Here’s an OBE sex story that a reader wanted to share. Enjoy:)

I should preface by saying the guy I have had my experiences with and I go through periods of no talking and right after the first experience he contacted me after two weeks of not talking to me.

So I haven’t quite got the astral projection thing down yet, so I figured I would try to send images to my guy since I couldn’t talk to him. Mainly an experiment. So what I did is I used quartz crystal and a photo of him and focused on the experience. feeling, and seeing it all as if he were with me. Then i focused those thoughts through the crystal to the image of him. It seemed to work for thoughts so why not my recent fantasy?

So what I pictured was him lying facedown in my bed and me giving him a massage. I start at the feet and slowly make my way up, feeling each muscle as I work out his tension. I then kissed the small of his back as I continued to work my way slowly up his back and work the tension out of his neck.

I then told him to turn over, and started working on his chest muscles. He has a delicious chest and belly so after I finish massaging his chest and belly I started kissing his chest and worked my way down slowly. Then I took him in my mouth and tasted him and I could actually feel and taste him. I then sat on top of him and slowly rode him until we were both spent. (His favorite position). I couldn’t believe how real this all felt to me the entire time, more than just a fantasy but I felt like I actually conjured it with my mind.

The second experience I tried to use your suggestions in building the energy field and letting it expand until we were both in it. Then I imagined us hiking in the woods. I could feel the mossy ground. I could hear the birds and animals. All the sudden he came up behind me and before I could think had my shorts off and had me against a tree. There was not much imagery in this one because it was very fast and hard but I felt it like it was really happening. I actually had a pretty amazing orgasm in real life when I did in the experience. I think at this point I accidently released energy to him that he felt. He was not exactly happy about it.

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