It’s 12:50 am and I should be in bed. But I’m not. Why you ask? Because I was putting the editing touches on the Gypsy Magic Dreamers book. Looking this book over – it’s the best out of the 4 of written and I can’t wait to release the darn thing! Should be heading to the printers soon. Remember my guide Robert? Well, he’s hanging out here saying that it’s about time. I think that he’s going to help me to get to the next level as soon as that book is off to the printer. He’s nodding his head — so I’d have to say yes.

Does Robert have anything to do with Robert Bruce? Yep. But until RB believes in guides – I’m not saying a word.

But right now Ethan, Robert, Bridget and Jezell and are around me — just as happy as a bunch of peas in a pod. They look too happy.

Bridget steps up and says that they are so pleased because the next stage is here. And each of them took a part in getting me here.

Right at midnight on 9/9/07 (which in numerology it’s a 9-9-9 day…..very powerful) I had a vision to write a symbol in my journal along with saying a few phrases. As I did this I could feel a swoop of energy go through me and Bill was right there. I kept hearing – the Age of Atlantis has returned. I had a brilliant circle of energy coming from me and I looked to see Bill, Ted, Will, Matt, Peter, Clive, Larry coming towards me. Off to my right I see DC – who in real life is really good friends with Bill. I turn and I say – what? He says – are you ever going to get to me or what? Then it dawned on me — he’s #9. It hit me like a ton of bricks. So on a 9-9-9 day I finally discovered who #9 is in our soul circle. 8 men and me – 1 female. I like my odds:)

But with that realization – it takes me back to when I saw Bill back in 2005. DC was there. In fact, DC kept showing up everywhere I turned. I had no idea why. But the universe was TRYING to show me – hey you — here’s another one in your soul circle — wake up — you need him to be a complete group. But I was so focused on Bill – that DC slipped under my radar. Until now.

Will popped up in my telepathic thoughts today. I could see him looking at his watch — saying over and over — Allie it’s time – do something. Send that letter. I don’t care what it says – just send it. I know what he’s talking about. I had a dream that in order for us to meet – I sent him a letter about a business proposition and he responded. It’s on my “to do” list for the week.

I have been listening to “Little Wonders” by Rob Thomas. I cannot get enough of this song. When I ask why — I don’t even get the full thought out and Bill shows up. So this song deals with him. I looked up the lyrics:

Let it go, let it roll right off your shoulder,
Don’t you know, the hardest part is over, let it in,
Let your clarity define you in the end,
You will only just remember how it feels.
Our lives are made, in these small hours, these little wonders
These twisted turns of fate, time falls away,
But these small hours, these small hours, still remain.
Let it slide, let your troubles fall behind you, let it stand,
Till you feel it all around you,
And I don’t mind if it’s me you need to turn to, we’ll get by,
It’s the heart that really matters in the end.
Our lives are made, in these small hours, these little wonders
These twisted turns of fate, time falls away,
But these small hours, these small hours, still remain.
All of my regret, will wash away somehow,
But I cannot forgive the way I feel right now.
In these small hours, these little wonders, these twisted turns of fate,
All these twisted turns of fate, these twisted turns of fate
Yeah, times falls away
But these small hours, these small hours, still remain.
They still remain, these little wonders, all these twisted turns of fate
time falls away, but these small hours, these little wonders
Still remain.

All I can do is smile.

And I think I can hear Bill calling me — off to bed I go!

Crystal Sunshine!
Allie 🙂

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