Twin flame magic! Whoot!

Over the last several weeks I have gotten a slew of email requests asking about how to attract a twin flame into his or her life.

Lovin’ the twin flame vibe.

Twin Flame Flash Spell

On a new or full moon….

  1. Mix together equal amounts of lavender or rose petals and orris root or powdered sugar.
  2. Once mixed, add a drop/s of your blood to the mix. Ladies, use menstrual blood if you can. If not – that’s OK.
  3. On a piece of paper, write TWIN FLAME and the personality & moral traits you feel he or she has. Leave physical description off. (good things can come in surprise packages – don’t get so hung up on what you want them to look like)
  4. Put the herbal/blood mixture in the middle of the paper as you think about and FEEL the emotions of having your twin flame in your life.
  5. Fold the paper so that the herbs do not fall out.
  6. Place in a plastic bag or cloth.
  7. Seal and place in your underwear drawer or in your pillow case.

Replace every three months.

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