Telepathic sex and the tarot. What does one have to do with another? At first glance there’s nothing. But if you look below the surface, there is something to it. One can help the other.

Telepathic sex can help you read the tarot better as the sex will strengthen your energy field thereby opening up your intuitive side. But this little post isn’t about that. It’s about the tarot helping you with telepathic sex.

Before you scoff at the idea – hear me out. The tarot is a tool that helps you hone in your intuitive messages – right? It helps you focus so that your intuitive side comes shining through and you can figure out what it’s saying.

The tarot can help you focus to connect and engage in telepathic sex.

If you have a deck of tarot cards – pull out either the Sun or Lovers card. Or use one of these two.

The Sun
The Sun

The Lovers
The Lovers



Now put the card on the table in front of you or prop it up so that it is eye level.

Relax your mind as you gaze upon the card.

Look at the symbols, the colors. Allow yourself to absorb the scene (doing this seems to bring “light” out of the card – you’re not crazy, it’s happened to me and a few others – go with it).

Once your mind is relaxed from gazing at the card, imagine that the person you want to connect to is standing at the back of the card. If need be, close your eyes.

When you can “see” him or her, “step” into the card with them. Allow the scene to develop around you. Being “in” a tarot card can pull out the craziest scene. Let it unfold naturally.

Imagine having sex with your guy/gal. Feel yourself kissing – fondling – a little groin action. Engage for as long as you can hold connection.

When you’re done just step back out of the card.

In theory a person does not need anything to help them connect to another but the effort put into it. We’re all naturally predisposed to connect. All it takes is practice, and this tarot exercise is a great way to begin!


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