I finished Black Triangle over the weekend – YAY ME! It is pretty darn good if you ask me – of course I’m a bit biased:) But it is pretty good. My manager liked it — and now her boss is reading it. Fingers crossed he likes it too. Next up – the OBE book – I so want to get this done. Or at least get it to a point where I’m comfortable enough to send it to a publisher to see if they’ll take it. I like publishing my own – but it takes my focus off of things – ya know? So I’d rather just write and let someone else handle everything else.

So yes, now I’m OBE book focused. This was pretty apparent after I awoke from my dream sex with Vincent last night. It’s been pretty much all sex thought – all day…from the Instant Turn-On in the podcast to the Nipple Stimulation Oil and finally the OBE Sex entry. I think someone needs to throw me in a tub of ice water – Ha Ha! I’ll be okay — at least I’ve been productive.

The weekend brought more visits from Indy scaring the crap out of the cats. I so know he is just loving that. I had to ask him to chill though as Trouble was spraying everything – probably hoping to hit Indy. Damn cat. Brodie hurt his leg – lord knows what he did. He favored it all day yesterday and still is today. I just hope it’s just a boo boo and not something more serious.

Spirits are still very much here with my Grams T by my side today. I can smell her rose soap so clearly that if I closed my eyes I’d swear I was back in her bathroom.

My mood is certainly different from the frustration of last Monday. I’m so determined to get the hell out of Wooster – it’s a top priory to do so – 2009 is my year to move. I’m setting out to be as well known as Sylvia Browne or Doreen Virtue. I figure the more people know about me – the more people I can help. Of course that means the more money I make – but that only means I can open up the non-profits I’ve always wanted to: no kill animal shelter, retirement zone for zoo and/or circus animals, soup kitchen/food bank and a place where single parents can go for help and support. That’s all to start. I want to do more from there. The more money I make – the more I can help. It’s just as simple as that.

To be that well known means stepping all the way out of my comfort zone and slamming the door shut. It’s scary — but also very exciting at the same time.

My plan does all begin with the OBE sex book – and 2009 in person workshops. I don’t know – how many workshops do you think I should do? 3? 4? Where at? LA, NYC, Columbus, Austin, Chicago and New Orleans? Of course that’s 7, isn’t it? And I’m thinking a weekend Sat/Sun workshop would work. Any suggestions I’d love to hear them.

Energy wise – I’ve had many visitors the last several days. Vincent, Will, Bill, Ted, George — Paul has been right here and so has Andrew. It’s been pretty crowed in the Allie energy field – but it also has felt pretty darn good. With everyone “right there” – I’ve had a ton of flash visions: Me chasing Vincent- tacking him and trying to get something out of his hand…..Ted looking at me with this shit-ass grin that makes my knees weak…..Bill and I doing what? But pouring over a ton of books. He’s talking with his hands a lot – so whatever we’re doing, he’s loving it…Will and my son hanging out at my house eating dinner and last – George and I watching a TV and making a bunch of comments about what we see.

There’s many more visions – they come and go so fast that it’s hard to grasp hold of them. I have other ones with Vincent, my son and I at Central Park – or out getting a pizza. Will and I fighting over something, me trying to sober Ted up and me telling Bill to get off his high horse. LOL. It seems like I have an express train flying full force and it’s heading to my station — I’m there with a suitcase in hand.

Now the above I wrote this afternoon. It’s now almost 10:00 pm. Around 6:30 I was blindsided by a horrible headache and nothing is working on making it go away. If you look at my eyes it would look like I had been smoking some real kicking weed – which I can assure you that I haven’t. It’s one of those – hey change is coming – headaches. And although I would like to write more – it’s really killing me. Maybe I’m supposed to be in bed dreaming….

…Away I go!

Crystal Sunshine!
Allie 🙂

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