I have so much to talk about that I don’t know where to start. Nor do I have the time to write it all down – I have to get the podcast done. Then it’s off to class.

But I know it’s imperative that I touch base with you guys.  In the last week I’ve had enormous soul growth and a higher shift to my gifts. It’s been a bit unsettling but I know that the universe is getting me ready for what’s to come.

On today’s podcast I will be talking about “The Movement”, Atlantis, 2012 – your part in it and my part. Later tonight I will come back to this blog and write more -I promise.

I also have to fill you in on Todd. His connection blows away every other connection I’ve had – including Bill, Ted, Will and Vincent. I never thought in a million years that anyone could top any of the 4 – but this one has. It’s no accident that he came along right when my gifts expanded. 

Todd is not his real name. But my guides didn’t want another Will incident. I have used Will’s real name since day one – well once we met he looked at the blog – put two and two together and ran to hide. Not going to happen again.

Todd is my right hand man – for a lack of a better way to describe him. He has been my best friend, confidant, protector, adviser and lover. I have no idea what role he’ll play in my life this time around. But he’ll play some role – at least the first 4 relationship parameters I mentioned.

His energy is extremely powerful – yet gentle. He’s not an annoyance at all. He approaches when I’m not busy and retreats when I am. He and I have spent a ton of time in the last week at Atlantis. I’m pretty sure he and I have spent time there before, but I didn’t remember it till now.

I’ve got to run and get the podcast done. Will be back later!

Crystal Sunshine!
Allie 😉

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