Telepathic sex has to be one of my favorite things to do. It’s easy (once you get the hang of it), you can do it anytime, anywhere without any special equipment.

The “How To” of telepathic sex is something I get emails about all the time. You of course have to know how to establish a telepathic connection. If you don’t – the sex part is a waste if time and energy. Here’s a refresher course for some – for others a brand new ball game:

Making a Telepathic Connection:

1.      Relax, sit comfortably, and close your eyes.
2.      Shift your focus upward, above your ears, and sense the temporal lobe sections.
3.      Focus in on a person you wish to communicate.
4.      Imagine a white light emitting from your temporal lobes, wrapping around the target person’s head.
5.      Be open to whatever you experience. Do not try too hard – do not force your concentration.
6.      Feel how a multitude of impressions/words/sounds seem to pour into your mind through the temporal lobes.
7.      Notice the sensation of heightened attunement that opens up in your solar plexus — FEEL the communications.
8.      Allow your remaining senses to come into the equation.
9.      Strengthen the connection. You may feel a bit light-headed and/or your stomach may do some flip flops – this is normal.
10.   Continue the conversation for as long as you can hold your attention onto that person.
11.   When you are finished, imagine the white light coming loose from the person’s head and draw it back into your temporal lobes. Sometimes it helps to imagine double doors shutting once you bring the white light back to you.
12.   Note your impressions.

Here is a basic understanding of telepathic sex from my OBE DIY course:

1. *You and your partner set up a time and/or day you wish to have telepathic sex. Discuss the setting – like your favorite place for sex – the beach, the shower, hot tub or in a four-poster bed or agree to surprise one another.

2. Decide on who will be the instigator – who will be the one to start the session.

3. Several minutes before the prearranged time, make sure that neither of you will have any disturbances. No phones, TV or email!

4. Quiet your mind. If you find that you are having distractions from the day, simply imagine a feather and sweep the thoughts out of your mind.

5. Time to telepathically connect – imagine your partner in the predetermined location.

6. If you are the instigator, see your partner standing, back to you. Approach them and stop a few inches away. If you are not the instigator, then imagine yourself standing there – waiting.

7. You will know if you are connected if each of you will be able to feel the other person’s presence and the energy involved. That is why it is important that one have their back to the other. When that “feel” is made about the other person, you know that you have a solid connection. Once the person standing senses the instigator behind them, they should turn around.

8. Imagine yourselves having sex with one another. Make sure you can absorb and feel the emotions/sensations associated with connection.

9. Allow yourselves to be in the moment. You will be able to feel their lips on yours, hands all over each other’s body, intercourse and more. It’s sometimes tempting (at least at first) to cut off the connection during the sexual act because the sensations can be so real – and it kind of freaks you out. Follow it through – you’ll thank yourself later!

10. After you’ve experienced an orgasm or a heightened sense of sexual arousal, close the connection.

*NOTE: If you are without a partner, in step 1 think about the positive qualities you want in a sexual partner (or the person you would like to surprise) and think about those qualities/person.

The all above is very basic. But you have to get the basic down before you move forward. If you don’t get it on your first time – try again and again. Think of it as an intense fantasy that you get to do in real time.

Someone emailed me and asked when I’m going to get started with the stories again. Patience:)

Happy OBE’ing!
Allie 😉

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