The last several days have found Will and I engaged in a telepathic sex warfare. And I say warfare because it’s like we are springing sneaky attacks on one another telepathically. For instance – yesterday I was at my mom’s minding my own business when BAM – I telepathically felt him slam me up against a wall and kiss me hard. I countered later by connecting and flipping him onto the bed and yanking off his pants. I’m driving home from my mom’s when I feel him behind me kissing my neck and sliding his hands down to my breasts. I tap in a few minutes later by giving him a blow job in the shower.

All of these connections came on out of the blue and only lasted 30 seconds tops. But each one of them took my breath away. I can’t say exactly what it did for Will – but I know it caused him to want some major alone time. This is how my mornings started both Sat & Sun – as soon as I opened my eyes, so I knew I wasn’t dreaming.

For those in a relationship, I think this kind of quick telepathic sex is fantastic foreplay. If you connect to your partner during the day with these sexual quickies – by the time you two get together later that day/evening – it shouldn’t take much physical stimulation to get the juices flowing.

And with everyone in such a rush to cram everything into their day, telepathic foreplay is a great way for you to work sex into your day!

Crystal Sunshine!
Allie 🙂

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