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If you are out and about engaging in dream or astral sex, you will from time to time, come across unwanted energies. The energies could be trying to invade your dreams to try to seduce you into dream sex or try to move inside your energy bubble in the astral layers for explosive sex.

The same rules apply during OBE experiences as they do in the physical reality. But just as there are people on the physical plane who do not know how to take “No” for an answer – there are those in OBE world with that same problem. So when NO will not work alone – try some of these protective measure to shield your space from other souls.

Since we astral project as we dream, these methods work for both dream and astral sexual protection:

1. Simple: Tell the energy “No” in a stern and commanding voice. This is always your first line of protection/defense.

2. Passive Environmental: Placing objects in your physical environment help to keep unwanted energies at bay:

A) A small indoor fountain: this can be placed by your front door or by the door to your OBE room/bedroom (where you dream and/or astral project).

B) A ring of salt: place salt around your bed, or where you OBE project from before your projection/dream. You can also place salt around your home (inside or out) either directly on the floor, or in sachets. Replace once a week if needed.

3. Aggressive In-World: Use these methods if someone shows up and will not leave you alone during a dream or astral travel:

A) Protective Ball: Imagine an energy field of white light surrounding you so that you are in a protective ball. No harm can come to you from inside here.

B) Protective Armor: Imagine yourself protected by a glowing white light suit of armor, complete with a shield. This is an impenetrable force.

Happy OBE’ing!

Crystal Sunshine!

Allie AKA OBE:)

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