Telepathic sex is more than an erotic day dream – not that there’s anything wrong with those:) To connect to someone telepathically is to connect your energy, soul and your mind to another person’s energy, soul and mind. Once connected you use your brain to send messages and/or actions.

Notice I used both “mind” and “brain”. Many people use these two terms interchangeably – but they are two different, yet similar, creatures.

The brain is an organ made of soft tissue that resides with the cranium which is in charge of controlling the physical body and with it – mental processes. The mind is an element of the soul that holds within it experiences, memories and conditions – it’s the consciousness of the soul.

When you connect to someone energy, soul and mind – your energy level heightens. When our energy shifts, your physical body tries to compensate for the change. Why? Because what happens to your energy field/body directly effects your physical body.

Physical Signs That You Are Connected Telepathically:

  1. There is a vibration, tingle in your Solar Plexus chakra (2 in above the belly button).
  2. You feel light headed.
  3. You have a headache.
  4. You feel sick to your stomach.
  5. You feel spacey.
  6. Your body trembles.
  7. A ringing in your ears.
  8. A pressure and/or tingle sensation in your third eye.

You may feel one or more of the above sensations. Everyone responds differently. Point is — you’ll FEEL SOMETHING. If there is no difference – then you’re engaged in an erotic fantasy as opposed to a telepathic sex connection.

Give it a try today — see what happens – note your experiences.

Crystal Sunshine!
Allie 🙂

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