Lately anytime Ben 2 is in the picture, this new connection, I’ll call him David, shows up. It’s crazy. Even with OBE Sex – where there’s Ben 2, there’s David. Now I’m not gonna lie – a threesome with these two would certainly make my year. But it is starting to get kinda annoying.

Although this IS the way I discovered Ted was part of the group. Everywhere Bill was – Ted showed up. So it’s not fair to be too hard on the man.

What’s interesting about David, is that he loves to explore touch more than any other intimate connection. He’s all about holding hands, massages, baths, hugs, hair brushing, and deep conversations about how the world works and how it COULD work.

While sexual intercourse is important, it takes a back seat to long caresses.

One past life together that has come to the forefront a few times the last couple of days is from the late 1800s. David and I are not together as a couple, but we meet at a butcher’s shop. We strike up a friendly conversation and then each go our own ways.

After our meet I couldn’t stop thinking about him. There was a deepness to him that I had never experienced before. So when we ran into one another a few more times over a course of a month, it seemed perfectly respectable to have lunch.

He packed us a nice picnic and we were up on a hill overlooking the town. The breeze was slight – the sun high – the air cool.

We talked about our pasts – his parents – my family – the death of his family. It was nice. The conversation was never forced – it flowed organically.

I needed to go on a trip to a neighboring town (without my family) and spend the night. It was after dinner when I heard a knock on my hotel door. I wasn’t expecting anyone and was shocked when I opened it and David was there.

I invited him in – asked why he was here. He never answered directly (I knew he wasn’t in the neighborhood) but struck up a conversation about something that reminded him of me. The conversation again flowed with ease.

I interrupted our talk for me to ask again – why was he here?

He blurted out that he fancied me. But he knew that nothing would come of it as I was married. I agreed that nothing would come of this. If he knew that nothing would come of it – why was he here?

He enjoyed the conversation. He hadn’t been so intrigued by a good conversation since the 5 years his family has been gone. It was one of the things that he and his wife used to do. I confessed that I loved these conversations as well as my husband did not like to have deep talks. Anything past the weather or what happened at work he would brush off.

So we agreed right there that our relationship would be platonic.

The glimpses I got into the future of that life is we held onto our agreement. He married again – my husband died – his (2nd) wife died and at the end we were there for each other as wonderful friends.

I love discovering new soul mates 🙂

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