relationships you are both currently in. It’s a connection that transcends lifetimes. It’s strong. It’s not going anywhere. The fact that the two of you know of the connection and agree on it says a lot. Can you be together later on in life? Of course ,you can. But it’s not 100% guaranteed. That’s why you have to focus in on the now. If you don’t the connection and not being together will tear at the two of you. If you’d like to discuss this further I’d be happy to arrange a consultation.

      Take care,

  38. I confronted my twin yesterday about him loving on himself thinking of me. He looked like a kid with his hand in the cookie jar. I thought I knew of his self love and thoughts of me because I am telepathic but now I wonder is it only because hes my twin. I told him it’s because im
    psychic. I didn’t mention twins. Hmmm???

    1. Hi S,

      Unless the two of you are already good friends or in a relationship, I wouldn’t recommend confronting him about the connection or what he does with himself during the connection. Many people are uncomfortable talking about this and pushing them to do so usually sends them in the opposite direction – no matter how correct you are.

      Good luck!

  39. My twin is in non physical. I started ‘feeling’ him around right after He passed. He came to support me while I was going through abuse from my husband. He played songs for me that we both loved. He gave me messages through songs and now talks to me telepathically, nobody would believe me if I told them. It’s amazing, I dreamt of him as a child and as a teenager before I met him. I met him and knew him when I was a teenager for 4 years. Then we lost touch, l lived my life for 40 years more, but never stopped loving him. Then, when I found out he had been in non physical for 6 years, I realized that I was ‘feeling’ him all that time, I realized he was there with me. I thought he was but didn’t think it was because, I thought how could he? He is living somewhere across the US. I got out of that abusive relationship with the husband, with my twin holding the light and sending me the love. Later, psychic told me a message from him that was something only him and I knew about. When I heard what she said, I cried, because it was true, he was there and is! The validation felt so good. I am growing in my own psychic abilities by leaps and bounds with his everlasting encouragement! He also, now fills in pieces and gaps for me about the separation we indured. All the things you said in this document is true! Thank you for your post/site.

    1. Congratulations Eva! What a journey you’ve been on. I’m so happy that you’re open to this journey. Finding your twin and any of your soul mates is such an uplifting and energy expanding experience. Best of luck in your journeys!

      1. Thank you so much for answering me. I am now very happy to know he (my twin) is with me all of the time. He has also let me know how I am supported and by many others in non physical that love me on my journey. I am growing in so many ways in perspective and healing myself and letting go of the past and most of all, loving myself. Recently, an old friend has turned up from my past that is very ‘awake’ and who I have always had a connection with. While I love him, I don’t feel the same as I do my twin. I tried to explain that to him but he tries to tell me that there is no such thing as a ‘twin’ connection. I asked my twin on night before I went to bed and my phone beeped and woke me up, it was 11:11 when it beeped. At once, I heard the answer, I could feel him say, ‘It’s true, we are the same.’ My physical friend has good intentions but he is just not at that understanding yet. I decided not to talk about my twin with him anymore. Is it maybe good to keep this to myself?

        1. Hi Eva! It seems that your friend has confused a soul mate and a twin flame – which is probably why he doesn’t believe in them. It is a good idea to not talk about your TF with your friend. There will be a point where he understands – but he has to have more soul growth first.

          Good luck!
          Allie πŸ™‚

          1. Thank you! You don’t know how much this means to me that you answered me and so quickly too. I love the support to have someone who understands to ask questions. I sometimes become embellished in doubt of what I am getting telepathically from my twin. My mind tries to deny it. But my Soul (twin) keeps bringing me back and reassuring me. Thank again!

          2. Dear Obellie,
            My twin connection has been a complete awakening and wonderful journey for me as everyday I ‘get’ more insights on things. Last night I woke up with the realization that we have been in communication with each other for the past 41 years and did not know it. The day he died, I was hundreds of miles away and hadn’t physically talked to him in 41 years, but I felt it. I ‘saw’ several ‘clips’ of what happened in a dream. It was riveting. At the time, I did not know what to make of it. I knew the energy was of someone had died and it felt like myself experiencing it also. That was 6 years ago and I still remember like it was yesterday. I did only recently find out he had passed last January of this year. I can’t tell anyone this as I am pretty sure they either wouldn’t believe me or think I was crazy or both. He tells me things all of the time now and it’s nice. It is good to ‘feel’ him around me all the time now too. Nobody understands any of this that is around me so I just keep quiet about it too. Anyway, let’s nice to tell someone who understands. Thank you for what you do here.

          3. Hi Eva!

            Thank you for sharing your experiences. Energy is energy. That’s why when a person dies, they are still able to communicate with us and be next to us. The energy is nice πŸ™‚

            That’s the reason I started writing in 2005 about all of this – no one would believe me – I knew I wasn’t crazy – and if I had these experiences, others must have them too!

            Take care,
            Allie πŸ˜‰

      2. Hi, I was born with the 6th sence and as a small kid I did not realyze that I was differen or al the things I could do with my gift. As a teen I found out that I was different. I kept it quiet as I did not have anybody to talk to. Till I Spooke with one off my teachers who knew a lot about the spiritual world and we became best friends. Then things changed fast, we founded a group “Aquarius inventum”, and we got to know more people that were on the same level and joint us. All adults and I was still a kid. When others found out about my gift and my cappacities they comercialist me. I was giving lecters all over the country, sunday afternoond on the radio and they even put me in hospital where scientist were checking my brain and all sort of tests. Since a kid I got visits of a man who was guiding me. As a kid i could not talk about this. I found out that dogs and cats noticed these visits. Then my brother, him and his wife are very down to earth, asked me to babysitt their 3 year old son. We slept in the same room and the next morning at breakfast he told his parrents that I had a visitor at night of an elderly man. So there were people that could see him. I finished my study and needed some rest. So Sold all my stuff and went to India to find some peace and answers. Went to all the ashrams had personal meetings with all the great gurus, and after a year I returned. I desconected with the spiritual world moved country and became financial manager for a big international company. Living in a small village on a small subtropical island Back to earth, something compleatly different.
        One evening I got attracked to a bar where I never went to but I needed to go there I convinced my friends to have just 1 drink. I walked insite and I walked to the corner as I was atracked by a smell. And there I saw this light of an aura and I could see the back of a girl who was leaving. I was always dressed in a suite charming romantic and never agrasive I walked up to heregrapped her by her hair and she turned around and looked me a bit scary in the face, I looked her in the eyes and told her; look at this face and get just to as you have to look at it for the next 50 years. People were supriced as thi was not the person they knew. We sat down and had a drink. I told here I was expecting you. Its our time. We started talking and we found out that we were at the same time at the same places in India, we were at the same parties, I eaven believe we had a one night stand. She stayed at her friends place and she had to go. We changed phone numbers and I invited her for a traditional indian meal the next day at my place. So the next day she came and she was so suprised that there was a full autentic meal, some Indian music and we realized that we refound each other. After dinner, something I never did before and she never did before on a first date, we went street to bed and melteted together we were one again.It was such a strong feeling to melt together and be 1 again. The orgasme was a huge explotion and it was as if we were on a other planet. She went to the bathroom to have a quick shower to clean hereself and she came back to bed, we stayed all afternoon in bed and she had to go 5 times for a shower. The same day she moved in. But as she was only on holiday, she had to leave after 2 weeks as she lived at the other site of the continent. We started phoning everyday. I knew that I was abel to leave my body so I visited her a few times. I could see where she was how she felt. Then we tried astral sex and after a few times I could takere out of her body and show here a superior place and we had superior sex so she had like 50 orgasms. It is different as physical sex but it is much intenser. And it is nice to suprice here and lick here pussy when she sits in de bus.

        kunjee samarthan

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